the Black Sun & the Emerald Dream ~ Devin Elon Madgy

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Deep in Earth’s Heart lie the Halls of Amenti, far ‘neath the islands of sunken Atlantis, Halls of the Dead and halls of the living, bathed in the fire of the infinite ALL.

Deep in the Halls of Life grew a flower, flaming, expanding, driving backward the night.

Placed in the center, a ray of great potence, Life giving, Light giving, filling with power all who came near it…

There time after time placed they their first created bodies so that they might by filled with the Spirit of Life.

There in the circle from aeon to aeon, sit the Great Masters, living a life not known among men. There in Halls of life they lie sleeping; free flows their Soul through the bodies of men.

Time after time, while their bodies lie sleeping, incarnate they in the bodies of men. Teaching and guiding onward and upward, out of the darkness into the light.

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  1. I see the same thing. Am not crazy, or the only one who can see this happening right now!!!

  2. I don't trust you. You push Sabbatean ideals and that bothers me. Plus, I'm trying not to judge you for being a flat earther. However, my biggest problem is your denial of the truth of the truth and that is that the truth doesn't need anyone to believe it's the truth to be the truth. You seem to push a collectivism I abhor and a deial of the only thing that makes this entire existence possible. Duality.
    It's the only way we can experince this 4th dimension and yes, it's 4. Height by width by depth by time.
    All of which is only possible when duality puts 1 against 2. The Singulatiry is what we're escaping and this is how we do it.
    Quit trying to assimilate people into the Borg, you creepy puppet.

    1. @Gary Lite
      I'm sorry, I thought you put this video on Youtube because it was for everybody. My mistake. If you wanted an echo chamber, you should have stated that from the get go or turned off comments. Besides that, the fact that you just shrugged me off instead of trying to understand or address any of my concerns tells me a lot about you, your message and your New Age cult.
      Thank you for showing me your truth. It wasn't pleasant, but at least it was the truth.

    2. @Mile Curcic
      Thank you for being just as dismissive as Gary was. Neither of you had any response to anything I said, which actually says a lot.
      Don't drink the koolaid…..

    3. @Gary Lite
      Nevermind, you were looking for an echo chamber of noncritical thinkers. Tell Charles Manson I said hi…..

    4. @Mile Curcic
      So, if you have a spine behind that yellow belly, answer me one question. Why are all ofyou afraid of defending your convictions and why is "Gary"s last name a corruprion of the real word "Light"?
      If he's such a steadfast follower overfliwing with faith, why did he change the spelling? Is his name just as much a corruption of the Light as he is? I have seen enough New Age mularkey and empty dogma parading as spiritual enlightenment shrivel under good questions to know a cult when I hear one. Hopefully you will too, if you're not a fraud like "Gary" seems to be.
      Good luck and remember what I said about the koolaid.

    5. Me And You only wish all the best for you dear brother ❤️🌈💚 there’s no need “defend” or argue anything especially the truth, except in dualistic construct and approach to things and life. And you can have your understanding and opinions and we can have ours. You’re doing great and on right path, keep seeking and ye shall find. Much love and peace to you

  3. Our physical bodies within this physical plane are but cloths. We wear many sets on our quest to learn, grow, develop. How we as children are seen by father will determine what cloths we wear after ALL is gone in the lower two heavens. Remember to wash the inside of your cup. Thank you Gary for your teachings.

  4. Whoa. WTF yes! Fing no sh*t! This mfer is the sh*t really, fk! No bs no fing sh*t! This mfer knows his fing sh*t!!!

  5. This guy has No clue what he is talking about. He sound like a religion. Everything is right around the corner and help is on the way?
    “My intuition says…” crazy people have intuition as well!
    Uses a bunch of words that sound relevant. Quantum, enlightenment, intuition… typical bs
    Now is the time you make the changes, not wait for some magical source to do it in the future.
    Anyone that says they know what really is going on in this thing we call life is 100% a liar or bat shit crazy.

  6. You're kind of sounded like the Illuminati with their theories as of high and So Below. That's the cult teachings of the Illuminati and the dark spirit as in the devil and his demons so it sounds like your kind of pushing that theory on to this video for us to believe in so therefore I will stop and unsubscribe

  7. Is there still a trip planned, to the edge or center?Been out of the loop,your channel has grown,cool and groovy.

  8. Yes all we have to do is get through this life..This Matrix Demiurge of Soulless beings and events, which we created, since the subconscious is connected like an umbilical cord to The Creator Maker, we aren't surprised by much, because we have all the ANSWERS within…When we let go, and let life, we see that our higher self or GOD BEYOND had our back around every single corner…We didn't need faith or hope; certainly, we just get through this life, with NO OBLIGATIONS OR REQUIREMENTS…We need to not fix our mind on fear or the bad in the matrix, all things IN ALL OF NATURE is JUST OR FAIR, believe it or not, there is NO DUALITY, we believe there is and we create the DEMONS OR SATAN ETC, We can also intend to bring forth heaven, bliss, joy and serenity on earth…Heart is where the HOME IS. This is just a dumping ground for all our emotions, anger, hate, fear, guilt, shame, regret, and experiences that we must go through to refine ourselves into GOLD GODHOOD…When we return to where we were made, the Zero Point if you will, the afterlife, it is beautiful…In the FLIP SIDE That is. #BlackSunBABY if you have the chance to hear my experience of the afterlife and how I was sucked into this black hole and saw the next other flip side here

    Full on mount meru found the cradle of life
    You must watch this. This proves everything I have been saying true truth. You will know this one day. If you don’t feel it already.
    Lost Civilizations Beyond the Ends of the Earth – ROBERT SEPEHR

    The OLDEST MAP in history and detailed version of MOUNT MERU, VERY RARE HERE:

    OLD ENERGY IS CLEARING; NEW ENERGY IS ENTERING. GREAT THINGS ARE COMING. The #GreatRESET. BY CHANCE Serendipity. #Epicesy are the Ancient Knowledge, and the #GodNUMBERS are NEVER WRONG 3,6,9.
    1-9 we are all #BlackSunBABY whether Aware of it or NOT.

    You are #BlackSunBaby. I went to afterlife and I was standing on a spinning graceful red cube for completion since it was red and then cube that was spinning is technically a octagon. The afterlife is so amazing and we are all going through, life in the flip side. No requirements or obligations. I can tell you more of my experience. As this happened just last night. Incredible experience. We don't actually ever die. There is no duality or good and evil either. I love it when you dont have any belief system, dogma and bias and then you can experience, allow, feel and know the absolute true truth with no man made manipulations. I dont get any of my experiences from words, titles, labels or CULTure.
    It's all from the heart where the home is
    I see how they can take these things and put characters and ideas or stories behind it but a spiritual experience is an independent one. All of life and universe and be quantized into numbers 1-9 and that's it. Because we have an intelligent creator and it is us. All this is being manifest from our KINGDOME of heaven or brain.

    We are waiting to be awakened. I felt so whole happy and complete when I let go of that cursed fear and idea of demons, Angel's and god, it's like letting go of satan claus etc. You can finally evolve and grow up when you let it go.

    Let god, which is you. Yourself.
    There is no demons or satan in my reality. So, it disappeared I no longer experience bad luck or curses hexes or plagues in my existence because I live in and thrive in devine love, positive thoughts and selflessness, down to even thoughtlessness. This is because man has made language, to confuse distract and mislead. Of course we are the ones who believe in it and therefore are the ones who create it. So no one to blame but our own self. ..I know this and no one can tell me otherwise. ..

    I am at completion. I won't have problems or issues along the way, because they aren't allowed by me and therefore I dont create them.

    I love the true truth reality. Nothing more serene, complete, peaceful and delightfully a joy than this.

    I know most will take a life time to finally recover this knowledge which grows each day to WISEDOME.

    I love you and peace be still with you my friend

    Have a great day.

     The Mystery of Adam and Eve – ROBERT SEPEHR



    Short break down of the Bible story in short here

    WANT TO KNOW JUST HOW WEALTHY YOU REALLY? Then watch the full documentary here

    Thought this related to some of you. This is why I ground barefoot every day upon waking and gaZe to the healer above. The sun is my entertainment. It downloads so much more devine spiritual info than any of these distractions. Sorry for that vulgure one.
    We aren't even designed to clean a house. We are meant to go back to Eden and return to our first love of the story and that would be lilith. Or the #BlackSun mother earth gaia.

    Original infinite source content importance here


    Latest Crucial importan

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    I #THEKAZWEH #BlackSunBABY Will be Flying to PURIM AND TEL AVIV ISRAEL SOON To Fulfill My #Epicesy and You will see every single word I have said is The Absolute True Truth. The #BlackSUN #GREATreset is upon us. WILL WATCH Mate:
    Politics just talk but literally don't do anything
    Its what we call Earth's revenge 😣😣 The #blackSUN s Ultimate #GreatRESET is BEFORE US. You Are Welcome, I am #BlackSunBABY. Tried to TEll You.
    Eric Plott

    ATLAS Begins at 7:46 AM. Watch if you wish. #Epicesy are devine Golden Nuggets, you don't need me, we need we. I Love YOU…DUH.

    Now I realize why The Sun is the fire in the middle of father time and mother earth. The sun came in the middle and time is always the end. Which has be associated with Saturn or chronos god of time and then war which is also known as yahweh. But they are both death and creation which is suppose to be #● #BlackSun and we are suppose to go back to lilith sweet adam. Circle the square and stop squaring the circle. This will all make since one day in the flip side.

    Matra sexual orgasm power veil the vril
    Magnetism astrology alchemical powers here


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  10. Commenting on at 141 comments…iv been following for 3 years now
    And highly resonate with him
    He is also a good friend of mine
    Back in November he gave me the go ahead to create a facebook group where followers if his channel can ho to talk
    Please feel free to join all us like minded souls

  11. The Moon: Myth and Image by Jules Cashford

    "The new moon festival of the pygmies in Africa suggests how the Moon governs and relates the different cosmic levels of rain, plants, animal and human fecundity, as well as the souls of the dead. Because the Moon is both the 'mother of living things' and 'the refuge of ghosts', the women smear themselves with white clay and vegetable juice, looking like ghosts in the moonlight."

    He later relates tales of "THE MOON AS THE DEALER OF DEATH". "The Maoris called the Moon the 'man-eater', the source of death. In equatorial Africa some tribes said 'the moon looks down over our country and seeks whom she may devour, and we poor black men are very much afraid of her on that account, and we hide ourselves from her sight on that night (the night of invisibility). In Central Asia the Tartars thought a giant lived in the moon who ate people. The Tupi tribes of Brazil believed that 'all baneful influences , thunder and floods proceed from the Moon. In some shamanic lore, the Moon steals souls, and it is the shaman's task to journey to the Moon and bring them back. A South American Talipang myth tells how the Moon had carried off the soul of a child and hidden it under a pot. The shaman went to the Moon, found the pot, and freed the child's soul." **

    In Polynesian myth the Moon goddess, Hina, is portrayed as relentless in her unconcern for humankind (when she is not helping them to give birth). Maui, the ancient god, implored his mother, Hina, the Moon, to give people the gift of immortality. 'Let humans die and live again, as you, the Moon, die and live again ,' he said. But Hina replied, "'No, let them die and increase the soil and never rise to life again .' Maui kept trying: 'Let death be very short; let the people die and live again, and live forever.' But Hina said, 'Let death be very long, that the people may sigh and sorrow.'

    Tals of the kidnapping Moon in Europe, the offended Moon in Samoa and North-west America, and the hunting Moon in Greece, Rome and the Near East, may be seen as the Moon bringing about death."

    "In another image, the cup of the Moon filled and emptied with Soma, as the immortal liquid rhythmically sipped by the gods; or else, Soma, as the Moon, fills up with the souls of the dead, carrying them onwards to the Sun; as the souls leave the Moon-boat one by one, Soma becomes empty again."

    "The kings of Burundi in Africa derived their ancestry from the Moon deity, believing that the king would return to the Moon when he died… In Sumeria, the Moon god Nanna-Sin decreed the fate of the dead, together with his son, Utu, the Sun god, at the time when, as the Dark Moon, he spent his 'day of rest, sleep, or lying down' in the Nether World."

    Cashford devotes a whole section to "THE MOON AS THE ABODE OF SOULS" and yet another to "THE MOON AS A STAGE IN THE JOURNEY TO THE SUN". "Everyone who dies becomes an 'ancestor' to the living, and in the Kaushitaki Upanishad it is said:

    All who depart from this world (or this body) go to the moon. In the former, (the bright) half, the moon delights in their spirits [prana]; in the other, (the dark) half, the moon sends them on to be born again.

    The idea of the Moon as the abode of souls is found among many people: Bushmen, Polynesians, Hindus, Japanese, Babylonians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Hittites, Anatolians, Manichaeans, Greeks (Orphics, Pythagoreans), Slavs, Gnostics, Romany gypsies, Romans and all over the Roman empire.

    In the Egyptian Book of Respirations, Isis breathes the wish for Osiris 'that his soul may rise to heaven in the disc of the moon. The deceased in Egypt was said to 'become Osiris', and so 'to renew his life like the Moon', as it is written on a ritual papyrus on the embalming of the dead. The Moon was called the 'abode of Osiris'… **

    Pythagoras, according to Plutarch, located the Elysian Fields on the side of the Moon turned perpetually towards Heaven, never visible to the human eyes, and this is where the Caesars and the heroes went after death. Indeed, Pythagoras himself was thought by some to be a spirit descended from the Moon. Epiphnius writes that 'the disc of the Moon is filled with souls', while Roman senators, according to Kastor of Rhodes, would wear shoes dedicated with ivory crescents (lunules), to indicate that they would inhabit the Moon after they died."

    Archaeologists Tony Sprawforth and Aubrey Burl suggested that aligning the stone with the Moon may have been a way to harness its powers of rebirth, as though the remains were were strategically positioned to enable the Moon, at the limit of its trajectory, to sweep up the souls of the dead and take them with it to their final resting place in the Moon.

    This suggestion gains credibility from early practices in other parts of the world. For instance, when the Bushmen saw a hollow Moon which was lying down , they understood it to be carrying the dead away. In 1875, a Bushmen told Dr. Bleek what his parents had told him and what he had observed himself – that when people died the wind blew away their footsteps, their hair became clouds and their gall sat green in the sky:

    … Mother was wont to do thus when the moonlying down came; (when) the moon stood hollow. Mother spoke, she said: 'The moon is carrying people who are dead… it lies hollow, because it is killing itself (by) carrying people who are dead. This is why it lies hollow… for it is a moon of badness… "

    In the Upansihads, the deceased could take one of two paths, in accordance with how they had pased their time on Earth. Both paths led to the Moon and diverged afterwards, one eventually returning to Earth, and the other leading on to the Sun, and then to union with Brahman, after which the long cycle of incarnations would cease.

    in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, the first path, called the 'path of souls' or 'the path of the ancestors', ended at the Moon, and was called the 'road of smoke'. Those who 'conquer the worlds by means of sacrifice, charity and austerity' (but do not yet have knowledge of 'the True'):

    go to smoke, from smoke to night, from night to the decreasing half of the moon to the six months when the sun goes to the south, from the months of the world of the fathers, from the world of the fathers to the moon. Having reached the moon, they become food, and then the devas feed on them there, as sacrificers feed on Soma, as it increases and decreases. But when this (the result of their good works on earth) ceases, they return again to that ether, from ether to the air, from the air to rain, from rain to the earth. And when they have reached the earth, they become food, they are offered again in the altar-fire, which is man, and thence are born in the fire of woman. Thus they rise up towards the worlds, and go the same round as before.

    In the Khandogya Upanishad, being 'eaten' by the Devas is explained as being loved by them. The second path, the 'path of the gods', led first to the Moon and then to the Sun, and was called the 'road of flame'. Those who have knowledge and practise it:

    go to light, from light to day, from day to the increasing half [of the Moon], from the increasing of the six months when the sun goes to the north, from those six months to the world of the Devas, from the world of the Devas to the Sun, from the sun to the place of lightning. When they have thus reached the place of lightning a spirit comes near them, and leads them to the worlds of the Brahman. in those worlds of Brahman they dwell exalted for ages. There is no returning for them.

    Moon and Sun are here conceived as boats carrying souls, moving through the blue-back waters of Heaven. When the Moon waxed it was full of souls, bringing them to the 'aeons of light'. which placed them in the 'pillar of glory', their final place of rest. Then the Moon returned to the west for another boatful of souls, now much smaller than before. This lovely image of the Waxing and Waning Moon, swelling up with its load of souls and shrinking when it has delivered them to the Sun, is also found in China. Among the Gnostics, too, the Moon was conceived as a celestial ship bearing the souls of the departed. The Manichaeans, living in the kingdom of the sassanians in the third century AD, adapted the old Indo-Iranian beliefs about the Moon into their own system. Mani said that the Moon, the 'vessel of light' which wanders through the sky, fills up with souls that it transports each month to the greater ship of the Sun.


    The idea of the Moon as a door, gate or mirror, opening onto 'the next' or a further world, is widespread, and then the Moon becomes a dividing line between the temporal world of becoming and the eternal world of being, serving as a place of transition between the two. The passage from the Kaushitaki Upanishad quoted above continues:

    Verily, the moon is the door of the Svarga world (the heavenly world). Now if a man objects to the moon (if one is mot satisfied with life there) the moon sets him free. But if a man does not object, then the moon sends him down as rain upon the earth.

    The Roman Lydus describes Praetextus, the hierophant as saying that Janus 'sends the diviner souls to the lunar throng', Janus or Ianus, the God with two faces, was the guardian of the door, who gave his name to January, the month that faces both ways. His name comes from ianua, a door or entrance gate that has two sides, and is also the masculine form of the Roman moon goddess, Diana, she who was the gateway to life and death. Some Buddhist temples, as some English gardens, have 'Moon doors' or 'Moon gates' as thresholds of initiation from one reality to another…. This places the Moon as as a meditor between Earth and Sun, not just receiving but regenerating the souls of the dead so that they can continue their journey to the Sun. Plutarch, in his dialogue, 'Concerning the face Which Appears in the Orb of the Moon', concludes with a story after the model in the Timaeus, by a stranger from a place no one knows. This stranger gave the tale to Sulla, the last of the speakers,who passes on the idea that the Moon should be especially honored because it is the home of the souls of the just, who go there to be purified before going to the Sun. The Moon is also the home of souls that have not yet been born.

    Those who know the Supreme Brahman attain that Supreme by passing away from the world during the influence of the fiery god, in the light, at an auspicious moment of the day, during the fortnight of the waxing moon, or during the six months when the sun travels in the north.

    When fire, light, day and the fortnight of the moon are mentioned, it is to be understood that over all of them there are various presiding deities who make arrangements for the passage of the soul. At the time of death, the mind carries one on the path to a new life. If one leaves the body at the time designated above, either accidentally or by arrangement, it is possible for him to attain the impersonal brahmajyoti. Mystics who are advanced in yoga practice can arrange the time and place to leave the body. Others have no control—if by accident they leave at an auspicious moment, then they will not return to the cycle of birth and death, but otherwise there is every possibility that they will have to return. However, for the pure devotee in Krishna consciousness, there is no fear of returning, whether he leaves the body at an auspicious or inauspicious moment, by accident or arrangement.

    So as you can see, ancient peoples believed the soul went to the moon and/or sun at death.

    Scientifically speaking, the moon is very suspicious. It is in perfect gravitational lock with the Earth so that its one side always faces us. This was probably the inspiration for the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon. The other most curious aspect of the moon is that it appears in the sky as the exactly the same size as the Sun. This can be seen during a total eclipse where the moon occults the sun. The reason scientists give us for this phenomenon is that the Sun is approximately four hundred times larger than the moon yet is four hundred times further away. Think about that fact for a minute. What are the odds of that? Isn't it more likely that the moon is the same size as the sun which is much closer to the moon than is reported?

    In Egyptian mythology, the sky God was called Nut. That's the world in a nutshell. In fact, the world's most respected scientist, Stephen Hawking has a book named The Universe in a Nutshell where he actually makes the argument that the universe is, indeed, inside a shell. This would explain why space is dark and why everything is dark when the sun is not out or is eclipsed since the enclosure would block out any light. This would also explain terms such as stardom (star dome) and knighthood (night hood). Also the Latin term for Lord or Master is dominus (domin' us) and spawns the words domination and dominant. Given what we know from mythology about the moon god, it seems likely that the creator layed the world and gave rise to the "cosmic egg" which is often depicted as a snake entwined around the world. Using his long beak, he most likely pipped a hole in the egg resulting in what we see as the sun and the moon. The sun is now a hole in the egg and the moon is the half-shell that was pipped from the egg.

  13. Astral Projection and Travel.

    These are some findings of William Bulhman, an expert on out of body experiences and traveling the astral plane:

    "It's important to learn how to consciously move and lock your awareness within any individual energy environment. You unknowingly did this when you entered the first nonphysical reality immediately after your death. When you embraced this construct and accepted it as your own, you became one with it. In doing so, you unconsciously locked your in a structured consensus-thought matrix created by a group of like-minded souls."

    "To become an effective spiritual traveler, it's vital to develop your flexibility of consciousness. You must earn how to shift your state of awareness without becoming attached to the energies that dominate a given realty."

    "This is basic soul travel, lateral motion of consciousness in a structured consensus reality. You can use the energy signature of any familiar location as your target. The key is to completely focus, know and flow. It's essential to lock your awareness into a specific energy environment or your perception will become unstable. This skill is critical when you are attempting multiple reality jumps."

    "Yes, all of these things are your projections. Now can see how easy it is for untrained souls to become completely trapped within their own thought forms. This is a common problem for billions of souls dwelling in the physical and astral projections. Few souls are aware of the creative power of their own thoughts. The self-created manifestations of forms make for convincing illusions in all dimensions; many humans remain imprisoned in this labyrinth of the mind" — William Buhlman


    We seem to live in a world of duality, where reality appears to oscillate between two extremes of polarity: light and dark; night and day; black and white; good and evil; god and the devil; heaven and hell; on and off; dead or alive; action and inaction; hot and cold; male and female; love and hate; true and false; the binary ones and zeroes of the digital computer; finite and infinite; something and nothing. But what about opposites such as something and nothing; wholeness and parts; whole and hole; fullness and emptiness (the so-called void)? Duality is an illusion, the illusion of separation as we will see. And thus there is no true separation between the so called emptiness or Void and Fullness or Completeness. We shouldn't think of the Void as empty any more than we think of the Void as being full. It is a full void or a pregnant void also as we will see when we look at the dozens of near death experiences in the void and also how physicists are currently describing the 99.99% empty space around us in the zero point field. When we see the term 'void' we tend to think of it as emptiness, but this is not the whole story (the "hole" story) so every time you see the word 'void' in this article, remember to think of it as the FULL VOID. There are many names for it such as luminous emptiness, the Illuminating Void and the Infinite Void, but it is non-duality.

    Hindus, Buddhists, and Gnostics have talked about the reincarnation trap and the need for liberation for millennia now so really it is nothing new. It's just that the near death experience and going to the light is relatively recent. There are a lot of people who are aware of the Light trap now. The first step is waking up from this dream state we are in and realizing our true nature and what is going on here, but it is only the first part of the equation. **

    It is extremely important to work on oneself while on this earth plane in order to deprogram from the systems in which we have been indoctrinated. We need to free our minds and spirit from the addictive patterns the culture helps to promote. In order to break free and move on after death we need to no longer be attached to the world and its cares. This may include not only breaking the obvious harmful addictions associated with the ego such as fear, anger, hate, greed, power, lust, envy, materialsim, pride, selfishness, etc. but also maybe even the need to be loved and give love. Acting in kindness toward all humans is encouraged. But is "love" an emotional attachment? I think attachments to loved ones may keep us bound just as much. Attachments to the need to worship or praise a God could fall into this category as well. It's okay to enjoy things in the world in moderation because that maintains a healthy balance and it could be about the journey and not the destination. But remember to be in the world, but not of the world. **

    One needs to have an exit strategy or escape plan in place for when one dies. Or at least have thought about it. I think there are several options available. One could remain in the void or darkness without panicing and realize that it is very peaceful, and hope that one could remain there for eternity and it won;t get boring and you won't eventually run out of energy and need to find energy at some point to sustain yourself (perhaps in a vacuum energy doesn't dissipate and energy cannot be destroyed). One could choose to go to the light and take a chance that the Beings there will not force or convince you to come back whether immediately or eventually. Perhaps they will agree to graduate you or you could negotiate a better place to go to. Another option would be to start out in the void and then set your Intention on manifesting an all positive or mostly positive place of your imagining whether it is one of your own invention or Original "Source", the Pleroma / Eternal Light Realms, The Buddha Planes, or on an ideal such as Truth, Goodness, Pure Light, Love or whatever else resonates within you. One could just set their Intention on moving inward and/or raising in frequency but perhaps true liberation lies beyond waves and frequency altogether? **

    And I think it's important to note that if one doesn't go to the light, one might find oneself in a void or dark place and that one shouldn't be afraid of it and freak out — which could likely result in scary projections and hallucinations, but be prepared that it might happen and realize that it is the true nature of our being. Furthermore, it is important to have thought about what you want to do — whether to stay in that peaceful, formless state forever — or take on a form or project one. And, if so, in what kind of world.

    All there is in the world is just forms of pure awareness/beingness, and it's important to understand and experience this awareness here on Earth while we are alive in order not to fall into illusions of separate self and have false beliefs in the separate reality of the forms. **

    Many near death experiencers do find themselves imnediately in complete darkness or a void like place. One thing I have noticed about the void experiences is that the quality of the experience depends on the state of the individual having it. Most find the void to be very peaceful and pleasant. I estimate that between 2/3 and 3/4 of the void experiences seemed to be pleasant and peaceful. The void is neutrality and is a choice, including the choice of staying in this state or perhaps immediately manifesting any experience one would like.

    Some are not prepared to be in such an empty place by themself alone with their consciousness. So some react in fear and manifest an unpleasant experience. So they start in the Void and then, not recognizing the Clear Light of awareness and the illusion of their self, interpret the void as darkness and loneliness. Then the fear and desperation start and evocates their fears. The fears start manifesting into hellish environment. So it is critically important not to panic if one finds oneself in darkness or a void. This is your true nature.

    If you don't recognize the fundamental nature of your awareness or being, you will be always looking for some experiences and places, for the "truth", "God", love, rapture, Samadhi, you name it. But those are all forms, they always change, come and go, they are not permanent, they are just what happens in the dream that appears in Awareness.

    1. PART 2

      I think it's important to stay in the Void, recollect all our knowledge and experiences, past lives if possible, and make a conscious choice on what we want to do next – whether to stay there for as long as we wish or to move to and join some other higher realms (pure lands, Pleroma) by intention and raising our vibration, or perhaps simply manifest a "world" and place to live for ourselves and stay there. I think there is always a choice to stay there in pure Void for good – and that would exactly be Buddha's nibbana or Samadhi (abiding in nothing else than pure formless Awareness). **

      You can choose to remain in this peaceful state forever, if you like. There is a state of pure formless awareness-beingness with no mental activity. As Buddha explained, there are various states of consciousness on the way of ascending, as he experienced them himself, and the intermediate ones are very joyful and blissful, but then the emotion of joy fades away and what is left is just simple peaceful motionless awareness. In Advaita (Ramana Maharshi or Avadhuta Gita) they also describe Samadhi as a state of emotionless and thoughtless peace of abiding in pure awareness.

      In the Mahayana Buddhist view of Nirvana one has an active life in a pure and peaceful state of awakening/enlightment. Mahayanists believe that once you reach spiritual maturity, get to that enlightened state and incarnate in those pure lands of Buddhas, you can stay there forever and never again incarnate in lower worlds.

      There are different options and one can do it either way: you can stop any awareness and mental activity at all, including "awareness of awareness" (total cessation of consciousness), stay in pure awareness with no forms or other mental activity, or, while staying in the "awareness of awareness", allow for certain but only pure mental activity.

      I think after death I would not be interested in merging with any Gods in love or staying in the Samadhi state of formless awareness of awareness. I would rather try to find a free community of pure souls that do creative activities like music, mathematics or maybe others. No sensational pleasures or emotions. Everything is good in balance and moderation. I'm more attracted to the beauty of pure forms like music or mathematical ideas. And there is never any danger in them. I'm sure such communities must exist somewhere in the realms of pure lands.

      I think in this huge conscious reality there is no such thing as a single "True" path, but there is a big variety of different choices and paths. Some of them, going downwards, lead to suffering and miserable life, others lead to peaceful existence with pure creative activities, others lead to various states of consciousness like union in pure love or staying in pure awareness, others lead to various formless meditation states (Arupadhatu worlds), and there is also a choice of nibbana – cessation of any states of consciousness at all.

      My worry is that even eternal nibbana may not work — after spending googles of eons in the formless state all memories and knowledge will be gone, and, caused by some quantum fluctuation, we may wake up as a fresh-new-born soul with no prior knowledge and memories and start this journey of "wanting to know ourselves" again. I think the safer way is "controlled" nibbana where we stay in nibbana for a while but once in a while wake up, refresh our memories and knowledge, do some neutral mental exercises without developing any desires or addictions (music, math etc) to keep the consciousness in a good shape, and then go back into nibbana. I would definitely be cautious not to be reborn in any worlds or join any communities.

      I'm always cautious to join any community. I've been with so many on Earth, including religious, professional etc and there are always some hidden agendas and hierarchies. There might be non-hierarchical communities in Rupaloka spheres with honest and mature souls, no agendas or hierarchies, but we should be very careful. The first thing is always to check when we communicate with any souls or communities here or there is whether they are enlightened or not. Never join any community of unenlightened souls. They are inevitably corrupted in one way or another.

      It's safer to stay alone. It may be fine to temporarily visit them to get any further knowledge as long as there is always an exit.

      In Tibetian Buddhism there is a belief that the liberated souls abide in the Dharmadhatu (liberated enlightened state of Awareness, not a manifested world) but can "project" themselves into any worlds and appear in those worlds as bodies without actually incarnating in order to help the souls there to get enlightened. When they project in material bodies they are called "Tulku". This is, as they believe, how Boddhisattvas do their helping jobs – they do not actually incarnate. I think it might be possible but we need to develop the psychic skills for that. This is the safe way – even if our projection gets in any unsafe places or traps we will never be entrapped there.

      I think we may have a choice – be in a thoughtless blissful state or be in a positive enlightened disembodied non-polar-drama state and we can go back and forth whenever we want. I don't think you can run out of math ever even after eternity because math is also infinite. Music is infinite too. And there is always a lot of challenges in them.

      The key thing is to get rid of this addiction to thrilling dramas and sensual desires that keep us attached to this quasi-material world. Addictions are healed by replacement – find non-addictive healthy activities that you enjoy more than addictions. So basically we need to find activities or states of consciousness that do not require the body and that satisfy us more than those thrills and sensual pleasures of the embodied life. Whether it's a practice of thoughtless meditation or any non-material creative activities – doesn't matter, whatever works for us. You don't need hands and paper to do math up there and you don't need musical instruments to create and enjoy music up there (Beethoven composed music even when he was deaf). And I'm sure there are plenty of other creative possibilities up there that we don't even know about. **

      I think what happens in the disembodied state is that the desires, passions, addictions, worldviews, values stay inside us. We carry them over. If we do not develop any positive conscious states while we are here in this body that do not require the body and that can keep us satisfied, then we will be drawn back to the material world by our same sensual passions and addictions so we must break free of these attachments and addictions while on Earth. **

      No one knows for certain what happens after death. It is up to each and every individual to make their own conclusions based on their own intuition and what resonates as truth within the core of their being. i think we all have to find the answers from within and not seek an external authority to tell us what is so. So I strongly encourage everyone to go within.

      Most importantly, I think it is important to realize that we have the power to create our own reality using our Intention and Will Power. **The material realm is a "collective manifestation of a group of Light Beings" – the astral scenes that NDErs are experiencing is either manifestation of the NDErs themselves, or other "Light Beings" who try to make the scene "comfortable" for the NDErs, or both.

      The bottomline is: it is ALL manifestation. And what is manifestation? A fake and fabricated virtual reality. That's what the majority of souls are doing here – being "mystified", or simply deceived or deceiving themselves to make it interesting, and creating so much confusion, ignorance and suffering in that process. I don't buy into that.

    2. PART 3

      There are other, more healthy ways to entertain ourselves. Creating fake mysteries, exploiting and deceiving ourselves or other beings, or, as another extreme, going into a coma/vegetable state of formless nothingless are not the only alternatives. You can entertain yourself without mystification and lies. There is endless potential for creativity: art, music, math. It's also manifestation, but you know it is fake, so what? Music is all fabricated, fake, but it's so much fun to listen and play. Creativity is beautiful, unlimited, positive and with no suffering, no lying, no exploiting of other beings. Healthy, never boring.

      So what do we need to do when we die? Nothing. You don't have to do anything. You don't need to "go" anywhere. You don't need to go "home". You're already home. You don't have to return to "source". You are original source. You don't have to "learn" anything. Or "believe" in anything external. Just know. Just be. Everything — the demiurge, the being of light, the white light, angels, archons, aliens, guides, masters, family, etc. all are external projections. Illusions. Hallucinations. Fabrications of awareness. Do not fear archons. They have no power over you, only the power you willingly choose to give them. Set the power of your unwavering, focused Intention on the reality you Will into existence, but don't ever forget that you are playing a game. That may be the hidden "meaning of life". "The meaning of life" is hidden within itself as an anagram: "the fine game of nil".

      And in my next article, which might be called "Wish"-craft, I may write about exploring the possibility of manifesting an afterlife, only if one chooses not to stay in the so-called void forever, if for some reason one is not satisfied. It's not technically "wishing", but rather "willing". The wish or desire/want (what you perceive to be lacking) becomes "reality" with will power. You aren't lacking anything, but you temporarily fabricate a game of illusion for your own entertainment. I'm not sure I would recommend manifesting anything. If you read the near death experiences I have included in this article, they all seemed perfectly content indefinitely. But if one did choose to manifest an external reality, we can look at what options might be available. There are the Buddhic planes where the "gods" live. But manifesting anything is possible from the pregnant void. It's really up to you and your imagination. Just be careful because if it involves duality, then one would have to choose how big of a seesaw one wants to ride, whether one with minimal swings between the poles or large ones. But the key would be never to forget you are Pure Awareness and never ever forget that you are playing a "fine game of nil".

  15. THE. BLACK. SUN.
    285. 23132. 135.
    (15) (11) (9)
    6. 11. 9.
    > 8 <
    285. 58925. 135.
    (15) (29) (9)
    6. 11. 9.
    > 8 <
    285. 753365. 135.
    (15) (56) (9)
    6. 11. 9.
    > 8 <
    > 888 <
    >> 96 <<
    >>> 6 <<<
    9. [6] 3.
    0. [6] 12.
    3. [6] 9.
    > 4 <
    4 < 8 > 4
    4 > 1 < 4
    1 < 9 > 1
    We are Graduating…we've Reached the Thirteenth ((13) > 4 ) Level of the Pyramid…Evolution of Intelligence…
    Earth….What a Place!
    Good video bro,Thank YOU.
    It's Time.
    Much Love.

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    The truth fears no scrutiny.
    You, however….

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  21. "Aurora" is an ancient Greek name for the 'goddess of the Dawn'. Yes, it may have origins in Ra worship with the Hellenes, Egyptian theology predates Greek society.

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  30. The Bible has shown that this world is a simulation and also the Big Bang, in its own way. The Bible says that the lord spoke material matter into existence. We know now that material = atoms and speech = vibration. Nothing can exist, according to scientists (except light/photons/dark matter) without atoms (thus the invisible world is atom-less). The Bible illustrates through personification the moment atoms manifested into the universe, the vacuum of space, being that the Universe is the container in which ALL things exist, visible and invisible, and was NEVER created being that it is apart of the Body of God and IS God.

    If you can understand that, what you know as reality is “atoms”, and that atoms were created, and there was a point where it didn’t exist, then after contemplation you will conclude that your reality/this world is a MANIFESTATION and ALL manifestations are just SIMULATIONS of that which existed in a remote location (originally in “NO-THINGness”.) I:E: Every manmade invention is a simulation of that which he intellectually conceived in his mind through contemplation. That’s the original birthplace of the idea that we manifest/simulate here

    If everything came from nothing, then all of reality is a simulation. Why?…

  31. I wrote this to a person who didn't believe that our world is an enclosed circular horizontal plane, I also thought it might give you some enlightenment to what our world really is, & how it is run. It is just a theory, but I think it is veryclose to what it is, & how it is controlled.

    If you can make water bend on the surface & not a wave, or ripples, I'm mean something like an entire olympic pool. Shoot a lazer right above the surface of the water, & some how make it have a dome like shape, on the surface. Better yet create a scaled down earth model, with the land masses & the oceans, seas & giant lakes, then spin it, since the earth model would be scaled down, 1000 mph would be way to fast. So lets say it's scaled down from 24,000 miles, to 24 inches, basically scaled down a 1000 to 1, so instead of 1000 mph you can spin it 10 mph. You can even put it in a vacuum, say a plexy glass box & remove all the air & the earth can sit on a rod & e-motor that spins it in the vacuum box. No matter what you do the water will never stick to a sphere, especially if it's spinning. If there is gravity on earth, there should be gravity on your model, but there isn't because gravity does not exist, it actually called density. If gravity could make giant oceans stick to a spinning ball, people would not be able to walk or move, because the gravity force would be to strong. The reason a model earth can not be recreated is because the earth is not a sphere that spins with oceans stuck to it, while supposedly spiraling through space at 66,600 mph.The Jesuits along with the ruling 1%, love the beast & it's human #666. Do you actually think people & cities on the equator like the country of Ecuador are on a vertical wall, & people down under like Australia & New Zealand are upside down. Our world is a fixed horizontal circular plane, with an up turned edge, like a plate you eat off of, that up turned edge is an ice ring, that keeps all the oceans in, although people who won't accept the circular flat earth theory, like to make absurd statements like the oceans will spill over into space or we will fall offthe edge. The creator is a very intelligent being, who knew exactly what he was doing when he created humans, animals plants & the entire world. Also the firmament sits on the edge of that ice ring, & spins, thats why you see the same star trails every night , because they are embedded in the firmament or stuck to the outside of it, where there is also water, just like he said he divided the water from the water. Also water always conforms to whatever it's on or in & it's always level at the surface, that's why they use liquids in levels, with an air bubble in the middle. Water can not make a parabolic curve at the surface, & stay that way, it is impossible. Here is some bonus info for you youngster, the star polaris is a giant electromagnetic magnet embedded dead center in the firmament dome, above us & what the world calls the north pole is actually the center pole, the very center of our horizontal circular earthly plane. At the center pole beneath the earth's surface is another giant electromagnetic magnet, the two electromagnetic magnets create an invisible electromagnetic pole, that starts from the bottom of our earth/terrain & goes up to the very center of the firmament dome. The sun is positive in polarity, & puts out a very bright light with extreme heat. The moon is the exact opposite, it is negative in polarity, it puts out a lesser or dimmer light that produces coldness, yes the moon's light is colder than the darkness that surrounds it. You can measure the temperature of moonlight & place another thermometer under your house during a clear night on the full moon, & the thermometer in the moonlight will register colder. The sun & moon are the ying yang symbol, that rotates in circles above our circular plane that is made up of earth, oceans (saltwater) & lakes/ponds/rivers (freshwater), just like the creator said. The northern lights are electricity/energy coming off the invisible electromagnetic center pole, that is created when the sun & moon revolve around it clockwise from east to west. The electrical energy that is created is what powers the sun & moon, this energy is what also makes them levitate & rotate in circles. Our beautiful world is a giant clock the sun is the tip of the hour hand, except this clock has 24 hours not 12 × 2. The sun & moon is was creates day & night. The moon is our calender, each quarter is a week, & you know when each new month start because the moon stays full the last 3 days & when the moon starts, that is the 1st of every month. The sun & moon also pulsate inward & outwards giving our world different seasons. The sun & moon start on the tropic of cancer moving outward making larger circles & speeding up to get to the equator, then to tropic of capricorn, the largest circle or revolution. From the tropic of cancer to equator to the tropic of capricorn is 6 1/2 real months, that equal 182 days (1 true month equals 4 weeks which is 28 days). Then they begin their journey back inward from the tropic of capricorn to the equator, to the tropic of cancer is another 6 1/2 months. One revolution of the sun is always 24 hours regardless if it's on the tropic of cancer the smallest revolution or the tropic of capricorn the largest revolution . There are 13 full moons in a year. A full moon is exactly 28 days, which represents a month=moon. A full moon has 4 quarters, each quarter represents a week, which is 7-24 hr days. Each full moon last 3 days 72 hrs, but can usually only be seen at night, & at dusk & dawn. The moon becomes full in the last/4th quarter of the moon on the, 5th, 6th & 7th day of the last quarter which is the 26th 27th & 28th day of each month. There are 13 months with 4 weeks/quarters in each month which equal 28 days times 13 is 364 days in a one year cycle. We have been indoctrinated & lied to about everything, we are nothing more than wage slaves, like pins on a chess board for the ruling 1% who run the world. The 1st group of the ruling 1%, was the Roman Kingdom that evolved into todays Catholic Church & religion, & their infiltrators & assassins, aka the Temple Church who where the Knights Templars, & are now todays Jesuits, & Knights of Malta. The second group was the Egyptian Pharaohs, who evolved into todays Freemasons, who are European Royal families, who created an off branch of the Catholic religion calling it the Protestant Reformation, Europe's riyal families make up what is known as the Crown. Then there is the 3rd group, which is calling themselves the Hebrew Israelites, but are not & have stolen that identity, now go by the name the Zionist Jews (royal German Jews), who are Bankers for the 1st & 2nd groups mentioned above, they run the head Central Bank which is owned & controlled by the Vatican & European Crown, the Bank of International Settlements. Long ago the Romans & Egyptian Pharaohs created currency, & developed Corporation countries, through colonization, which is just another word that means to steal & conquer lands from all over the world & make the natives of these lands conform to their maritime laws & regulations, & if they do not listen & obey, they are to be executed. Fiat currency which is a giant pyramid ponzi scheme, that was created for the wage slaves, on the different Corporation countries, so they/we could purchase food, clothing, shelter, medications & transportation, so that we can continue to to provide for the 1% elite, who run, rule, & hoard most of the precious metals & stones on this circular horizontal plane, we call earth. The maritime laws that where created by the knights Templars in the 4 inn courts of the London Corporation aka the square mile, & these laws are enforced by the head military Industrial Complex & it's allies. the District of Columbia, is the Headquarters of the Military Industrial Complex. There is also a 4th group, they are known as the Muslims, these Islam countries supply most of the oil which is mother earth's blood. Diesel, gasoline, & jp4&5 all come from crude oil which is what provides power to 90% of all vehicles, be it, electric power stations, planes, trains, ships, heavy equipment, & automobiles, but a new source of energy is coming into the world & it is Solar & wind power, & the few remaining internal combustion engines will run on hydrogen taken from water through electrolysis. May peace, love, health, & happiness be abundant in your lives. TheBentley71.

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    Just talking to people who like to read,study supernatural Phenomenons.

    (Although I deeply believe it's possible, becuz when the energy of Almighty passes through you and you can master it, THEN ANYTHINH is POSSIBLE. 💖💗

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  45. He is incorrect about several items. The most important is you don’t have to be good to ascend. God is Good. The Ascension is the process of your lower human self “raising” up to your higher Christ self. This is a long process that takes hundreds of lifetimes to achieve. It requires control of your thoughts via words which is how we create, control of self, to balance your four lower bodies. To remove yourself from this world. To be in constant contact with God and your higher Christ self. The church’s says you’ll be “saved” by believing in JesUs. Sorry not that easy. You must follow in his footsteps to make your ascension. I call it becoming an athlete for God. This takes training lots of control. Which God gives you, when you choose to journey upward to make your ascension. I found the easiest way to “raise” your vibration is through I am decrees. If you do several hours a day, all your thoughts and words come back instantly or at least in the same day. This allows you to see your creations via your thoughts/words. You become your own teacher. For most it takes 4/5 days for your creation to appear. The gnostic Christians have it correct. It’s in the “knowing” this is only learned through direct contact with your higher self. There are many on this plane of existence that commune with angels, and higher self and learn directly through your Christ self via your karma. Or K arm a They just keep to themselves, because it’s impossible for one to explain Christ communing, to one that is “grounded” to this world. Also, there is not two of you. Your soul is a very large round light orb that is divided by two blazing light swords cut across which makes four. Two higher Christ selfs and two lower bodies (twin flames). I did not learn this out of a book. This world is an enticer, It’s has taught us to be outside ourselves. This is done via thoughts and words which is how we create. The word human means Hu/light, man/manifest. Tv, movies, muSic, computers, entertainment, money, food. This has you constantly outside yourself in the state of believe which literally means Be the lie, like Eve did. It’s in the “Knowing”. This is taught through going within, constant prayer, meditation, decrees. You MUST go within to get out. God B-less

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