Sadhguru on Ramana Maharishi’s “Who Am I”

What do you do when you burn with the question “Who am I?” Sadhguru answers.

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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  1. सदगुरू ने जवाब नही दिया
    आप बताओ who we are?
    I think we r mixture of agni, jal , prithvi, vayu aakash.Beyond body whole cosmos is living energy.

    1. भाई पंच भूत का तो ये स्थूल शरीर।
      हम एक दिव्य आत्मा है।

  2. Who am I? I am dead and rescued to life many times. I have no right to be here except to do good for others. My life is not my own. I await the word and then act immediately to show myself faithful. I have no will. I am in this world but I am not of this world. All worship and praise to He who lives therefore everything lives. I have been tested in fire and yearn only for the love of God.

  3. I have learned so much listening to Sadhguru's videos and taking the inner engineering course! Thank you!!!

  4. Sadhguru actually did not come to question's answer. Who am i ? The answer is " I'm a soul". We all are soul. We never die and soul is a "spiritual being". I'm a fan of sadhguru humor, art of speech and leadership but when question comes about who is GOD? Who am I ? What happens after death and before death… then he doesn't have clear answer.

    1. He said it in video.. Listn again he said even if I tell u it's prana soul etc it will not take u anywhere.. Who am I is not a questn to answer it's to be experienced

    2. He said right. If he gives some answer like you are soul. It has not changed your life.
      Either you have to believe him or disbelieve him.
      You have beliefs and trust some book like Abrahmic religions, but yourself did not experience the truth.

  5. This answer is very discouraging even though whatever he is saying is absolutely true.

  6. 😂😂😂🙏 It is consciousness you call “I”, which self even has no control until the mindfulness is established !! We manifest the meeting with you some day!!! These kids are blessed to be guided by you ! 🙏

  7. The religion, is cage for teaching how to live, to love and live together or a cage to shut up impure spirits ?

  8. He has Mastered the Art of Shabda Mayajaal. Lay man's term A BullShit Artist!

  9. Sadhguru speaks such wisdom. Here he teaches do not give a better answer than the quality of the question.

  10. Who am i ? who the living ever forever and end of the world, that am i. Who am i ? Who the living with a new lives, that am i. Who am i ? Who can see the world in a different shades, that am i. Who am i ? Who had all feelings and senses that am i. Who am i ? Who can take a joyful life and who can take sadful life and who can take adventures and who can take responsibilities and everything, that am i. Who am i ? Who can see a world with plenty of people and many more creatures and who can see this world as a playground and who can see this world as a competitive and who can see this world as a love that am i. So it means, Who am i ? i am everything.

  11. Sadhguru is a beautiful gift send by god for the welfare of all the mankind…

  12. The reply of Sadhguru is to shake you out of slumber. नतमस्तक हूं

  13. Story of Taaza chai's ad was inspired from that Ohio incident I guess 😁

  14. They're not sisters but they've same doctors hahaha these cosmetic surgeries only shows how skin deep is their spirituality

  15. Sadguru you always rocks I love you so much sadguru because your love is showering onme

  16. I just love you Sadhguru. I listen to you and I smile, sometimes I scream with laughter! Keep doing what you're doing

  17. Can someone tell me what Sadhguru says @4:22? "Simple survival ________________." I can't make out the word. Thanks!

    1. R u telling it from your experience or just believe???

  18. Right from the ancient or olden days..

    This is the one question, when addressed truly, dissolves the barriers that exist between Creation, Fate system and all the Created entities…

    Sometimes it is asked for understanding..

    For this attachment or the desire, is the one WHICH truly describes, WHAT YOU ARE…

    Even now, WHO YOU ARE, is answered efficiently, based on what you are attached to at a Material body level, mind level, body-mind interconnect level…

    This attachment or bond, must be a balanced relation between two or more entities..
    if the relation, is just one sided, it is a mere illusion
    If the relation is addressed both sides of participating entities, then this attachment time period, defines WHO YOU ARE FOR THAT TIMELINE…

    It is my belief, this can be applied to even the NON-LIVING THINGS. Its desire behind its creation, energy & memory is that bi-directional attachment. Can we improvise this for living beings.

    — Just my thoughts —
    The above are just my beliefs. Hence it may be right or wrong, since it is dependent on a lot of factors. Readers, have to properly use their reasoning & intellectual capability to understand this properly.

  19. Be yourself. Ask yourself. Who am I? I am within this body to leave one-day. Your heart will answer. Listen to your heart. God speaks in the language of heart so understands all languages of the world. Sanskrit is the language ancient one first decoded language. Rama was talking with Hanuman in in the language of heart.

    1. Try to understand the language of heart. Vaishnava janata tene kahieje pid paraya janere.

  20. Thank you sadhguru for mentioning bhagwan ramana maharishi . Today youth must go through the life of bhagwan ramana . And self inquiry who am i to ourselves .

  21. Speaking in Angrezi is not intelligent. It means you are not respecting your country and its language. Shame on everyone who have forgotten history and have accepted the barbarians language.

  22. You cannot simply simplify the sitting of Ramana Maharshi like that 🙁

  23. The answer is aham brahmasmi. Means I'm the divine. The answer is there but it needs realization.

  24. Marvelous answer Sadguruji gave to the student. my prostrations to Sadguru . The questions raised by students do not have real longing to acquire knowledge but just for funny and show off his intelligence amongst other students. Hence Sadguru gave a befitting answer.

  25. U r the best fashion designer…I’ve ever seen….Sadguru….internally and externally u r the best

  26. I wonder what that guy is doing now
    Cause i'm in the same situation right now

  27. Sadguru makes me laugh,think at the same time. Most precious person on earth.

  28. if truly you don't know who you are, you should ask the question with tears on your eyes, isn't it?

  29. Well…I need you to tell me the "very different answer" cause thats what I really want to know

    1. Thats what he said- "someone else cannot help you to know who you are". Just sit and ask yourself. let the thoughts come and go. don't try to stop thinking. Be an observer of your thoughts.

      According to me by 21 minutes he is referring to "shambhavai", A yog kriya.

      After reading this comment watch the video again.

  30. BOTTOM LINE- across several hundred videos Sadhguru has never ever answered this question. May be even he does not know. Probably he intends to say that only god knows but does not want to turn away people by bringing up god.

    1. 100% agrees with u. My utmost gratitude, that u came up with doubts. There will be loopholes always coz, whats needed is experience. Try inner engineering of Sadhguru, he will make u experience what it means to be human. Intellectually understanding wont help coz it will work for some time and you fall into the same pit again. If u really really really experience the immesity of being human, Inner Engineering of Sadhguru will blow ur tops. Namaskaran. Even i was a skeptic like you, my brother. But i wish u experience it by urself. To blow ur minds without cocaine…hehehhe. Namaskaran

  31. Wonderful answer. Those who are interested to know who am l? Also listen nochur venkatraman speech about who am I?

  32. Could anyone tell me, what Sadhguru saying about transcendental meditation? I've recently noticed TM, and don't know is it good or bad.

    1. 100% agrees with u. My utmost gratitude, that u came up with doubts. There will be loopholes always coz, whats needed is experience. Try inner engineering of Sadhguru, he will make u experience what it means to be human. Intellectually understanding wont help coz it will work for some time and you fall into the same pit again. If u really really really experience the immesity of being human, Inner Engineering of Sadhguru will blow ur tops. Namaskaran. Even i was a skeptic like you, my brother. But i wish u experience it by urself. To blow ur minds without cocaine…hehehhe. Namaskaran

  33. is there any email id to contact Shadguru? coz I cannot afford to attain his seminar.. I find each and every word of his same as of Swami Vivekananda.. i am a die hard fan of Swamiji. I need to have some conversation with sadhguru

    1. My utmost gratitude to u. Whats needed is experience. Try inner engineering of Sadhguru, he will make u experience what it means to be human. Intellectually understanding wont help coz it will work for some time and you fall into the same pit again. If u really really really experience the immesity of being human, Inner Engineering of Sadhguru will blow ur tops. Namaskaran. Even i was a skeptic, my brother. But that experience ..ufff .i wish u experience it

  34. It's not about "who you are" but what you are…I know the answer and I know by experience, I am grateful.

    1. He has no avoided.. he only told .. dont ask question becouse have to ask

  35. You are just a living thing having a brain and heart. Secondly there is this vast universe and it is so vast that no word is there in any language of this world to describe its vastness. There may be and may not be a 'God like thing' or purpose of life.

  36. He asked him “is that a warning" because he is from WB a communism hub 😂😁

  37. If you are serious in the search, I suggest reading books of The Maharishi himself….whose message was mostly in silence. This self proclaimed "sadhguru" is nonetheless a good entertainment. But for serious seekers on the path please read works of Bhagwan or even Nisargadatta for that matter. By the way I see lot of Osho's influence in this Style of talk…..

  38. lol, patient asked for antibiotics, suoer good doc gave him nothing and asked to just wait..😘

  39. India is blessed to have such an enlightened being who is showering spiritual as well as temporal knowledge to its people.Let us listen him with greater awareness to benefit our existence as well the whole world.

    1. It's more like you ask yourself "to whom are these thoughts occuring" of course the answer is "to me" then try and think about what that means and what that "me" actually is.

      Or like "how can "I" observe my mind"? A thing can't observe itself. So that thing that you've always assumed is your mind logically can't be. Since it observes your mind

  40. Who am I, is a million dollar question. But once somebody finds out it is very different for that person. For that person the whole world appears insane.

  41. It is like tasting a dish. Any amount of lisning or reading will not help. One has to meditate regularly for self realization or to get an answer to Whom am I? I am meditating for more than 12 years religiously & lead a pleasent life.

  42. If it is burning within oneself, why should he or she come to you?

  43. Sadguru, the ultimate ultimate answer to the question being asked. This world is so blessed to have an human mind like yours

  44. Logics thats what safhguru means n apply it at right time right place at right moment with value to it

  45. You haven't answered the question.. which I note has become your style… and please dont ridicule Ramana Maharishi – the true Jnani..

    1. chandan arulendhi yes he did.. Sri Ramana, never asked anyone to go and ask another “ who am I” . that is self enquirer.
      he is belittling the great sage’s teaching.

    2. Just before reciting his name, he folded his both hands as a mark of respect towards him. He is talking about different ways for attaining same thing.

  46. I see a lot of references of US in all his speeches.

  47. I couldn't understand that same doctor thing…. somebody please clearify.

    1. the women's were getting plastic surgery from the same doctor that is why they all looked similar

    2. Bikash Sapkota -It's a parody on superficial level of american "seekers".
      On deeper level it means: Yuo'll find the answer if this question is coming from the source of your being, not only from curious mind.

  48. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi suggested to ask the question, Who Am I within oneself to quiet the mind. Ask this question when any thought arises – who am I that is getting this thought or to whom this thought is applicable. If enquired deeply there does not exist a person or mind, but pure silence or stillness. Hence, Who am I is meant to be a potent tool or practice to quiet the mind as prescribed by Maharshi. Who am I is not a question to be asked to anyone else other than oneself. When the creator, Lord Brahma’s 4 sons were wandering everywhere with so many questions they finally found Lord Shiva in the avatar of silence, Dakshinamurthy who answered their questions patiently for 1 year. Their questions still persisted, he knew if he continued their questions would never cease. He went into silence which in turn made them enter into silence.
    Who Am I can be best answered as I Am That, or I Am stillness/nothingness from which all that which experientially exists arises and subsides into the same source.

  49. But question is diverted from "what is me" to "who am I ?"

  50. That questioners face was lukin so small wn Sadhguru said there is not enough intensity in ur question of who am i.. awe… but i think he got wt Sadhguru's msg was.

  51. Sadhguru this question is burning inside me.. I am not able to reach u and seek u in person. Can u help me about this sadhguru

  52. Audience makes me laugh … Laughing for everything,can't understand anything,my whole life is diverting

  53. Jesus answer this question "who am I ? while he was still baby in the lab of Mary
    * He spake: Lo! I am the slave of Allah. He hath given me the Scripture and hath appointed me a Prophet *
    Quran : chapter Mary

  54. Who am I.,….
    Tao te Ching is profound….
    Learn what is Tao te Ching

  55. The answer to the question WHO AM I?

    The answer is :



    1. They're not rich enough to take up the programs after the session

  56. Guruji, i am coming, please give me something totally different. I can not sleep well, i eat lot, i do nothing….

  57. truth itself is powerful enough, stop using cheap commercial background music, SO disturbing!

  58. My mantra jay siya Ram, jay Shree Ram, Vitthal,Vitthal,jay hari Vitthal. Shree krishna, govind, hare murari, Ye, nath ,narayan vasudeva. Satyam, shivam ,sundaram. This mantra will help people.

  59. Teachings of ramana maharshi is mostly silence. Who am I is used to bring you to silence. But what is silence?
    It is only related to the mind.
    It is not about doing anything, it is only not reacting to anything mentally.
    That's all it is.
    Because who is reacting, who is thinking, who is feeling, it is only the ego.
    But it is not who you are, it is who you "think" you are.
    See it is only thoughts that think.
    When you ask who am I, it is to stop the thinking process, stop identifying with the thinker but the space between each thoughts and the more you practice that, the bigger that space grow.
    It is not made to find the answer but to get rid of the questionner.
    It helps you to let go.

    1. @EvenStar LoveAnanda , And now I feel sorry for u ! As u come among Dumb fans. Probably , your Question – What I am ? For which I admired u seems to be a barowed one …and doesn't come out of ur dumb mind. 🐶

    2. @afeeem So tell me then, what did SadGuru say, that you are against?

    3. @EvenStar LoveAnanda ….I never said I am against what he said….! I meant , he spins around the words and tell stories….not focusing on giving answer to the question. He keeps it vague, doesn't clarify the subject. Though I understand it very well that Such questions are really difficult to be answered. Such questions can be self answered only and only by self realisation.

    4. @afeeem SadGuru is very clear and to the point.
      His Stories are great teaching stories.
      The problem is with you.
      You must have a mental disability.

    5. @EvenStar LoveAnanda …I can understand your disability of differentiating between Clear and Unclear. That's what one can expect from a dumb follower like u….

  60. Excellent talk..:-)

    "Today if a mosquito bites they call 911"

  61. This question was adviced by ramana maharshi to ask one's self, not to others.

  62. this guy sadhtatu goes around in circles and so much bs. just get to the point. Who am i? I can teach this easily. Are you your arm? what if it is cut off? you are still here? now you say im the leg, same thing. I am the face. If I throw acid on your face are you still here? yes. If you are deaf, blind, lacking arms and legs, articifial heart pump, artificial lungs are you still here? Where are you? the mind. Where is your mind? that is where you are. Your mind is your Atma, your Atma is part of the Parmatma. You are a piece of consciousness part of the ONE GREAT consciousness; God.

  63. One can not know who, or what one is. One can only know who, or what one is not. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

  64. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi is a JivanMuktha (liberated soul), he told people to inquire yourself first to know your existence but some of these people started asking others this question, Ramana Maharshi clearly mentioned that it's not a chanting thing it's an inward journey to know yourself. ramana maharshi is the rarest sage that we've ever heard or witnessed among other sages.

    1. संस्कृतभारती पश्चिममहाराष्ट्र Not for 20th century, he is just a diamond for anytime line. He is a jivan muktha.

    2. @T.v.s.s Sai he's not jeevan muktha, we all are.
      Only difference is most of us haven't figured it out yet.

    3. @Tywin Lannister first of all mentioned whom you are talking about, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi or Sadhguru?. Later I can talk about it.

    1. First remove negative in ur mind turn inwards other wise u will die and born again thousands of times until u realise truth

    2. @G deepak T Correct
      Truth is he is self declared Sad-Guru.
      You will die and born again again until you accept this truth 😂😂
      Further self declared Sad-Guru will enjoy his luxury life with your blind faith

  65. Instead of making his question as weak why can’t you first ask yourself , “ who am I?” I promise you that you don’t need go around the places in this tiny world like Cincinnati los angeles etc…

    1. And let me explain there is another advantage of asking your self, “ Who am I?” is that you don’t have to bother about if the audience has same mother or same nurse.

    2. That is his way of living life fully. Whatever you do, do fully, without any regrets.Then you will get Moksha.

    1. By getting the answer, either you have to believe or disbelieve that answer. But, as a person, you have achieved nothing.
      What you will do with the answer, unless that is in your experience.

    2. @Raj Rao yes thats true
      So most of the followers of sadhguru believe what he says.Also my point about echart tolle was that he gives better answers about the deep questions as compared to sadhguru.

  66. Dear Sadhguru ji and all remaining who knows the answer to this question really, please tell me the real answer to the Question "Who am I ?" ,it's really burning inside me.Since some years back on wards i have been trying to know the answer to this question,but still i didn't find the answer.Please help me to know the answer.

  67. Era in which we live ,it is difficult to understand what Ramana Maharishi strived for. The day you ask yourself this question with true heart WHO AM I . YOU will start searching for it but you can never find the answer. It is nothing but your inner voice follow it you will get the answer. Spiritual quest to overcome might be the answer for few. Rest it might be just not a logical question as they say we have one life enjoy it to the maximum because no body knows how long it shall last.

  68. Misleading the people and wrong answer.
    Please read the holy book Srimad Bhagavad-Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam As it is. Then you will know the truth. This holy book available in ISKCON temples. Search Google for address.
    Hare Krishna!

    1. He never answers any question because he himself has no clue. He does not know himself and that's why he doesn't understand Ramana Maharshi.

  69. Why Sadguru keep mentioning USA in every other sentence… Perhaps he thinks USA is heaven

    1. Because US needs to grow emotionally and spiritually…..they lack many things.

  70. The questioner: You have a good question. But do not share it at like this stage. kindly go to Ramana Ashram tiruvannamalai tamilnadu. To know about who am I? Buy Ramana Maharishi sathsaritha.


  72. There are millions of devotees of Ramana Maharishi who are silently involved in abhyaas , who neither seek any other guru or ask such questions. Ramana takes the sincere devotee into his fold Silently and never let's you go.

  73. Bro if you want to know yourself you want to do meditation, meditation is nothing but simply observing your breath how the process is going on

  74. Sadhguru being a genius knows how to talk in fool's language so that the fool understands where he stands

  75. I think he’s a gift, if I can grasp a tiny bit of what he says I feel iv achieved something

  76. What the answer that Sadahguru would have given if the person asked him the way Sadahguru wanted him to ask?

  77. India is the correct place where these rare sages lived, living and will be living.

  78. I A(1)M(13) = N+I+R+V+I+K+A+L+P+A (113), with letters as numbers… 888.. that 8th spoke in Buddhist Wheel of Life.

  79. ne pourriez-vous traduire les vidéo où il est question du « qui suis-je ? » de Ramana Maharshi et des réponses de SADGURU MERCI,NAMASTE ,sury

  80. Always been a fan of sadhguru but this time his answer is nonsensical he speaks as of he has no idea of who ramana is and his teachings. Very misleading

    1. What he told was very smart actually. Ramana's method is not systematic but Sadhguru's yoga is. For serious seekers with an intense yearning Self Inquiry on Who am I is the best method but most people don't have that kind of yearning. That's where Sadhguru is a genius. His program helps you turn inward and taste the vastness inside you. And once the yearning and desire is there to go beyond, that's when Self Enqiury should be done and is the best way to truly get in touch with yourself and combined with different types of Yoga focusing on increasing mental clarity, purity of body and mind and activating the energy systems, Self Inquiry becomes extremely efficient and effective.