Santos Bonacci on Flat Earth’s Hidden Continent, Mt. Meru, Magnetism and More


We talk with Santos Bonacci about Earth’s toroidal field, magnetism, the Black Sun, the Ice Wall, ascension, heart energy, and how it all relates to Mt. Meru, the Sun, and the hidden four-continent system at the North Pole.

*There are parts that refer to Santos’ screenshare. Unfortunately, the Skype video did not record properly. We apologize.


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  1. I been following Santos for a bit now . I just have a question where does he gets all this info ??

    1. Same way we regular guys get the information :D. Ask, seek, Knock. The answer will be given when you search.
      I've come up with the same information he has but this is the first time I've seen his page.
      This guy from 1964-65 states everything going on.

  2. Mr Bonacci, please read atomic suicide by Dr. Walter Russell.

  3. earth is flat and mt Miru is a magnet but everything else this guy says is horseshit.

  4. Science now is an ugly business. No truth. Love the video already..5 minutes into it. Never worship man.

  5. Speak English.. you sound like lore of God.. but it's LAW of God.

  6. Santos audio is perfect, but the other person audio is not understandable.

  7. I enjoyed your talk and the discussion. My big Brother Steve was a philosophy major and he would give me depressing books and or essays to read and when he came home from college he and I would discuss them…I could not be bothered to read them so I just got the Cliff Notes on them so I would be able to discuss those depressing books with him. As for myself I gave-up to God my God-given freewill at the age of six, and have been guided ever since to seek out 'the black sheep'. Steve only understood me after I reminded him that Yeshua/ Jesus also sought the 'black sheep'.

  8. Antarctica: Ant Hopi Anu, taken underworld by the ant people ,Anunakki

  9. I’m listening 👂 everyone has an ear hear 👂

  10. had to give it a dislike, because BLUE IS BAD. Red is good. These guys have it ass backwards. it will indeed come down to red or blue. if you choose blue (Lucifer/Israel), you will experience a life just like the one we are experiencing now (material and suffering). if you choose red, you will literally be in heaven with the Father (where we were before we fell, we just forgot what it felt like to be there). the choice is coming soon. choose wisely.

    1. It is not about choosing red or blue, that is just goofy. It is about increasing your vibration, to deny thyself, and give love and service to creation and creator.

  11. S-cient-ists /an-cient take all the time u need and play with these 2 words

  12. The place is hidden because the area is not for us it is out of bounds for every blow joe the reasoning is simple. The population of this area don't want you there get over it grow up first

  13. This is so disappointing. I really appreciated santos' esoteric lectures. But this flat earth stuff is beneath the human image.

  14. Soo ….. like a Cd that's what it looks like to me or like a record player

  15. It makes more sense to have a flat earth than this early a round one . First the waters would over flow and spill over . The Europeans who discovered land did not sail sliding down on ocean waters . A flat earth makes it easier to discover land. It's just common sense .

    1. No… The direction down is not over the horizon, its towards the center of the earth……

  16. OK. When I meditate I go inside myself it’s like that Alex gray art where your consciousness It’s literally inside you seing the back of your rib cage my heart lungs etc. etc. like the movie fantastic voyage with Raquel Welch 1966 . This experience is also accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of bliss and Oneness, and a Beautiful vision, some of the symbolism ends up being flat earth Earthy , I designed a tattoo to remind me of this 1st time experience , come to find the symbolism is flat earth . 🐢🙏😇🙏🐢

  17. Yes it's 33 miles wide. My friend and I went there last summer and we took turns water skiing around it. We average about 60 mph, so it only took us a hour to go all the way around it. We didn't see any dinosaurs on the island, but we did see pterodactyls, about 376, gliding around the summit of the magnet mountain. We didn't bring a camera, but we are going there this winter to see if we can climb the face of the magnet mountain. We are going in the winter, because hopefully the pterodactyls will be hibernating and we wont get attacked by them.

  18. Treat eachother with respect and dignity and you are actively rebelling against the system. All of this divination material keeps us divided as a family of human beings.

    Stop believing everything you hear on youtube. Most of these people are misguided narcissists who sit on a high horse. Ever notice how hostile and insulting their language is? And this is enlightenment? An old carpenter once taught me that truth is never offended, therefore do not take offence towards the deceived. Have mercy on them, as you were once just like them.

    I do agree with much of the information… but it leads us down a dark path. Practice loving kindness, and stop living in fear.

    Remember, our father is not the author of confusion, so it's very simple. Your eternal spirit is imprisoned within this material world, your task is to overthrow the dualistic matrix with overwhelming positivity and mercy (be loving to all)

  19. Poor Santos, you can hear the fear in his voice as the CIA gun is held to his head.

  20. You should not have interrupted him when he was getting ready to talk about the egregores created by the Borgia, Farnese, Medici and Orsini families. The WAS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!!!!

  21. Wait…I got a question… How is anyone getting to where no public ships or planes go to? Are you going to teleport there? Are you going to teleport passed many governments? Or you all going to row there in an invisible canoe? You do realise this is a simulated reality right? Yes its a flat realm but you are not the person you see in the mirror an your heading deeper into this illusion… your on a human farm an this realm is a prison for your minds… your in a matrix within a matrix… an the sun of the old testing is SATURN who is the demiurge of this simulated illusion… an I'm not even religious as I know who the warden is here I see the guards an what the prison cell is… this man sounds like a new age zealot pushing for a new age religion… next you will be performing blood magic like them crazy people with there blood over intent bs mimicking the elites with there blood magic… all I hear in this post is 5% truths mixed with 95% bs so your subconscious believes it all. (as above so below as within so without) = as above so below is how your OGANISED religion and GOVERNMENTS do… as within so without is the illusion of this simulated reality matrix your consciousness is in…WHY DO YOU THINK SOURÇE PLAYERS CAN MANIFEST because we know the simulation an hack it… the elites use magic dark and blood as there not part of source…

  22. Plenty of shills invading the comments section. Doubt Santos' teachings, but not the man's intentions and sincerity.

  23. funny how he has hundreds of videos about ascending your oil… cant find one video that gives you a line by line description on how to do it from him… AND sounds like he hasnt ascended his oils either… i wouldnt trust this guy

  24. Santos mate bro bloody nutter, see now you have no excuse for your stupidity other than being dropped on your head at birth perhaps, cause here in oz ww vaccinate but not on the same schedule as the USA, which takes be back to cranial impact at birth. My 9 yr old Australian yes it's real but you know that ay, can easily quite clearly see the curvature of the earth as she did the other day saying mummy look the plane is falling off the sky I said no baby it's just flying and with our sphere it looks as if its falling. So mate please shut up your embarrassing us …. you speak some truth but it is disregarded when you dribble shut. Peace out

  25. 'Bell' …. Close! But no cigar.
    …' Sound' is Prime .. from Sound comes Light/Form

  26. How do you explain, or rather…what are , and where do they lead: the whirlpools in the middle of the ocean, that are like a hole and the water flows "in" or "down"?

  27. Too many ums and ahhs. We are born into heaven and it's here all around US . We all have the power and answers. Much love to every single living person here in our beautiful earth . Enjoy life with no fear ..

  28. It’s very curious that people are putting time and energy into this nonsense. Why and who is benefitting? How are they benefitting from trying to convince people of blatant falsehoods? I suspect that it’s highly unlikely that the Flat Earth pushers actually believe their lies. Santos sounds like he’s reading something he knows is crap, as if he’s been threatened or manipulated somehow. Seems strange that someone(s) seems to think this is useful enough to put time and resources into.

  29. i put a thumbs down on this video. STOP PREACHING Godly principles alongside Gnostic and UNGODLY doctrines

  30. Do NOT confuse LOVE with SEX=Semen expelled ("making love") ! Everything tied by SEX becomes a crime, sooner or later.
    Another confusion made by so-called "Chris~tians" is, HEART is not the the PUMP of BLOOD but the Cerebellum who is in shape of the Hearth and is thinking, that is the parable for that ; She or He have a good Heart.

    "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

    The cerebellum is heart-shaped, and in the Greek is known as the heart. The organ that divides blood was called the "Dividing Pump." The seat of thought is the Cerebellum. Our thoughts shape our lives. If we think continually below the solar plexus in the Kingdom of Earth; if we dwell in thoughts of material pleasures, we become animal and materialistic. If we really desire the Kingdom of Heaven, we must think of the process that will enable us to realize it. Or the soul is in the Christ, because every creature has a soul

    The EARTH is THE HEART of SOLAR SYSTEM = Where The SUN is GOD-CREATOR of this system.

    If the HEART "STOPS" you are DEAD, so how could the EARTH be STILL , because Jesuits want us dead, that's why ?!
    Everything in the Universe is in continuously motion = ALIVE
    If all believe the GOD is marvelous why can't understand his creation is a globe ?! You mistrust the CREATOR could be MAGIC, is that what you think ?! Let me remind you something in this case ; EVERYTHING IS MAGIC in this WORLD of GOD – ALMIGHTY CREATOR, rather is The SUN or any Deity in you trust or believe as a CREATOR !

  31. 17 mile(7+1=8) Reason for 8 mile ( Detroit) We use and see this Ancient Cosmology/ Sacred Geometry everyday without knowing. God is theory of Men. God is symbolic to Dog= Man's best friend. The story of Jesus is the Winter / Summer Solstice celebrating the Sun and not Moon, which is the Geocentric.

    1. Glad someone else has made the connection between God and Dog. Don't know why so many of these inversions are so brazenly revealed by the English language but I've always wondered why this god figure has been so terrifying to man, so utterly uncompromisingly intransigent to the human psyche that particularly with the 'faith' people, even the mystics and so-called saints, they'll attribute everything to this figure unquestioningly and bestow it with words like grace, love, beauty etc and you think hold on, as it's been portrayed throughout history, this is a monster, this is a total tyrant, there does not seem to be anything different with this entity and the so-called Devil (Lived) than a word 'God'. I imagine the dog or canine (Cain?/Canaanites?) has played and been a particularly traumatic and terrifying adversary to man in human history, when it or the wolf was the alpha predator in forested land or canine friendly terrain and man was on a more level playing field with the beasts, the dog as predator would have been some foe to contend with. I'm gonna speculate that when the 'mind control' of the occult powers was in the early stages of gaining psychological control over common humanity they hit upon the factor of manipulating the canine effect in the psyche and that this God is based on that innate fear that would have been instinctively generated by the terror of a confrontation or predatory attack by packs of dogs or wolves, the sheer truama and effects on any traveling society or tribe the packs of canines would have had. You say 'Man's best friend' but I doubt that was always the case and only when man begun to outwit the beasts and learn their physical limits did he make sure this was a 'friend' he better keep closely by his side. The historical psychological trauma caused by the canine I feel is the fundamental terror particularly when endorsed and systematized by the priests and imams etc that makes the human mind instinctively respond to the trauma based propaganda induced by this God figure, this psychological tyrant.

  32. Someone pointed out something interesting concerning the moon. If the moon reflects a percentage of the suns light, would it not make sense that it would also reflect the same amount of heat as well? Some took a hand held tempature device & measured two items while there was a full moon high in the sky. One item was in the moon light & the other was in the shade away from the moonlight, the item in the shade read warmer that the item exposed in the moonlight. The moon produces it's own light. Type in: Dr Jordan Peterson – University of Toronto. enjoy

  33. Audible is terrible from one of the guys, couldn't hear a word he said. Great discussion otherwise though, I learnt a lot.

  34. The 1600s is when pulling fantasy out of your ass and pasting on a map was really becoming unacceptable. If there was tierra incognita, best to leave the space blank for future notes once someone actually went there. Or do you guys believe in mermaids, sea serpents and dragons because they were on old maps too?

  35. Santos told the facts…. the cult wanted him to agree but he didnt… simple!

  36. Followed this man from the beginning. Through all the great ancient wisdom, he has presented . I am a witness to this great legacy.

  37. If there is an opening at the north pole why hasn't anyone gone there ans filmed it. Doesn't make sense

  38. If you fly backwards at night with a green rubber hat you can go anywhere …

  39. I left a comment below to someone who mentioned the God/Dog inversion and it relates to the lies of the global cabal or whatever term should be given to those who bully our consciousness into a false perspective but it led me to feel the reason they leave the facts in plain sight is because they have a certain 'morality' code themselves which allows them to deceive by any means necessary but not to fundamentally lie about reality. Their lackeys who control the common human order can make the choice to lie but the facts are too numerous to be hidden and human intelligence can align itself with facts at any moment so the occultic modus operandi is cunning deception, inducing the conscious human brain to this deception but lies to the higher ups in the occult hierarchy are time consuming, temporary and ultimately those 'above' have to always orient themselves in line with universal principles even though they deviate and invert those alignments so lies to them are relatively petty deviations from facts, lies are for those in fear of authority and tyranny, not the authority itself. The lackeys and the lackey's lackeys control the lies but even with them certain games like blatant inversion will be played because that's how hierarchy works, it can't show itself to be subservient to those 'lower down' and lies are basically showing weakness, vulnerability and fear of who you're lying to. It always has to have a nonchalant swagger about it, a darker presence in the fog, like the psychopath who leaves clues behind, there has to be that egocentic trace even if the face is a mystery. They'll throw their lackeys including the scientists, religion people, monetary controllers, technocrats, the whole bunch of the corrupt lower circus under the bus if they have to just as long as the deception continues in consciousness.

  40. Santos I have a question..In flat earth concept, what happens with astrology?Since the Sun is not setting but moving away from the observer etc…how is astrology standing in this concept?Love and much respect

  41. This is gobblygook…this guy is making up stuff…is anyone REALLY listening? He is not even making any sense! You guys better read the Bible instead of listening to this nonsense.

  42. The audio is really bad. Unable to understand what is being said. Any way to correct and reupload💁🏻‍♀️

  43. Inner circle teaches that SEX was against the law🙄 This is called the fire stone that Lucifer stole from Adam😬. He also teaches ISI is Lucifer 😉😳

  44. You two crack me up..Woodstock called they want there l.s.d. back… I like the sesame Street "let's match the word" game.

  45. Have you ever heard such babble?? This is the tree of knowledge of good and evil..Trust YHWH or trust a serpent that babbles about fantasy that can't be proven, but sounds like you can be like God. Does anyone feel richer for listening to this babbling??

    1. its called the tree of life not good/live cultists and bible thumpers/god cults twisted info up into nonsense

  46. No way the sun is burning. No gas lasts that long. Its electric. It burns from the electricity in our ❤

  47. I have heard the Astrology explained by Mr. Bonacci (I am Aries) and I am very impressed because it puts some experiences/visions that I had as a baby in perspective. According to these visions, Emmanuel is in the Sunlight, but we cannot fully grasp it while in our flesh existence, unless we understand and experience Jesus with the mind. The Ancient Incas, I believe, was tricked into pulling out hearts of people because they were told that the Sun would not otherwise finish it's Journey. Mr. Bonacci sometimes though goes into a self righteous mode. Some people can afford a vegetarian diet, some can't. I have cats, one held on to very large lizard. I tried to save it but the cat ran with it. Of course I don't want to finish the story. In other words, at the end of life's journey Saturn takes our physical body without exception. I knew a woman close to 100 years old. She ate everything under the Sun. However I knew after she died (at 98) that she did not want to make the hundred years because she no longer had the will to live. Why? perhaps she did not feel the love. In addition, a flame does not reduce it's life by lighting other candles but it is catastrophe to catch a forest on fire with a careless cigarette butt (if you know what I mean). Not accepting oneself is self suicide (read the book "The four agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz). If a man says the Kingdom of God is in the sky, then the birds will get there first, The Kingdom of God is Within YOU!. What happens when a Nation has a large amount of poor, they say "its Karma or evolution or they are paying from a former life" That in itself could be evil when the wealthy need an excuse. Almost the entire "Gospel of Jesus or as Mr. Bonacci says God's spell or Goatspell" is about the rich failing in their responsibility or the evil of greed causing large amounts of poor, of course, this is mostly due to self-righteousness. People must feel that they are in some way more "worthy" to the countries' resources that others.

  48. I believe that some of the words that sound similar to others doesn’t mean they relate… if translated to a different language or multiple different ones I don’t think one could get the same results… js…

  49. Why doesnt he get on a fukin boat and sail to the north and video this bullshit he is talking about first instead of using cartoon graphics and show us the truth he wont because it does not exist nor correlate with his bullshit

    1. thats their plan but if you got some ready cash and ideas about travelling by boat to the north pole then do share…?

  50. I really like you and your channel. That said, these guys that start in with “earth heart” or atom is Adam the first man created from aliens interbreeding with homo erectus “the Adana” just drives me nuts. Who’s that guy so big in the “free your mind” movement? Jordan Maxwell? He goes on and on with the “this word rhymes slightly so I”ll say there is some hidden thing I’ve uncovered whereas these two completely different words are synonymous”. Jim Mars, I forgive for the alien bastard children bit where the Adama is the first genetically modified red-headed step-child that didn’t come out all screwed up. Ha ha ha. Love the flat earth stuff! But you lost me with this guy! The earth’s galaxy he says…”shit’s flat with a dome dude!” Ain’t no galaxy and your word rhyme stuff is just stupid. And you’re a poser to boot. Um um um. “Yeah, says um like he has to take that extra little time to decide if we’re going to buy the next line of bullshit coming out! Sorry dude, but get him off your guest list. Call me. I’ll give you something to chew on!!!

  51. The flat Earth with the firmament is an analogy of the brain or the inner skull. The tree of life is inside the body. It is ALL inside your body. The kingdom of God is within. This topic is just another ploy to distract people from the truth within. Seek the Christ oil and enlightenment and forget about staying in lower vibration with this flat Earth ball Earth argument. Seek first the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of God is within you.

    1. Cayman Sartin yeah…I do believe you are correct! Another great distraction again pointing to the “literal” instead of spiritual!! Nothing new under the sun!! Just YAWN!!

  52. Please don't think it goes unheard how your trying to justify some of the demonic acts you have done on this planet.. Slick but not slick enough gentlemen..

  53. I like how he changes his voice and accent & then mixes them up half way through the video… but some of the things he says are true, some are not obviously.

  54. I have a question.I have been following your work for about a yr.I have been enlightened in many ways.About 7 monthes ago.I experienced a dynamic shift in my consciousness.I felt full of love and compassion for all.I thought maybe I had found my heart chakra.around that time I noticed a large lump in my sturnem or solar plexus.It was like that little bone,xiphoid process or whatever,grew larger.very sore.It swells often.could chakra work cause this

  55. What kind of god would expect me to know all the things spoken of in this video? Fuck that guy/gal, the god I'm looking for does not require me to be a scientist to discern my divinity. The sages seem to always to elude to the idea that truth is simple, this is not simple and it is selective. My god would never discriminate on basis of intelligence, we are not all equally endowed as such. What kind of god would put me in a realm where every last truth has been occulted, born to parents that were simple and fully invested in the system, made to fear god from the get go, etc… I don't trust a single word uttered by a man, not a single one of you. Santos is probably the only "real" truth seeker as I know for a fact, he does not fund the criminals via federal taxation, unlike every other truth movement mouthpiece that continues to fund them and then rail on about how evil the system is. If you pay federal taxes, you are the biggest problem we face, not the government that you detest.

    1. ah right…… maybe you go wake em the fuck up then Raj cuz they're literally killing us here!

  56. ♥️check out the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles read here on youtube by James Stewart.. ..We are at Home in God Dreaming of Exile……♥️

    1. what about out there out there out there??! or let me guess its all in here in here?

  57. We are experiencing the Prodigal Son Story…..Dream Style…..the only thing to do about a dream is to awaken……

  58. In the Garden of Eden Story….."A deep sleep fell upon Adam"….Adam is Still Sleeping….We are Adam (Atom)

  59. What happens if heart chakra is pink/ purple and 8 shape yet side ways. I have a pic from ny daughter with5 black dot in middle of sun during it's setting. Was it a higher heart opening? Wobbling? I have orbs of a rainbow circled around her. Reminded me of Galinda the good witch. Many anomolies. Also a rainbow vortex spitting out as best to describe and an ultra violet light pulsating upwards. As while a blue and same pink purple orbs. Possible faces against circus tent. Ufos. Dreams that ehen resd now missing dream book gave me PTSD. Any light in sky had me jump as not knowing is what scared me. I don't remember sadly if this dream per se happened before or after my surgery removal of left side. Bit in dream uts as if i woke up now seeming as if from under anesthesia and was in the woods and had awakened to these beings finishing surgery as I looked down as where we were was ontop of a mountain. I looked down to friends. One friend was with me in Surgery and as i awakened paid surgeons absolutely no mind but knew wasnt human. Saw the most large beautiful rose quartz crystal and was determined to get it and friend said relax you just6 had surgery. Very weird but blessed to know no harm scary moments are currently rememberd when do hypnosis maybe will feel diff. Lol but so much we do not know or comprehend. Blessed and thank you

  60. This may sound strange but need to keep open mind. Is it possible that flat earth and globe earth also exists in different realities? Or maybe in 3D what many see in this construct but in 4d or 5D it's flat? It seems the Sumerian tablets showed round planets and even states we are the 7th planet. This was due to 7 coming from outside solar system. So keeping open mind that for some see this as flat due to 4d or 5D dimensions.. I have never see or heard this theory so I'm putting it out there. Also the garden of eden seemed flat due to it being an enclosure.. had dome around it and it was either 4d or 5D.

  61. I witness the sun blinking one afternoon while driving to a friends house.
    I search youtube and found videos where it was captured.
    I would like to know one day why was this was happening.

    I tell this to friends
    like always no response
    like if the words never came out of my mouth.

  62. This video fell through a time warp from 1127 AD. It's about as relevent to our daily lives as a horse and cart

  63. This guy thinks Christianity started centuries before Christ was born – errr, I think he may need to check the definition of Christianity.Saying lots of silly words doesn't make you cleaver or spiritually enlightened. When you peel away the BS, the actual content here is vaccuous.

  64. Omg Santos Bonacci! ❤️ prob the most intelligent man living rn. 🙂 🙂 love this video, couldn’t have picked a better guest. Excellent. Thank you!

  65. OMG i used to like watching you Santos, but you have lost my respect now, this video does not make any sense, i am sorry to say it, but i think yoy have lost your mind, how very disappointing, dont waste your time people, Santos is not with us anymore.

  66. This is well above my level of Understanding !!!!!
    My problem is i can never remember what i read , i only understand the Punch Line , the stuff in between somehow evaporates into the Ether.
    You are only as clever as your Memory allows

  67. Well unfortunately the Roman's created the fictional character jesus christ. If you havent checked out the book Caesars Messiah please do. The author lays it all out there for you. You can also find videos about it on YouTube. Please do not attack me. In my search for the truth I never set out to disprove this. Do the research. The truth will set you free. All religions are a tool for the elites to control us.

  68. Perhaps there IS Truth in a 'further ascension', as it was stated by Olaf Jensen himself that both his Father and he did not get to meet the MAN (Leader) at Meru until 2 years time had passed….
    New places were further revealed even later than this as they requested to be shown such lands before their bittersweet return to their own homeland in, (as was often referred to), 'The Outer World'.
    Hmm… I find this in & of itself, Very VERY interesting indeed!

  69. One of my favorite teachers. 👍
    Do i hear Martin K. in there ?

  70. We are at Home in God….dreaming of exile…..from A Course in Miracles……we are experiencing the Prodigal Son Story Dream Style…..

  71. Yes we have evidence of other lands. Admiral byrd said they exists.. look at his video. thanks