Protest Against World’s Largest Animal Sacrifice – ROBERT SEPEHR

Nepal’s Gadhimai festival takes place every five years at the temple in Nepal’s Bara district in honor of the goddess Gadhimai. Celebrations culminate with the world’s largest single event of its kind, during which tens to hundreds of thousands of creatures—ranging from water buffalo to pigeons—are ritually slaughtered.

Hinduism is the world’s third largest religion, considered a dharma, or way of life, widely practiced in the Indian subcontinent and parts of Southeast Asia. Buddhism is the world’s fourth-largest religion with over 520 million followers, or over 7% of the global population, encompassing a variety of traditions, beliefs and spiritual practices resulting in various interpreted philosophies.

Robert Sepehr is an anthropologist and author




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  1. A religion I might add that was brought there by Indo European invasions.

  2. A religion I might add that was brought there by Indo European invasions.

  3. They're not slaughtered they're savagely attacked and chopped off while alive and running…it's horrendous.

    1. When the World's most evil Dictator got to power one of the first things he banned was kosher method of torture for animals, you're what you eat. Good and Evil have been twisted by fake standards to normalize inhumane behavior on pure souls.

  4. That's sick. Those people are sick and some of them must have demons in their minds.

  5. If this offends anyone then I hope that the far greater animal suffering at any type of factory farming absolutely infuriates you. If not then you are an extreme hypocrite. It's not true Hindu or hygienic , but animals suffer far worse every day in factory farms. People are probably eating meat at dinner of animals that endured far worse while being offended by this, kind of funny really.

    1. Funny in that the same sick religion that spawned this recent ritual is what fuels everyone's dinnerplates from the ritual that came before it, yet people are so caught by the Black Magicks Spell of Hebrew Temple Ritual Sacrifice that they wouldn't see it if you put THEY LIVE sunglasses on them.

  6. i am told and think possible that indeed like Most Animal rescue and indeed Authenizua and FILMED Animal injury VIDIOS Are Indeed Sadly False Setup Completely Staged Filmed And Also Acted By ALL Concerned including Unfortunately the Narrator Also i would Guess As i am told they Are All Secretly Part of and Indeed Believe in these Essentially Anti Life CULT Practices which Is Why they Know So Much About this and every Occult Cult Religious Rituals i am told So Do Not always assume because they walk a dog in every episode that they Really Disapprove of Animal Sacrifice i am told and still cannot That this Backward Evil Slaughter is allowed but of Cause All these Vidios Are, i am told, made by People with the same Beliefs and Mindset dispite Apparent Opposition as in So called Ancient Past Times they Only Value the Life of their Own Occult Cult DECIPLES that Worship and Follow those Beliefs sadly for me and the Dear Real Life and Maybe More human Animals ?

  7. Its the most spiritual country in the world yet they have a total contradiction, the caste system where they call the people that wash their feet, or who clean their homes,the untouchables, pathetic. Let's hope the animals turn on them and they become the sacrifice. Good luck to those trying to stop it 🍀☀

  8. It's such an ancient tradition! 265 years ago from a drunk dudes dream. Sounds like that Mohamed guy dreaming that the Jews poisoned his well so he wakes up the next day and wipes out the whole town of the Jewish population. This actually happened. Idiots.

  9. It's simple: Ham, Shem and Yaphet 'came down from on high' after a cataclysm to take over what was left. Abram had three sets of offspring: Hagar the Hammite gave the Arabs, Sarai the Shemite gave the Yahood, and Keturah the Yaphetite gave the Christians. This is why they are called the Abramic Religions. The Apiru (Hebrew) were supposedly chased out of India by the Aryans, thus ended up in Babylon to mix things up there. But India is pretty much a Cow Cult. The Ysraelites begged Aaron to make them a Golden Calf when they thought Moishe got smoked (inside joke for hebrew scholars with respect to burnt acaicia and hallucinations) on the mountain. Cow cult. It's always been about animal sacrifice with the cow being the centerpiece for its infectivity even 'spreading' (if you will) to Bovine Serum in vaccines. The Samarians were said to have practiced continual burnt offerings for 2700 without a break. That's quite an iron and BBQ deficiency for something posing as a God. The original Hebrew temple sacrifice system simply morphed into meat packing plants. People don't consider that they are participating in Black Magicks Sacrifice Rituals when they crack open a package of Cold Cuts. Seems that the spell is firmly in place….

  10. As a pagan Goddess devotee who venerates several Hindu Goddesses I find this shocking. Where is compassion in this equation?

    1. if what you say is true, then you know those who tried for thousands of years to eradicate the Old Ways don't want compassion to exist among the Noble souls we're, it would only create danger for these Reptilian Minds.

    1. misinterpreted? no. Altered to suit an agenda? yes.
      Ancient texts have been translated, and then modern translation were made out of these old translations but they don't want the Ancient to be learnt because Truth would wash away the pain on Earth.

  11. Well, if this upsets you, are you equally upset by the ritual slaughter of camels each year during Rhamadan, as part of Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca? May be as many as 1,000,000 animals. To be fair, the meat is harvested and shipped to needy in their diaspora. Check it out.

    1. Now that's major f d up ,no wonder these countries are at war with each other, people who complain about this country should take a real look at what's going on in the world.

  12. Gadhimai festival additional info on legal status for those interested

    Good job and thanks Robert – excellent service you provide – you are a true teacher indeed. The practices of this violent, superstitious cult must be outlawed and the awareness you bring must ripple onwards. I shared your video on social media and hope all of your viewers do as well. Ahimsa non-violence is the path to enlightenment. Peace to all beings.

  13. Im a carnivore but i believe that all animals should be raised and killed humanely. Show respect for the animal that gave up its life for you to live and that means letting nothing go to waste. This shit is just despicable behavior but ignorant peasants

  14. Karma’s a bitch, these very demonic foolish animals in human bodies will take animal bodies in the next life and then will be slaughtered by those they killed in this life. Laws of nature working as it should.

  15. This is why the patriarchal church wanted women to remain silent..

    Mary Magdalene was taught deep knowledge (wisdom) by Yeshua HaMeshiac that the ruling authorities, Romans & Jews, attempted to suppress & completely destroy after the ascension of Messiah.

    No life can be born with Word (seed of Christ/Groom) alone, the Spirit (bride/womb) births the word in us.. WE MUST BE BORN OF THE SPIRIT TO ENTER THE KINGDOM!

    How can new life come by man alone? God said, “IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE” & created a HELP MATE FOR HIM.

    This is the marriage.. Groom & Bride.

    The spirit & the bride say COME!!


  16. As a former farmer in animal husbandry I have killed to eat. Because of that expeirence I became Vegan. I now grow only veggies. All slaughter is blood sacrifice, i.e., no one could see Buffy as dinner The frequency is changing rapidly on this planet. It is the time to decide what vibration you wish to expeirence. There is choice in this dualistic matrix but the tipping point is on the horizon and you will find yourself in one blissful dementional frequency or a very unhappy one. Nature is calling (yelling!) us to listen.

  17. The Middle East celebrates their annual sacrifices related to the Biblical story of Abraham… Muslims across the world who celebrates the annual festival of Eid al Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice… as thousands of animals are sacrificed usually a lamb or goat but other animals fills the spot if they do not have lambs or goats!
    Jews also have their annual animal sacrifices of lamb or goat…but last year or could of been this year that they could not slaughter by their own hand of a live animal but were pre-slaughtered and butchered had a hissy-fit?!? My-oh-my!?!
    Here in the America we celebrate Thanksgiving as the food industry, ranchers, farmers slaughters turkeys… to give 'thanks' and for Xmas too as being the choice of feast other than pork ham as the other choice…
    When animals are killed for religious holidays or some other celebration is pretty sickening… but the modern humans of today is not about survival as hunters and gatherers so the tradition continues onward and when will humanity to see how wrong it is and backwards to cling onto to what no longer serves humanity?!?
    The exception of indigenous people that are still living as the hunters and gatherers of the Stone Age while some of them has been contacted and influenced by the modern world and using the technology by choice but still manages to stick to their age old tradition of the hunt and manhood of becoming the hunter warrior?!? Yet some of them even have jobs earning an income, have automobiles, shopping at their local stores, etc. but are still swayed by their culture?

  18. It sounds the custom was a result of the dream of the founder of this practice. They must understand that only the Vampiric 7-9th Dimensionals ask for this because they are also Fallen Beings and have a taste for the blood and ritual suffering as a result. Not all Entities who will claim to influence the Destiny are of the Utmost Divine. They are tricksters to whom we must Stand Sovereign.

  19. Sorry this was the only video of yours that I could not watch, only because it destroys me when I see any animal being abused, I love all animals, I thank you though for dealing with this issue, also China is the worse with their festival of eating dogs, sick people.

  20. There's nothing wrong with providing your Gods with libations, devotion and sacrifice. However, mass slaughter is a bit much to appease one Goddess. That said, to have faith in our age is truly something to be cherished. I'd say these people are better than the majority of atheists found in modern society. We, in the west, have become numb to our roots.

  21. They killing all their prosperity right there🙄 Plus, if the Goddess wants humans, then all the animals in the world will not satisfy her PERIOD
    Think ppl, think!

    1. LOL no use using logic to reason with savages. Unfortunately, this behaviour warrants them being called such. Savages have savage, selfish desires… to spill blood for a "goddess" for material gain. Goodness knows what demonic entities they're feeding every 5 years. No wonder the country is so screwed up.

  22. The humans who enjoy killing and watching torture are demonic entities in human bodies. Many demons walk the face of this Earth. I wish that G-d rids earth of this plague.

  23. Doesn't sound like true Buddhism or Hindu. There such thing as ahimsa in Hindu which is non killing or non violence.

  24. The humans involved need to be treated the same. Those humans need Karma asap

  25. Karma Bitches!! What comes around goes around, what lies above is so below, treat others as you wish to be treated. These low IQ junk yard dogs of Ahriman will just get what they give…..

  26. Robert, hit me up if you are ever looking for music for your videos

  27. Quote by William Shakespeare: “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

    1. that tattoo is on my arm actually and after going vegan i really believe it. The animals deserve peace and so does this planet one day love will conquer the lower monkey mind again.

  28. the ignorance is astounding; great video (again! Robert); The monkeys remind me about the Jungle Book as King Louis- Im sure there's some truth there- Rudyard Kipling was 'illuminated'. Can you please look into the Naga's (snake people) Robert, perhaps for a future video. Much love

  29. Who are we to judge others ancient traditions. Seems better than human sacrifice by far

    1. Josva The Noble Fool BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL BASED ON FUCKING FAIRY TALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. We in the west are condemning these people for sacrificing animals (which is wrong) while we have legalized the sacrifice of our unborn children on the same altar of death.

  31. That you for your compassionate words, Robert. Here in the U.K we celebrate Christmas with the mass slaughter on ten million turkeys.

    1. I still see those as humans poor souls and for release of human.. Is the real or an analouge for our own soul imprisoning playing out for our recognition… Good one Robert.

  32. these idiots want sacrifice should step right up & let themselves be beheaded. sounds to me that the god wanted human sacrifice anyway – while humans can volunteer those poor animals surely can't. i used to see the olden sacrifices as a way for the priests to be fed & nothing more but this is insane. what do they do with these dead rotting bodies? pry throw them in the rivers to pollute them then wonder why they are so sick. not healthy & not right & most of all it keeps none safe or rich or whatever their idiot minds think they will get from it.

  33. according to the legend the goddess wanted human sacrifice maybe the people involved should be offering up their children so they can appease their "god" or better still maybe some of the priests could volunteer. What's the bet they have a revelation.

  34. All of the world's major religions have been hijacked by the luciferian cabal long ago.

  35. Only demons require blood sacrifice. This should be common knowledge for anyone who has God within their heart.

  36. truly love your videos all of them. I was reading some comments for and against this tradition on Facebook, but one explained how some are killed and left but some villages or town etc share among the poor the animals that are killed. was looking it up but couldn't come across nothing. I saw your video, see if maybe you can find something. if you don't mind.

  37. Come to pashupatinath gorakshanath mandir mirsgasthali and make a movie about nath sampradaya tradition in nepal there is a unique interchange mixed culture of hinduism budhism and native tribal religions all blended together . Naths are some of those keeping a more sattvic tantra linked with royal lineage from many generations .

  38. I love his dog!….

    Ppl who hurt animals bring out the serial killer in me, I cnt f*** stand it! I wish all these ppl n this festival wud jst b wiped off the face of this earth.. These ppl infuriate me beyond belief wth is wrong w/them, how is any1 so broken & damaged they think killing innocent helpless creatures is a good time uuuuuuuuuuuuhhh I am disgusted. Why wud any god/gods want u 2 slaughter the creatures they created u fuckin sick retards

  39. Plot twist: in the future they stop sacrificing thousands of animals and the universe collapses in on itself.

  40. Buffy is such a happy little girl. She’s lucky to have such a kind and loving owner.

  41. These people are disgusting it makes me physically sick to even think of this insane behavior

  42. What do you expect from literal borderline retarded 80 average IQ morons who worship full fledged lesser gods that are actually demonic entities promising personal benefits for the perpetrators of this lunacy. Dumb people leads to sick culture and what do they offer the world? It's empty. mindless spectacle and carnage, just like their grossed out societies. Just look at their stupid faces.

  43. Yeah stop killing animals and use people sacrifices. Is that right?

  44. This is horrendous. All those fallen ones (fake gods) eventually get around to asking for blood.

  45. Horrific! So yeah, some cultures are better than others.

    Why do the other Hindu and Buddhist not stop this?

  46. Great video, as always. Find myself thinking *bring me the info!" At the start though. which is enjoyable to by the way.

  47. So where's the PETITION? people from all over the world should be standing up against this..THIS IS MURDER.. PURE AND SIMPLE..

  48. When will humanity ever stop externalizing our problems and solutions? That's all religion is, which has nothing to do with spirituality and doesn't exclusively belong to any one church as I've met many a religious atheist worshipping at the feet of their favored political savior.

    This is heartbreaking, but is it the "greatest sacrifice" as humanity regularly puts it's own kind on an altar in wars on lies, justified on the entitlements and superstitions of biblical prophecy, while ignoring how it's self-fulfilled prophecy.

    Generations sacrificing blood to the Gods, be it man or animal, for reasons of being unable to look at the most unwholesome beast of all which is within each and every one of us.


  49. Not much can be condoned considering that region where Asia begins is full of many ethnic minority's that don't practice Abrahamic religions or Buddhism, they seem more pagan or a recently new religion considering centuries are but a blink of an eye compared to beliefs aeon's ago. This isn't animal cruelty like industrial farming, this is belief based reverence toward their faith…if that country has the liberty of religion for all, the only humane treatment for those animals is to send cattle guns or sharper blades. Those groups should be protesting the meat mafia, not 2nd or 3rd world denizens, literally they should pick on someone their own level.

  50. Horrible!!! Inhumane insanity & barbarism even 12,000 years ago!! Someone must tell them that those gods are dead & it's a new epoch time…

  51. People need to get a grip. Hinduism is the biggest protector of animal rights.

  52. It’s not too far on like back when the Rockefellers had the world’s or at least the United States largest slaughterhouse the largest slaughterhouse for beef out in New York that land conspicuously enough Eventually became after decades and decades of soaking that land with blood of cows the Rockefellers donated it in and it became the land that houses the United Nations

  53. NZ Maori girl says haere mai 💋😎😋🇳🇿, WHAT CAN WE DO????😭😭🙏🙏😭😭

  54. How horrible and terrible! May karma remember the voiceless & those who would hurt them in this world and the next. Humans do the evilest most heartless things and label it religion or culture.

  55. ALL LIFE HAS VALUE , the highest spiritual truth . “ The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated. “- Ghandi

  56. This is brutal. However, this happens only once in a year. Why don't you protest against regular animal killings in the western and muslim countries? Killing is killing, pain suffered by the animals is the same.

  57. If they ate the animals that would at least be something. It looks like they just leave them to rot.

  58. I remember a few months after the sacrifices in 2014 Nepal got slammed with a massive earthquake.
    Guess the monsters weren't quite sufficed.

  59. I wasn't aware of this. The Vedas don't support it, this is out of order.

  60. By the way, Robert, I tried buying one of your books (1666 etc) but Amazon hasn't got any paper copies and I won't read the kindle, no way. Are you going to bring them back? I had promised you I'd get one before Christmas, well, I tried bro. Hopefully someday not to far from now. All the best, mr. Shepherd. Keep on with the good work, much appreciated.

  61. Why are demonstrators not equally outraged by ritual killing and maiming by ignorant people in Middle Eastern, African, and Asian countries, not to mention women's rights and educational deprivation.

  62. Perhaps the world's largest animal sacrifice takes place in the USA. Many thousands of animals (cattle, pigs, chickens, etc.) are killed for meat eaters, for hamburgers. And it's a major source of air pollution as carbon emissions. Innocent animals that we do not need for food–but have merely learned to enjoy the taste of.

  63. Aren't they all vegans or vegetarians? What do they do with the dead animal carcasses?

  64. I had no idea that this happened on a regular basis. Once again I have learned something from your channel
    I believe in freedom of religion but this crosses a line that modern society should not be crossing. That's the 3rd world for ya. Backwards and brutal.

  65. We can only change the world by revealing all of it and give love and compassion, as we do with our own shadows! Death and punishment will produce more suffering and trauma! Thank you Robert for your very important work! Love to us all! ❤️

  66. As an Asian Studies Major, i find it a little interesting to see so many people commenting about Animal Sacrifice. Unlike the modern west, pretty much the rest of the world practices belief in a higher power. If the people are acting on their religious beliefs and not on some sort of Roman games, then who is anyone to say they are wrong. In most religious sacrifice, the animals are eaten. I don’t see anyone complaining about Halal practices of praying to a higher power before performing the sacrifice. I have also read a post about Kosher torturing animals to make them more delicious? Animals that are stressed are not as good for food, if they are stress when slaughtered, and Kosher is not about torturing but like Halal praying to a higher power and dedicating and thanking the animal and higher power for the meat they give. Unfortunately we live in a western world where it is ok to attack religious practices of others when the very inception of the foundation of America (the colonies) was freedom to practice religion. I find that as much as people want to denigrate people that eat meat, that they should realize mankind cannot exist on eating anything that wasn’t alive prior to eating it. Vegetables have to live to grow, their lives are also ended prior to eating. Try eating non-organic matter and let me know how that works out for you.. it won’t.

    1. Btw, so far, of the videos i have watched they are educational, thanks for taking the time to post them.

  67. Absolutely revolting, especially since Buddhism is supposed to be a peaceful religion that is respectful to all life.

  68. As much as I'm against this practice its sheer hypocrisy for westerners to comment. How many of millions of cows, chickens, turkeys, etc are slaughter every year in the west, and especially the US, while living out their short lives under barbaric factory farm conditions ? How many millions of lives has the US sacrificed / slaughtered through its endless unjustified wars ? Not too mention allowing barbaric Kosher and Halal practices within its borders. Dont point fingers lest the fingers point back at you.

  69. This is totally disgusting. Between them and the Chinese festival where they do the same kind of thing to dogs.. Sickening.

  70. Muslims do something similar on "Eid Al-Adh'ha", millions of sheep and cows are slaughtered in one day across the islamic world.

  71. ~~~ I RECALL BEING THERE IN SPIRIT FORM SO I WILL WARN U. I WILL TAKE UR CHILDREN …"they" r watching WE are DARK ~~~ I RECALL over 2000 yrs ago memories collected in my bank. Beware…. time is short ~~~♤♡◇♧

  72. I'm vegan sort of I eat fish if clean fish is available, and I eat honey – CAFOS are beyond wicked also, I feel sorry for the animals daily who are treated barbaric daily by wicked mindless selfish creeps

  73. Looks like those signs aren't working too well!
    Use weapons instead and solve the problem instantly!

  74. Bored people and nonsensical superstitial traditions are the main threats to this planet.

  75. Absolutely silly seeing people who simultaneously admit to being meat eaters finding this appalling – might want to check out how store brought meat is handled, should one eat that shit

  76. So ther is this thing called a menstrual cup. It collects the best blood ever. The one that gives life. Mayb inform all thes men that periods are sacred and instead of thinking of bleeding women as dirty jus take them ther and freakn offer menstrual blood. Bet u that wat the goddess wanted.

  77. This is absolutely horrific. This is so unbelievable…Thank you for exposing this and raising awareness.

  78. One of the dumbest and cruelest things I’ve heard to date some cultures do.

  79. Don't cry when watching videos here but did on this one. Just show those in Nepal some of our computer games they can kill every day and maybe stop those live animals.

  80. This is sickening.
    I remember driving down a road; on one side a cow was hung up being butchered. On the other side was a cow crying out one of the saddest things I've heard. Animals do have feelings; even cows.

  81. Just another example of the power of religion. We in the west tend to forget that the Christian religion is just an abbreviation of the same concept… paying for sin or satisfying some gods desires with the blood of a "scapegoat". And thou we do not sacrifice any people or animals anymore… the act itself is celebrated yearly during Easter/Passover….. and Passover was celebrating what? The death of the innocent firstborn in Egypt.? Think about it.. It is perverted. the Patriarch Abraham is venerated because he was willing to butcher his son for a sacrifice to Yahweh… then you have Jepthah (sp) who BBQed his daughter or a deal he made with Yahweh. Then you end up with Jesus, whos torture and death serves as a loophole for us born sinners to get to heaven. No……I don't think we are morally that much superior that these people… not for a minute!

  82. There is no sacrifice in killing what is not yours.
    The only thing you can sacrifice is your self for that is all you have to offer.

  83. Wow! This is awareness for animal sacrifice. Just look up how your beef and chicken and bacon is processed. Way worse than this. After watching that presentation I don't eat animals. Very disturbing that we have come to this huge mass slaughter of animals.

  84. This is very heartbreaking thank you for talking about it. Please consider the poor beautiful animals on your plates they too were murdered in front of their loved ones. We are love at our core eating theses babies is so bad for them and us please remember we are love. Lets love the beings on this planet family.

  85. Psalm 40:6-8  
    6Sacrifice and offering You did not desire, 
    but my ears You have opened.
    Burnt offerings and sin offerings 
    You did not require.
    7Then I said, “Here I am, I have come—
    it is written about me in the scroll:
    8I delight to do Your will, O my God; 
    Your law is within my heart.”b

  86. You believe this is disgusting? How about the millions of babies slaughtered by doctors performing abortions?

  87. In the next life you brainless morons (and a thousand more), your own necks are under the sword! Be sure of that! 🙂

  88. Good information, but I didn't click on it to see DOG WALKING for some minutes.

  89. People are appalled by this animal sacrifice.
    Yet abortion is perfectly fine? 🤔

    1. -In a divine and just world both of those practices would not happen and/or there would be harsh punishment for doing either of those.
      -In a neutral world (Purgatory) one or the other would not exist…or both would exist on a rather small scale
      -On a Hellish type of planet, both of these practices are rewarded & condoned.
      What planet are you from?

  90. From and excerpt of the Red Planet Within:

    Everyone shall be, and dance in joy, a feast shall precede the ritual, as night falls upon their faces, all and demons alike will be unleashed and heads will roll; heads will roll.. the eyes shall be fixated upon the blood and amused as the light becomes darkness right before their eyes, while their captors, filled with the ecstasy of madness welcome the omens of their doomed imagination.

    …Just another day in the empire of death spreading around the crust of blood surrounding the planet. Mars had not been so lively since Kanye proclaimed he is a worm in the body of woman and was ready for metamorphosis, well, that was so many clicks and likes away that it makes you wander into an orgasmic parallel universe just to forget the unattainable, peace will have to wait for now.

    It is interesting how that passage describes really in vivid detail of our own imagination the bullshit we are reading right now and how compared with the absurdity of the acts themselves, we still manage to amuse ourselves with, leaving us contemplating a bullet to the head.

  91. i find it funny that the "up next" videos are never of other atlantean gardens or robert sepehr videos.

    coincidence? its almost like they're trying to throw you in a different direction. 😉

  92. You might want to look at this Animal Sacrificing taking place in America?
    People are scared to confront this fact, freedom of this religion is not acceptable and if someone should have the Guts to look into this fact, will be a Hero?
    Any kind of love or what is good, is under attack and the World is waking up in Christ name………Jesus!

  93. Leftists are always hypocrites. Why don't you say about Muslims Eid festival, where millions of cows, goats and camels are slotered just in a single day. I know there is no answer.😀

  94. I wonder which sin is worse, just killing a cow for pleasure of taste when one could eat a plant instead, or for pleasure of religious pride or expectation of reward? Either way not a good thing.

  95. Why nobody protest against Japanese government, the worst murderer in the world killing the largest number of animals systematically by excruciating method of suffocation, not to mention countless aborted babies and 300 thousands of their own people every year killed by suicides in their ritualistic torture system of society, meaningless sacrifices to ignore flaws of their society and traditions that go further down-spiraling.

  96. You should also think about quitting the eating of the dead flesh of innocent animals. We kill as many as that on a daily basis for "meat".

  97. Interesting subject…so is there a qualitative difference in the sacrifice of one vs the sacrice of many? It's the act yes, and not the quantity…?

  98. Wait… you mean they kill all these animals and just leave them? They don't eat them? The Israelites always ate most of their blood sacrifices.

  99. Do they eat them or just let them rot on the ground? As long as they eat them for food who cares?

  100. This is heartbreakingly sickening. But awareness is key, and I had no idea about this until now, so thank u Robert for speaking up about it and informing us who did not know. I know for some the realization is too hard to digest and therefore it’s easier for them to just ignore it, but we must face it if any change can ever be made.

  101. Evil at its best !! God created all animalS we should treat them with respect they are gift. Paganism

  102. This is harrowing but let's not ignore how many of you will complain and then eat burgers telling yourself it's fine because at least your eating it . Glass houses and stones people .

  103. I have come to believe Atlantean Gardens to be a heavily suppressed YouTube channel. Despite being subscribed with notifications, I am not notified when new videos appear. Also, while watching your videos, nearly all recommended videos are from National Geographic or similar channels. Please share Atlantean Garden videos!