Seeing Beyond Forms: Cultivating Spiritual Maturity with Pouria Montazeri

True humility, an integral part of all authentic spiritual paths, is the awareness of the finite in the presence of the infinite. By putting teachings into practice, we cultivate an insight that enables us to see beyond forms. The eye of the heart sees things as they truly are. As we go further along the path, we find that ultimately the Doer is none other than the One Divine Source. We learn about true surrender and alignment and find our deepest calling – the most important thing in this life.

Pouria Montazeri grew up with Rumi’s poetry and teachings and is fluent in Persian. He draws from his 28 years of experience with Sufism, Advaita Vedanta, and other mystical and contemplative practices as well as his experiences as a teacher, spiritual director/coach, speaker, poet, mindfulness instructor, sangha guide, mentor, and filmmaker to support himself and others to live more creative, peaceful, and meaningful lives. He wrote, directed, and filmed Shams & Rumi: The Fragrance of Axis Mundi, which won many international film awards. For more, visit

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