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Foundation for
"The New Temple Science"

Core principles of “Ancient Temple Science” and the foundations for “The New Temple Science” began to be  re-discovered in the late 20th Century by Egyptian architect and scientist, Dr. Ibrahim Karim. 

We say that Dr. Ibrahim Karim (and several others) have begun to “re-discover” the Principles of Ancient Temple Science because The Ancients kept Temple Science completely secret, never sharing it’s wisdom, techniques & methods with “the masses.” When the Ancients disappeared, they took their most important secrets with them.

Ibrahim Karim - BioGeometry Discoverer
Dr. Ibrahim Karim - Ancient Temple Science Re-Discoverer

Certain still secretive groups (like the Masons) and most traditional religions continue to maintain parts of the “Core Teachings” of The Ancient Temple Science… However, for the most part, today’s members of these secret and religious groups have zero comprehension of the Deeper Truths being taught within their own Traditions.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The Ancients utilized “Temple Science” extensively all over The Earth… and Temple science is not exclusive to any particular Ancient Tradition. Ancients around the World utilized advanced forms of knowledge, engineering & technology we have little understanding of today. Much of this advanced “lost wisdom” is considered to be “Ancient Temple Science”.

The Ancients utilized Temple Science while formulating their:

  • Sacred Site & Temple Design
  • Practice & Organization of Ritual
  • Laws of Appropriate Behavior (such as diet restrictions, sanctioned methods for prayer and meditation, etc.)
Temple Science was usually the foundation upon which Ancient Civilizations were built… dictating all aspects of human behavior within individual cultures.

The Ancients took their version of “Temple Science” deadly seriously… and we should too.

Indispensable Tool Needed to Perform "Temple Science"

Dr. Ibrahim Karim began to re-discover many important core principles and methods of the “Ancient Temple Science” when he synchronistically became involved researching and experimenting with the previous work of a group of scientists working within Europe and the Middle-East during the Early to Mid 20th Century. This group thoroughly developed a science they called “Physical Radiesthesia.”

The most important discovery (re-discovery!) of the original Physical Radiesthesists was:

All entities emanate “subtle-energy radiations” that can be measured, categorized, cataloged, and most importantly USED SCIENTIFICALLY for engineering and predictive purposes.

Physical Radiesthesia Pendulums

The Physical Radiesthesists needed to develop very specifically shaped pendulums to detect the “subtle-energy / higher-dimensional forces” they were studying… 

They may or may not have realized that they had re-discovered one of central tools the Ancients used to do the same thing they were doing: specifically engineered pendulums used for energy detection.

Dr. Ibrahim Karim with BioGeometry Shape
Dr. Ibrahim Karim with a BioGeometry Shape.

In subsequent years, Dr. Karim extended the initial research of the original “Physical Radiesthesists”… expanding the research into areas not considered by the pioneer Physical Radiesthesists…

Coming from a background of personal esoteric study, Dr. Karim eventually realized he was re-discovering elements of the “Ancient Temple Science” through his experiments and breakthroughs. He understood his body of research and newly unlocked breakthroughs related to “subtle-energy engineering” were setting the foundation for a “New Temple Science.” 

Dr. Karim’s theoretical and practical contribution to “The New Temple Science” is named: “BioGeometry.”

What is "Physical Radiesthesia"?

The science of “Physical Radiesthesia” studies “subtle energy radiations” of any-and-all physical phenomena.

The Physical Radiesthesists of the 20th Century discovered they could detect and measure “subtle energy emanations” using highly specialized pendulums they designed and refined over time.

Physical Radiesthesia - Science of Measuring Subtle Energy
Physical Radiesthesia - Science of Measuring Subtle Energy

Physical Radiesthesia differs fundamentally from it’s parallel cousin “Mental Radiesthesia.”

Physical vs. Mental Radiesthesia -
"Have You Ever Used a Pendulum LIKE THIS?"

Both Physical and Mental Radiesthesia utilize pendulums as data-collection devices.

“Mental Radiesthesia” utilizes pendulums to communicate with the Sub-Conscious or perhaps the Super-Conscious Mind to receive various forms of guidance and information.

When performing Mental Radiesthesia, the individual researcher is intimately involved with the process – his or her mind is ultimately considered the source of newly uncovered information.

This is often considered problematic and “unscientific” due to the researchers’ direct involvement with the process. 

It is thought that the individual’s unconscious desires & prejudices play a role in biasing the output-data.

Pendulum Use
Using Pendulums to as a Data Collector

Mental Radiesthesia ultimately became much more popular and widely used than Physical Radiesthesia, so when you see most people using pendulums today, they are practicing Mental Radiesthesia.

“Physical Radiesthesia” takes a much different approach …

Physical Radiesthesia’s aim is to directly measure subtle energy radiations and place them into understandable and objective categories – this approach and method is meant to provide data that is completely usable within scientific research and even engineering. 

Unlike it’s “mental” cousin, Physical Radiesthesia makes every attempt to “remove subjectivity” from the process of collecting data – the researcher is meant to passively measure the existing subtle energy (eg. higher-dimensional influences) without tapping into their own mind in any way.

Physical Radiestesia "Universal Pendulum Diagram
The fundamental tool necessary for the study of Physical Radiesthesia is the "Universal Pendulum."
~beneficial subtle-energy detection pendulum
... physical radiesthesia at work...

The ultimate outcome of the 20th Century’s Physical Radiesthesists’ work is the deeply detailed catalog of observations they generated and the theoretical conclusion they formulated from collected data: The Physical Radiesthesists discovered that certain subtle energy / higher-dimensional emanations are measurably linked to particular: Shapes, Colors & Numbers.  

Utilizing intelligently designed combinations of SHAPE, COLOR & NUMBER, the Physical Radiesthesists were able to engineer specific effects within the Physical World – effects such as preserving perishable food for longer than normal, or inversely causing something to dehydrate very quickly… 

Leon de Chaumery
... Leon de Chaumery...

The early Physical Radiesthesist, Leon de Chaumery, is even thought to have been killed due to experimentation with subtle energies he was generating that he did not fully understand. 

He was essentially “dehydrated alive” because a powerful “battery” of specific shapes he built caused him to dehydrate extremely quickly, causing his untimely death.

These powerful physical effects are generated simply utilizing specially engineered shapes, colors & numbers – zero “conventionally understood” science or technology is implemented.

The pioneer Physical Radiesthesists had effectively begun to re-discover the “Hyper-Dimensional Design Language of Engineering & Technology Development” The Ancients utilized to function their time’s “Temple Science.”

Universal Pendulum used for Physical Radiesthesia
Universal pendulum. Result of radiesthetic research by A. de Belizal, L. Chaurnery and P.A. Morel.

"Applied Sacred Geometry": REAL Measurable Physical World Effects Produced Via
Harmonic Resonate Linkage
with Higher-Dimensional Subtle Energy

"how about some proof..."

Here is a list of a few of the 100% scientifically documented effects (some in peer reviewed journals) the researcher Dr. Ibrahim Karim and his students have produced using only Shape, Color &/or Number engineered in very specific ways:

  • Reduction & elimination of EMF pollution toxicity reactions within the inhabitants of the village of Hemberg, Switzerland, utilizing specifically engineered shape technology. Hemberg Reference
  • Reduction & elimination of Hepatitis C symptoms exceeding that of ALL STANDARD METHODS available at time of study, utilizing only Dr. Karim’s “BioSignature Medallions”. Hepatitis C Study Reference
  • Increase in general health and weight of chickens – including ability to eliminate use of ALL antibiotics, vaccinations, tranquilizers, and hormones – using only specific color placements in the chickens’ habitat. Chicken Study Reference
  • Elimination of cattle hoof disease within 1 month of receiving BioGeometry Energy Balancing treatment of the cattle’s habitat. When the Energy Balancing solution was removed, the hoof disease returned. Hoof Disease Reference
  • Increased immune response of apples receiving Energy Balancing treatment – apples resisted parasite pests using their own immune system vs. chemical treatment. Resulted in lower cost of production for farmers. Apple Production Reference
  •  My favorite: Sweet potatoes grown in SALT WATER grew larger and healthier than both salt water treated control samples & fresh water treated control samples! Sweet Potato Reference
  • Renowned water crystal researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto studied water crystals formed after BioGeometry treatment and found BioGeometry treated water to produce beautifully geometric crystals on par with other high-quality water crystals Dr. Emoto previously produced in his lab. Dr. Emoto Reference
Many additional studies have been preformed validating the fact that “Applied Sacred Geometry” as carried out by Dr. Karim and his students utilizing “BioGeometry” methods truly work – utilizing only specific combinations of: Shape, Color & Number.
BioGeometry Treated Apples vs. Untreated
BioGeometry Sweet Potato Study
BioGeometry Sweet Potato Study - BG3 = BioGeometry Treatment
Dr. Emoto BioGeometry Water Crystal Study
Dr. Masaru Emoto's BioGeometry Water Crystalization Study
BioGeometrically Designed Center for Special Needs & Community Integration
BioGeometrically Designed "Center for Special Needs & Community Integration"
Some additional research that has been publicly disclosed includes:

Private research studying BioGeometry is also ongoing behind-the-scenes Worldwide…

The New Physics of "Quality"
The Traditional Physics of "Quantity"

The re-discovery of many of the significant methods and principles of “Ancient Temple Science” has led Dr. Karim to coin what he calls “The Physics of Quality.”

“The Physics of Quality” stands in distinction from Conventional Science’s “Physics of Quantity.” Both forms of Physics aim to measure and predict phenomena – but with different measuring tools, methods, and technological development potentials.

The conventional “Physics of Quantity” measures numbersQUANTITY. Numbers of molecules & atoms – Numbers related to force – Statistical numbers… Basic “numerical data” is the substance of Conventional Physics.

“The Physics of Quality” measures effects of phenomenaQUALITY. The color “green” generates a predictable and measurable effect – The sound of the tone “Fa” manifests a certain quality that is predictable and measurable – AND – the color GREEN and the tone FA happen to be harmonically related to one another, each producing a similar “qualitative effect.” 

The reason “green” and “fa” are considered to be in “qualitatively harmony” is that they both produce a similar nerve sense reaction in the Human System.

These seemingly entirely dissimilar phenomena – a color and a tone – produce a SIMILAR EFFECT within the Human Mind.

The “OBJECTIVE Scale of Quality”

In Diagram 2 we see a representation of how objective environmental data enters into the Human System and then the Human System puts this data through various levels of filtering. 

The Human System filters incoming data in order to generate Meaning out of it, allowing the Mind to interpret and make use of the incoming data.

The ideally objective tool of Physical Radiesthesia is used within this system to bypass the “emotional & mental” filtering level of sense interpretation  allowing us to gather information about the outside world uncolored by individual bias.

Physics of Quality Diagram 1
Physics of Quality - Diagram 1
Physics of Quality Diagram 2
Physics of Quality - Diagram 2

Energy Balancing:
Beneficial Technology Emerging from Discovery of
"The Physics of Quality"

Principles of “Energy Quality” have been studied and documented by the original Physical Radiesthesists, up through Dr. Karim’s  BioGeometry research, and the work of MANY OTHERS including but not nearly limited to Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, even Nikola Tesla.

Dr. Karim and a few other modern researchers have discovered ways to “transmute” certain “detrimental energy qualities” into energy qualities that are either considered “neutral” or even “beneficial” to living organisms.

A few things we deal with everyday that have documented “detrimental energy qualities” are:

  • Unbalanced EMF Radiation from cell phones and household appliances, cars, smart devices, etc… really anything the produces unremediated EMF emissions
  • Synthetic artificial sweetners such as Aspartame and Saccharin
  • Unbalanced toxic Earth-Energy Radiations
  • Synthetic pesticides
  • Many more…
“Detrimental Energy Qualities” are defined as energy emissions that are documented to produce disharmonious energy patterns ultimately causing Physical, Emotional, and even Spiritual disease over time.

The wonderful thing is that most detrimental energies can either be fully neutralized or even switched to being beneficial when properly “Energy Balanced.”

BioGeometry Energy Balancing for the Backyard

Various Energy Balancing Devices

BioGeometry Energy Balancing "Cube"

You Can Learn the Design Language of
"The New Temple Science"
Generate "Higher-Dimensional Harmonic Resonance" for
Effective Energy Balancing In Your Environment

BioGeometry Class

Instructors Worldwide are Teaching this

“Science of Tomorrow & Yesterday”

BioGeometry classes are divided into “Foundation” & “Advanced” Training Programs.

In “Foundation Training” You Will Learn:

  • How to Apply “Nature’s Own Design Language” of Shape, Number, Angle, Movement, Sound, and Color for all types of Practical Applications.
  • The Energy Science behind the Ancient Egyptian Temple Science and other great traditions.
  • BioGeometry tools and techniques for accurately measuring invisible energy qualities from any person, place, or thing.
  • Powerful Methods to Energy Balance Living Beings, Homes, Offices, and Locations (these methods are quite different from, yet are also compatible with, those taught in other systems such as Chinese Feng Shui and India Vastu Vidya).
  • How to Balance the Energy Quality of Existing Homes and Offices through Shape Modifications.
  • How to Create Beneficial Energy Fields through interconnecting and combining Specific Shapes.
  • How to use hundreds of different BioSignatures™, proprietary natural energy patterns discovered by Dr. Ibrahim Karim in over thirty years of intensive research.
  • How to Test any Person for Energy Imbalances (at any level of physical or subtle body structure).
  • The Hidden Energy Applications of the “Golden Proportion.”
  • How to use BioSignatures™ to balance the Human Energy Field at multiple levels.
  • How to Create “Geometrical Energy Emitters” using Simple Shapes.
  • Keys to the designs of the “Sacred Builder’s Guilds” who built the great monuments of the world.
  • How to Create Beneficial Energies from Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, or Graphic Design.
  • How to Test any Substance for its Strengthening or Weakening Effects on any Person’s Energetic Field.
  • BioGeometry methods for transmuting Subtle Energies from one Quality to Another.
  • How to Apply the Energy Quality which Balances and Centers all Living Beings and Natural Systems.
  • How to Create Beneficial Energies through precise Color and Object Placement (a completely different method than is found in any other system).
  • Breakthrough Techniques for Balancing the Energy Qualities of Electro-Magnetic Fields & Geopathic (Harmful Earth Energy) Areas, assisting with Electro-Stress and Environmental Sensitivity issues.
  • How to use Number Sequences to Create Powerful Beneficial Energy Qualities.
BioGeometry Foundation Training Class
BioGeometry Pendulums
BioGeometry "L"
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