Sadhguru on Pyramid Meditation & How Pyramids Affect Prana

Sadhguru busts some pyramid myths while also explaining the science behind the pyramid structure and how it affects prana.

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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  1. We don't know what the pyramids are made for
    We only know what we think we know from what we're told by others
    The pyramids could be made for many reasons
    But we'll probably never know..

  2. hes so wrong…..and if you think hes right, so how come all the mommies were not found inside the pyramids ?????? 🤔 🤨

  3. The Pyramide,s where build to keep the connection to other planets and to make the Earth a save place.

    1. notorius bro I have this Information from a book, Live in Atlantis. It is channeld by a Netherlands Person called Lex Persoon. The Person who came True was the keeper of the Piramide. Lots of things where toold and make sence. About how the Pyramide was Build por example and whit what purpose. It make the whole story of slave,s building blocks totaly Nonsens.

  4. But sadhguru ji even pyramid societies they spread about anapanasati which is very essential for mankind … It doesn't matter if we meditate there or not ..

  5. We Welcome You sadguru For DHYANA MAHACHAKRA This year

    Address : Kailasapuri, Kadthal, Hyderabad

  6. the series 'The Pyramid Code' on utube and netflix created by Dr Carmen Boulter has different ideas about this topic

  7. Firstly I am a staunch follower of sadguru's speeches or discourses , secondly how or why did sadguru fail onn pyramids , may be he is misguided or someone is intentionally trying to disinform through sadguru's mouth .. sadguru should not take up such unwanted or disturbing topics , for his intellect , wisdom or whatso ever downloads happening from the so called universe or aakaashaa or some other mouthpieces , sadguru please refrain yourself from such follies as your reputation is in stake … lets be what we are … sivoham

  8. Pyramids were not burial chambers. They may have been used in ceremonies to send a dead bodies soul back into the cosmos..a type of machine to connect with the heavens. This is another part of our history that has been lost n covered up

  9. It is obvious to any one who does research on the Great Pyramids that they were not tombs. Most people in the comment section know this. It is concerning that Sadhguru would promote the ridiculous theory that they were tombs.

  10. The so called coffin in the main pyramid was used as an altar. It was full of certain liquid. It was part of a ritual. There has never been any mummy in the pyramids. Its absurd thinking.

  11. Did someone know if Guru is vegetarian? thank you for response in advance.

  12. I will construct a small accurate pyramid from something then and try this

  13. I dont understand, they have not found any dead bodies in the pyramids to this day.

  14. Pyramid word from arbic pyramid word in sanskrit himalay himalay=pyrmid himalay a energy kshetra pyramid is yantra
    Do meditation himalay and pyramid get same energy in side pyramid in side himalay …vasu dev guruji gadered half knowledge about pyramid and himalay
    … pyramid=himalay
    All are lern right meditation right life and truth from pyramid(himalay)spiritual society movement india….sadhguru baghavan brahmarshi subhash patriji

  15. Most scientific culture is yogic culture best culture of India everyone should understand that🇮🇳

  16. First time I fundamentally disagree with you Guru. Especially when you just contradict yourself on the preservation of the fruit.

  17. Pyramids are very powerful I experience abundance of energy under pyramid
    And I can see manifestation
    I experimented with fruits and veggies also it was very good experience

    It is not Oly for dead bodies it is for everyone who is alive and after death also

  18. Angle of pyramid is 52degree 51seconds 10seconds not 56 sir, only this is the right pyramid angle on this planet Earth

  19. This is the first video of sadguru l completely disagree with you sir…I met somany isha masters and pyramid masters..I observed pyramid masters spiritual knowledge is very higher than isha masters…and sometimes I thought isha only for reach luxuries people compared to PSSM. And pyramids not dead bodies its for getting cosmic energy…thank you sath+guru…🙏

  20. Completely disagree. No mummies have been found in any Egyptian pyramids.

  21. Etymology of pyramid is parai meedu in Tamil which means house built of rocks. Parai means rocks and veedu means house.

  22. Pyramids have the quality to attract positive energy from the environment.
    Russian pyramids are unique and have been proven to be beneficial in lowering crime levels within the radius of influence of the pyramid. Also people with chronic illness have been cured by spending one hour, inside a Russian pyramid, every day. Sadhguru hasn't done his research on pyramids, isn't it. This is the first time I have disagreed with him.

  23. pyramid shape is a bioenergy (prana) accumulator , tetrahedron…. I bet meditating merkaba under a pyramid will take you places

  24. A simple magnifieng glass creates fire by converging sun Ray's, in the same manner pyramids converge cosmic energy. If sadguru ji accepts magnifieng glass tecnic, then you should believe pyramid tecnic…….

  25. Sadhguru teach me something here: never talk about something I don't understand

  26. Yes Im afraid Sadguru is mistaken here, There were never any Mummies inside pyramids, that's just in movies. As far as I know the great Pyramids of Giza were built a long time ago as a demonstration of power. They produced enough power to light many lamps to impress the common man and promote the builders to God status. Unfortunately the enormous amount of raw materials in particular ash from burning timber denuded the surrounding landscape. The ash was used to make concrete ,millions of blocks of concrete. A cataclysmic event happened soon after the completion of the Pyramids wiping out most of the civilization and leaving the Pyramids in ruin.

  27. Namaskaram Sadhguru, I remember you saying in one of your past videos that, Pyramids are designed in such a way that it aligns with the cosmic energies and if you meditate under it then it can fasten the process of you attaining enlightenment.

  28. Why and who build pyramids ? Is your wellbeing need answers ? Here is the message from Sadguru Ji 😉 
    Pyramids from ancestors reflect wiseness of lifetime. 
    As Sadguru said, you're just a short peace from universe, understanding this fact wiseness increase your mind.

  29. No body knows nothing about pyramids . Let say people were living a luxurious life in pyramids with big doors and windows but the attackers got the whole door and windows done after buring the dead so that no one goes near to it or people in future think pyramids were for the deads only or were not well engineered quality home or this whole engineering does not spread everywhere. Its good to discuss then to criticize anyone. What you all got to say on this let's hear.