“The Kybalion” is a unique, deeply insightful and spiritually transformative book first published in 1908 by authors naming themselves “Three Initiates”.

The Kybalion reveals The Seven Hermetic Principles or Laws that govern All Creation.

“Hermetics” is a knowledge system kept secret from “the masses” for thousands of years. Secret societies, individual teachers, and certain other “hidden” groups have taught hermetic thought and practices outside of public view due to the “unorthodox” and powerful nature of this knowledge system.

The Kybalion is one of the first and only texts available to the public presenting multiple “master keys” to unlock far greater understanding of both common and uncommon systems of knowing.

The first Hermetic Law presented in The Kybalion is this:

“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.” – The Kybalion

The “master key” of realizing the truth we exist in THE MENTAL UNIVERSE OF THE ALL can unlock massive new understanding and awareness in you once properly understood.

The MATRIX IS REAL and MASTERS CAN INFLUENCE IT at all levels of reality through understanding certain MENTAL LAWS “THE ALL” put into place that govern All Creation.

The following is a scientific research paper published October 2019 describing a couple of simple experiments proving the “mental universe” precept as taught in The Kybalion, as well as other hermetic and certain religious teachings.

“Aton” True Cell, Atom and Particle Concept

by Ilija Lakicevic


“The true ATON concept of the cell, atom and particle has been experimentally proven and the following main conclusions have been drawn:

In the center of every cell, atom and particle there is a still point of zero electric potential which is the still zero point of the Universal Mind and which is the source of energy.

Each cell, atom and particle consists of light rings spinning around the centering Mind point.

Science is spiritual since Spirit is centering every piece of matter.” 

Keywords: cell, atom, particle, energy, wave fields, mental universe, zero point, “mind as matter”

1. Introduction

It is generally accepted that knowledge is acquired through sensed observation. But our experience teaches us that through the ages old scientific concepts have been periodically erased and replaced with new ones.

We know that Ptolemy had been erased by Copernicus who had been erased by Galileo. Then came Faraday, Newton, Rutherford and Bohr, who threw all the old concepts out of the window.

Our science is founded upon so-called empirical knowledge, whereas “empirical” is defined as “based on experiments or experience rather than ideas or theories”.

We are educated to trust our senses unreservedly so that in any validation process – whenever it is possible our senses are the supreme judge and that is why even the experimental results are, if possible, so presented that judgment of our senses could say the last word.

It could be rightly stated that our knowledge is founded upon the evidence of our senses. Generally accepted in current science is that the atom is a basic unit of matter that consists of a dense central nucleus – containing positively charged protons and electrically neutral neutrons – surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons moving around the nucleus.

To ‘charge’ means to be added to. The meaning of the word “negative” is to negate, to void, to empty or become minus.

So, “negative charge” means literally “added to by subtraction”! Does it make sense?! What does “negative charge” mean at all? How can something be “negatively charged”? There is charge and discharge ONLY!

The Coulomb Law statement that ‘opposites attract’ and “likes repel’ IS NOT TRUE TO NATURAL LAW!

Opposite conditions ARE opposing conditions. Likewise, they are opposite effects caused by each pulling in opposing directions.

It is not logical to say that opposites fulfill any other office than to OPPOSE. Nor is it logical to say that opposing things attract each other.

The basic underlying law in nature is that the SAME CONDITIONS ATTRACT EACH OTHER!

1.1. Deception of human senses

There are many examples of differences between the perception of our senses and the knowing of our Mind.

We can accept the illusion of the railroad tracks meeting upon the horizon, but the railroad tracks are real for our senses, even though their seeming meeting is not.

Passengers on a fast-moving train sense parts of the landscape as they rush forward, while, to their senses, the landscape rushes backwards! The senses interpret these effects as matter in fast motion which is forever fast changing. A man, seeing the same train from a mountain, would sense that same fast motion and fast change of the landscape as changeless and still.

As we look at a fast moving car which has the wheels with spokes, it appears to our senses that the wheels of a forward
moving vehicle are turning backwards.

Can we trust what our senses tell us!

The equator of our body is a plane extending through it between our eyes dividing our body into right-hand and left-hand units of pairs.

Let’s imagine that we can reach out with the right hand and grasp the right-hand end of the earth’s pole of rotation. With the left hand we reach out and grasp the left end of that pole.

If we stand there, as rigidly as steel, the equator of the planet and the equator of our body are in the same plane. This being true, one of our eyes is on the right side of the equator and the other is on the left side. In this position both of our eyes see only the one effect of the planet’s spinning from us in the same direction.

Now we bend our body so that both of our eyes can see what the right side of the planet is doing. We now see a clockwise direction to the spinning of the planet.

Now we bend our body so that both of our eyes can see what the left side is doing. We now see an anti-clockwise spinning. In other words, we see opposite directions of motion where there is but one direction.

Can we trust our senses?

Since the Creator is ALL THERE IS, the material universe is the product of thinking as a mental activity and must be made of pairs which void each other because they cannot exist.

Nature creates everything in pairs, and all pairs unite to form masses.

The hemispheres of a sun are united pairs, for example. Try, therefore, as a first mental exercise, to imagine the uniting of two hemispheres of the sun, which are spinning in opposite directions.

The fact that we, ourselves, are right-handed and left-handed, adds to the difficulty of the subtle thing which I must explain about our universe, which has led these observers to form such

What I mean this is that Nature is bilateral.

Everything which is created is equally extended in pairs from a cathode dividing equator. The equator acts as though it were a mirror. It reflects each extended unit as two hemispheres of a sphere, which is also divided by an equator.

It is truly challenging for me to check the validity of many of current scientific concepts.

2. Literature Survey

There are some evidenced and accepted phenomena in science which had been attracting my special attention and
challenging creativity.

The first intriguing phenomenon is the known fact in science that living cells show a difference in electric potential between their interior and their surrounding medium [1].

The second one is the phenomenon of so called “sickle cells” [2]. It appears under a microscope that the red blood cells of the balanced body are microscopie rings with holes in the center (see Figure 1), whereas different disturbances which sufficiently upset the balance of the body metabolism will break openings in these rings and make them appear to be sickle-formed so that the little white discs which constitute the red corpuscles of the blood appear to have frayed edges, as though they were moth-eaten.

Healthy Cells & Sickle Cells

Figure 1: A – balanced red blood cells, B – sickle cells

The third phenomenon which has been challenging my imagination for many years is the vacuum gas discharge phenomenon (see Figure 2), (the vacuum does not exist anywhere in the universe anymore, and instead there is SPACE, which is a previous vacuum that is filled with potential for anything to be created) where it can be seen clearly that the electric current in the form of parallel light rings is extending from the cathode to the anode, like buttons strung upon a thread.

In the beginning of the discharge it is clear to see an unstable phase with light rings spinning very fast around their own centers until a stable phase is established where those rings are lined in planes that are at 90 degree from the shaft going through the centers of all the rings. But, even during the stable phase it is still possible to see the light rings spinning fast around their own centers.

Gas Discharge

Figure 2: Gas discharge phenomenon

The fourth well known and so intriguing phenomenon is that there is no electric current in the center of a conducting wire but that it is confined to its surface.

3. Approach and Results

It is logical to assume that there must be a red thread connecting all these phenomena, something secret and not known yet, something that is crucially different from everything that scientific explanations of these phenomena could offer.

I have started a search in order to discover the truth about it by studying Walter Russell: [3], [4], and [5] as well as PHOENIX JOURNALS, references [6 to 14], where it is claimed that the cell, atom and particle are made of light rings spinning around a black hole.

After many years of studying these immortal writings, I have decided to emulate a living cell by performing a simple experiment in order to check the common scientific concept of the cell.

Having in mind the fact observed under microscope that all balanced red blood cells are microscopic rings with holes in
the center, one can emulate a section of a living cell if one puts a water solution of the ordinary table salt (NaCI) within a ring of a conductive material.

Water should be taken because living cells are made mostly of water and salt should be taken because salt is a balanced compound: sodium-chlorine is a balanced pair according to the [3]. [4]
and [5].

One can emulate the charged condition of the living body, of which the cell is a part, by placing two insulated wires with bared electrodes close together in the center of that ring and connecting the wires with a battery as an electric power source. This literally provides the permanent charging (compression) condition to occur.

According to the law of action and reaction, expansion will be simultaneously created and that is what has been measured in this experiment. In other words in this way the pulsing in and out (breathing in and out) is caused, which is the outstanding characteristic of every living entity.

V= 1.543 v
HO + NakCI
Cu ring

"Mental Universe" Experiment Setup

Figure 3: Experimental set-up

The following experiment has been designed with the objective to prove the scientific concept of the cell by  measuring the electric potential at different positions in the equatorial plane of a conductive ring.

The experiment went as follows: In the bottom of a cylindrical glass container (seeFigure 3) a copper ring made of a copper wire of 3mm diameter has been placed so that the outer diameter of the ring is equal to the inner diameter of the glass container (the ring fitted exactly to the container) and (bi- distilled) water salt (NaCI) solution has been filled into the container so that the ring has been fully immersed into the water salt solution.

Then a plastic cylinder (green part in Figure 3) has been fitted into the upper part of the glass container above the water salt solution.

For the sake of the precise positioning of the electrodes the nine guiding holes have been drilled in the plastic cylinder: a hole in the center of the plastic cylinder (point 0 in Figure 3), four holes pointing the half distances from the center to the cylinder edge in the four orthogonal radial directions in the equatorial plane of the ring (points 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Figure 3) and four holes pointing towards the middle of the copper ring in the four orthogonal radial directions (points 5, 6, 7 and 8 in Figure 3).

Through the central hole two very thin insulated copper wires (0.3mm in diameter) have been placed whose tips have been immersed in the solution to the level of the equatorial plane of the copper ring (see Figure 3).

By each wire the insulation has been removed at the tip in length of 2 mm so
that two bar parallel electrodes were formed (see zoomed part in Figure 3). The distance between the two electrodes was approximately 0.1mm. The outer ends of the copper wires were connected with AAA battery of 1.543 V.

By placing the two electrodes in the center and turning on the electric current the same electric potential of 1.543 V between the two wires has been measured by a digital multimeter during one month.

By keeping an additional bar electrode in the center and placing another additional bar electrode in positions 1, 2, 3, and 4 (which belong to the equatorial plane of the copper ring) the same difference in electric potential of 0.48 V has been measured in each of these points with the electric current being turned on.

By keeping an additional bar electrode in the center and connecting another additional bar electrode with the copper ring at points 5, 6, 7 and 8 the same difference in electric potential of 0.84 V has been measured in each of these points by turning on the electric current.

The second experiment is even simpler. I took the same cylindrical glass container and placed the same copper ring on the bottom of the container and filled the distilled water so that the ring was immersed in water.

Then I placed one multimeter probe in the center of the ring in the equatorial
plane, and I put the second probe on the ring itself and measured the electric potential of about 200 mV.

Everyone can repeat this simple experiment. The question is: where
does the electric current come from?

4. Discussion

Before I start analyzing and discussing the results I share the following axiom:
The Universal Balance (Equilibrium – Stability) is infinite and eternal for it is ONE – Singular Quality. It is the normal Static – Equilibrium state of Being and being the ONE it cannot be the other.

The state of Balance is Undivisible, (Conditionless), Unchangeable (Changeless Static), Inseparable, Formless and Unmovable (Motionless – “Stillness”)! in Balance – One, there is No Opposition. Balance Is One Idea – All There Is.

Being infinite and eternal the universal balance cannot be upset (balance is zero and zero divided by any finite number
equals zero – it follows that balance is the only reality).

Balance is one and one can never be any other than its own balance, but it can seemingly be the other!

This axiom is of utmost importance and deep meditation is recommended upon this axiom since it is the base of many
conclusions in further consideration.

4.1. Zero Electric Potential

In the first case when the two electrodes were placed in the center of the copper ring the difference in electric potential between the two wires of 1.543 V has been measured continually over a period of one month by a digital multimeter – the same as the electric voltage of the battery.

The existence of any electric potential between the two electrodes in the center different from zero would have caused a consumption of electric power what would have caused a less measured value of the electric voltage than 1.543V. If there was any electric resistance (R) between the two bar electrodes, there must have been a drop in measured electric potential equal to 1.543V – RI, where I is the electric current. But, the same value of 1, 543V has been measured.

The measured result proves that within the accuracy of the multimeter the spot between the two electrodes in the center of the volume occupied by the copper ring is of the zero electric potential.

Electric potential is defined in science as the amount of work needed to move a unit charge from a reference point to a specific point against an electric field.

This is clearly not the phenomenological definition of the electric potential but description of the procedure how to calculate a numericalvalue of the electric potential.

By the way, the existence of a “static unit” in the universe of motion is completely impossible, since everything moves in the universe of motion, simulating a motionless condition of the eternal universe at rest.

From the other side it is known that a higher electric potential is characterized by a higher pressure, a higher temperature and a higher frequency what justifies the idea to introduce the concept of electric potential as a
measure of imbalance of a pressure condition.

Electric potential is the quantification of the phenomenon called a pressure condition. Since motion causes pressure, temperature and oscillations, it follows that the measured value of zero electric potential in the center means that there is no motion in the center and the absence of motion is the proof that there is zero point of balance (no force and no
pressure) in the center.

Since there is no motion there, there must be cold there, there must be stillness there, there must be silence there, and there must be black there.

All these qualities – balance, forceless state, pressure-less state, stillness, silence, blackness and coldness – are the unique qualities of the eternal still universe at rest, so there must be indeed the zero point of the Universal Mind in the very center!

Our astronomers have discovered something that they don’t understand. There are physical principles in large things that do not apply to orbital mechanics as they have learned them within Newtonian and Euclidian physics. It’s odd to them that the galaxy moves as one plate, almost like the stars were pebbles glued upon it. It all rotates together. There has to be some kind of energy that holds that form.

For orbital mechanics as they know them have to do with gravity and mass and orbiting objects around a fulcrum, such as our sun, and it creates orbits that are all different. All objects around a gravitational center seek their orbits based upon mass and speed. That’s why all the planets have different orbits. It’s the physics that they expect.

That’s what our solar system does, but not a galaxy. Galaxies have something in the middle that must be gravity based, yet everything moves around the center as one. There is some kind of gravitational or attractive unity there that they don’t understand.

But that’s not all.

Then they will tell us that it has to do with what we call random chance. There is something we didn’t expect that is happening all around us.

In our three-dimensional reality, everything that happens on the earth seems to be in a random state. That is to say, reality responds in an expected bell-shaped curve.

Common things happen more often than uncommon things. The odds take a shape of expected randomness. If we were to roll a dice over and over thousands of times, we would see a consistency of randomness which is what we call the way things work.

That’s what we expect. There’s no bias to it.

But astronomers say that everywhere they look, examining what we would call ‘the creating energy of the Universe’, is
mathematically incredibly improbable. It would be like if we rolled the dice and we got six and then six and then six, a thousand times.

It is beyond the realm of randomness. It shows that there had to be intelligent design. Everywhere they look, against all odds, the Universe is intelligently designed for life.

Our science believes at the moment that quantum physics has to do with the way small particles react to each other. These would be particles that are so small; they are even particles of light, molecules of DNA, and other products of the wave particle theory. They are so small that we have to see them under an electron microscope.

This is what we call quantum mechanics and it’s only being seen on a very small scale.

Because our physics is mainly 3D, we have difficulty with how things really work. And quantum physics is the only clue we have to a multi-verse and the possibility that some laws of mass and gravity are determined by what happens in the middle of each galaxy. The creation energy is in the middle.

From all that is said above, it is easy to conclude that the INTELLIGENT DESIGNER is in the middle of each
galaxy. Since every still black zero point is the same point everywhere, obviously that means the intelligent designer is
in the center of every cell, too.

Finally, the centering point of stillness and balance is a black, CONSCIOUS point of the universal Mind, RESPONDING TO HUMAN AWARENESS, because every
point of the still universe at rest is the same conscious point.

This conclusion is in agreement with well-known Aharonov-Bohm effect [15] where it has been experimentally proven
that particles under the same conditions move in different directions following human awareness.

4.2. Electric Current outside of the Still Center

Since the electric potential has been measured in all chosen equidistant points in the four orthogonal radial directions in the equatorial plane of the ring, it proves that many lines of radiation are extending from the center causing a moving electric current to spin around the zero center, fulerum, around which the copper ring is located. The measured results confirm also that there is an effect of electric current – spinning light rings extending from a still center to convey its power to the other outside conductive matter.

The fact that an electrode placed in contact with the copper ring itself has conveyed the electric current away from it confirms that there is an effect of electric current extending from the still center to convey its power to the copper ring.

Further, since the electric potential has been measured both at points between the center and the copper ring and at the
copper ring itself, it follows that the still center is the source (fulcrum) of power which is extended radially from the
center to the other surrounding conductive matter and to the copper ring.

Still further, since the electric potential is measured in four directions from the still center in the equatorial plane and
since the measured values are equal in same horizontal plane at the equal distances all around from the center (and having in mind that by the vacuum gas discharge phenomenon, one can clearly see light rings spinning around their own centers) it follows logically that the moving electric current consists of light rings spinning around the zero fulcrum center – the black point, around
which the copper ring is located.

4.3. The Universal Mind is the Source of Energy

All this together proves that motion is bom from stillness and that heat is born from cold. Since motion produces
pressure meaning electric potential, it follows that electric potential is born from the zero point of the Universal Mind where electric potential is equal to zero, and it follows that the Universal Mind, which never moves, is the fulcrum from which motion draws its power to move!

4.4. Energy is in the stillness of the Universal Mind

If the power to cause motion is in the balanced state of rest, it necessarily follows that energy is in the stillness of rest, and not in motion, which is the effect of the still cause.

Therefore, it is not true to say that either heat, or cold, or compression, or expansion, or any other expression of
motion is energy. It is right to call any expression of energy as EXENEGY.

Obviously, what we perceive as motion is a change in pressure condition which is expressing energy, whereas energy is the unchangeable cause which never moves.
Pressure condition is released actually, not energy.

Energy is sitting in the neutral state and cannot be released, as erroneously commonly believed, but energy can be
expressed in the form of electric potential, which we call releasing, and that actually means expansion. Energy is the stillness of the eternal still universe at rest and it is changeless. That is what is called the ether!

It is believed that energy is the compressive power of motion to create
dense pressure conditions known as matter (since every piece of matter is a pressure condition), where gases are low
pressure conditions and metals are high pressure conditions.

Actually energy is expressed as a pressure condition and its measure is electric potential. In other words electric
potential is a measure of simulation of energy which is pressure-less, motionless and changeless. It is extremely unfortunate to confuse energy with the compressive power of electricity to create potential for the purpose of simulating energy.

The still centering point (black point) is the source of energy which is expressed in pressure conditions which we measure as electric potential.

4.5. Stillness centers motion

Generally, there is always a point of stillness which centers the birth point of any action which is expansion. Motion
spins around that still point, but there is no motion AT THAT CENTER. We CANNOT either multiply nor divide ZERO – the result is always ZERO!

Anyone who may question this fact may prove it by this simple experiment, and improve it – everything is possible.

The essential conclusion is that there is always a black point – a still point of balance in the center of the spinning light rings. Let me now re-consider the four phenomena which were mentioned above.

4.6. Faster spinning of the light rings in a radial direction

The measured results prove that the light rings are spinning faster and faster in a radial direction, causing an increase of
electric potential in a radial direction, which explains why there is a difference in electrical potential between the cells
interior and their surrounding medium.

4.7. Centeredness of the light rings

When the light rings are spinning around the geometric center of a circle (black point 1 in the center of the black
circle 1 in the middle of Figure 4) the cells are balanced, but when the center of the spinning light rings is shifted out of the geometric center of a circle so that spinning occurs around two centers instead of one center (blue point 2 in the
center of the dashed-dot blue circles 2 in Figure 4, where only four of these dashed-dot circles are shown) it causes
imbalances in the cells structures called “sickle cells”.

Multiple Center Points

Figure 4: Centeredness of wave fields

The spinning of the light rings around that eccentric center is like a fly-wheel with its shaft eccentrically placed. It has not escaped Creator-control, however, for the sun’s gravity still controls it by centering a larger circle, which includes its entire wanderings around two centers instead of one (the red dashed circle in Figure 4). That is why I use to say to remind of this big truth: “All is well in all of Creation!”

What I call the Quality of Wave Fields is the as yet unknown feature in science, namely the centeredness of wave fields.

The quality is positive, which means life supportive, when the spinning of light rings is balanced, or negative, which
means life destructive, if the spinning of light rings is imbalanced.

Not one action of motion of human or Nature – in all the universe can escape from the absolute centering of its
action by the Controller of all actions.

Anything, or any human being who tries to act escaping from it, or use his
“free will power” to do as he chooses, may exercise that privilege, even unto destroying her/his own body by so doing. S/he will not escape, however, from the perpetual control of his universal energy Source. No matter what s/he does, to upset the universal balance, s/he will find that the Creator of Creation always centers her him, and her/his own
unbalanced orbit is still on center with her his unbalance, and is perpetually in a plane at 90 degrees from the shaft
upon which it is circling

4.8. Rings of light are spinning in planes of 90 degrees from a shaft of any extension of motion

There is absolute agreement between measured results and the gas discharge phenomenon (Figure 2).

Measured results confirm what is so clearly shown in Figure 2, namely the
fact that electric current consists of light rings spinning around black points. Gas discharge phenomena confirm clearly that these light rings are spinning in planes that are at 90 degree from the shaft consisting of the centers of all

This fact is in disagreement with generally accepted belief in science for so long that electric current moves along
the conducting wire.

4.9. Electric current confined on the surface

Measured results explain and confirm why electric current is confined on the surface of a conducting wire and why in the center of the wire there is no electrie current. Namely, electric current consists of light rings spinning around black
holes. Obviously electric current cannot run in a straight line – the motion spins around the surface of a wire in light rings which are centered by holes where stillness sits and rules each ring. Motion is in vertical planes to the shaft consisting of all the still centering points of all rings. There must always be a hole in the center of the wire. A current strong enough to fill the whole wire would melt it. A still stronger current would vaporize it into gases.

Let me disclose here one more secret of electric current which Tesla knew – the greatest master of electric current ever – when he invented alternate electric current, AC.

In the middle between the cathode and anode there must be a zero point where compression and expansion meet, exchange their polarities and continue the same game as long as there is a last bit of pressure condition on the electrodes, and the measure of the rate of that interchange is the frequency of

Furthermore, there is NO direct current, DC, since there must be the same polarity exchange, but due to such a long wavelength of the waves we perceive it as DC.

4.10. Science is Spiritual because Spirit is the Creator and Controller

Since the still centering point is the source (fulcrum) of the spinning light rings, we can call that point the Creator or Source (because it is the cause of the spinning light rings).

Let’s call “Creation” that what is being continually created- the cause is eternal and the effect must also be eternal.

Further, since the still centering point is infinite and eternal and since balance cannot be upset it follows that stillness
(balance) is the only existing reality and that it is omnipresent. Since there are no other points except points of stillness (every point is the same point), it follows that those points MUST also be points of OMNIPOTENCE and OMNISCIENCE. This all means that the still centering point
of the measured spinning light rings is a state of Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience – in other words God-Creator!

We can call this still point Spirit. Mind and still Magnetic Light which will be always written with a capital “L”. The
simulation of Light will always be written with small “l”. like by “light rings.


The supposition of science that God could not be “proven toexist” by laboratory methods is not correct! This simple
experiment confirms that God IS provable by laboratory methods!

4.11. “ATON” concept- God in the atom

There Creator of the atom is nowhere to be found in the official scientific Rutherford-Bohr atom model. If it were
true it would mean that the atom has created itself, and since the material universe is made out of atoms, it would mean that the material universe has created itself.

Generally it would mean that matter creates itself Is this possible? In our
everyday lives we are witnessing that every piece of matter must have a creator. Who has ever seen a table that has created itself?!

The big error in science is not recognizing and not accepting the Creator of His Creation.

Let me resume again that the still centering black point in the center of the cell, which is the source of energy, is the
Mind point, Since the black hole is found in the center of galaxies, I conclude that nature has only one way of expressiing energy as electric potential which is the same way both for the atomic and for the stellar scale: by the projection of light rings spinning around the centering Mind point.

Having in mind all the above conclusions, I derive the following “ATON” Concept, in honor of its Creator, the God Aton:

A cell consists of light rings spinning around a centering Mind point, which is the source of energy. An atom consists of light rings spinning around a centering
Mind point, which is the source of energy.

A particle consists of light rings spinning around a centering Mind point, which is the source of energy.

In essence this concept can be called “God in the atom”.

Actually it is about God in everything.

4.12. Cold generates heat

Since the source of spinning light rings is cold and since the spinning light rings are in motion (which is a heat condition)
and having in mind the fact that every point of the universe at rest is the same still point, we can generally conclude that cold generates heat,

The cycle of creation can be properly described like this:

cold generates,

generation compresses,

compression heats,

heat degenerates,

degeneration expands,


radiation cools,

and this is the true law of thermodynamics.

4.13. More proofs for God by laboratory methods

A group of scientists from the Central Scientific Company of Chicago, has used an instrument called the Cenco-Muller
Field Ion Microscope in order to magnify the tungsten atom 2,700,000 times and make it visible (see Figure 5).

The Figure 5 shows clearly that it is possible to look directly at God in the laboratory. The very center is absolutely black – there are no protons and no neutrons there. I have magnified
the very black center of the picture on left and have shown it on the right as a smaller black square.

It is obvious that there are NO protons and neutrons in the so-called nucleus of the atom, and there are NO phantom “negative charged” particles called electrons. And there are no phantom nuclear forces coming out form the nucleus.

Those forces and power are Spirit’s power sitting in the center of every atom and extending power in Consciousness for creative expression.

Tungsten 2,700,000 Magnification

Figure 5: Photomicrograph of pure tungsten crystal magnified 2.700.000 times.

On the small picture right in the very
center of the big picture magnified- there are NO protons and neutrons to see and count!

The French physicist Alain Aspect and his research team discovered in 1982 that subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them [16]. It is one more proof of God in the laboratory, since every Mind point is the same point, which God IS.

5. Conclusions

The living cell and the charged condition of the living body have been emulated in the simple experiment (described in
details above) and from the measurements of the electric potential the following main conclusions are drawn:

1) There is a point of stillness in the center of every cell, atom and particle where the electric potential is equal to
zero and which is the zero point of the Universal Mind or the black hole with centering zero Mind point in its
center. Motion spins around that still point, but there is no motion AT THAT CENTER.

2) There is an effect of electric current consisting of spinning light rings extending from the still center to convey its power to the other outside conductive matter of the cell.

3) Motion is born from stillness and centered by stillness.

4) Heat is born from cold.

5) The cell, atom and particle each consists of light rings spinning around the centering Mind point.

6) The still, centering Mind point is the source of energy.

7) Energy is stillness of the eternal still universe at rest and it is changeless. Energy cannot be either moved nor released. Energy can be expressed in electric potential (defined as a measure of imbalance of a pressure condition) and once started that expression will never stop – it will be permanently changing and repeating.

8) Science is spiritual since Spirit (God, Creator, Mind) is centering every piece of matter.

[1] COSTER HG L, The Physics of Cell Membranes, Journal of Biological Physics29: 363 (2003)
[2] Pauling L, Itano HA, Singer SJ, Wells IC., Sickle cell anemia, a molecular disease. Science 110: 543 (1949)
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aton mental universe aton mental universe aton mental universe  aton mental universeaton mental universeaton mental universeaton mental universe

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