The Most Advanced Civilization In The Universe

The Most Advanced Civilization In The Universe – The Kardashev Scale Explained
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What is the most advanced civilization in the entire universe? Could advanced alien civilizations be building an empire in the galaxy as you watch this video? If you’re curious about the answer, then this video is for you!

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Space Video
The Kardashev Scale
The Kardashev Scale Explained
Alien Civilizations
Most Advanced Civilization In The Universe

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  1. wait isnt a type 1 a planetairy but we are going to mars in 5 years so that would make us a type 1 after that right

  2. Before harnessing the energy of planets the type 1,2 and 3 civilizations first learned to live in harmony with their host planet. Since humans can't accomplish this simple step we will never reach type 1. We will be extinct in 500 years or less.

  3. Thats why we have memes, because memes basically make fun of our weaknesses

  4. My question is, why did we not get to this point before if we have been around way longer then 150 years. Before 150 years life was pretty much the same for thousands of years.

  5. ****Before you believe any of this make sure you can back it up! It’s not concrete fun if you can’t assemble some of these concepts in reality, evidence is paramount****

    Hey guys this search engine right here 👇🏽👇🏽

    …carries core esoteric human history and ET’s, angels, and demon escapades. All world religion origins are more than likely in here.

    This site is very deep (if real) and will also provide with the practical tools (if real) to traverse the metaphysical existence we hate, love and ignore, emphasis on ‘and’ because boy are our tempers hedonistic.

    Highlights: Annunaki, Draconians, Government corruption, ET and Earth Connections, actual metaphysics with current biochemistry to make the connections AND MUCH MUCH MORE.

    Love you guys 🥰

  6. Do we human beings pay attention to ants? I don't think so. I think that this is how the Type 3 civilization sees us…

  7. No, my civilization, the zombies are more advanced then you human plebs

  8. It's amazing how scientists get all these numbers. Good luck in your search for truth and reality. God bless.

  9. The type 1-2-3-4-5 civilizations are mis-leading.

    The idea to only work with substantial universe inspiration is mis-lead with out building a roof before the foundation. Because of the allocated strength that is accounted for..

    The restraints and enslavement of star systems, as if stars are the only approach to build around, with civilizations.

    The perfect civilization is the four soils, substantial substance to abstract with everything allocated and accounted for. While never being restraint to a solar system or galaxy.

    I would say the perfect civilization is not a civilization but the perfect System is terraforming planets, acquiring and accumulating to ones own system. With substantial substance to abstract; numinous, as it would be planetary orbital spherical orbs.

    On Poetryexaltinginfreeoffields. com. 12 seat peace making seats to the 19 correlation seats. And branched of there if necessary to the perfection perfecting.

    Leaving hunger for power for the lack of provision to be left behind.
    While pursuing righteousness and love, for life prosperity and honor. As we our all care takers from the 10 commandment 10 Commandments staying close to the great Chief that shepherds.

  10. I wonder what Type 4 will be?? Controlling Half universe or what🤧probably in few billion years

  11. crazy to think that we evolved from cells to exploring the god damn galaxy in 100000 years

  12. Before we reach Type 1. We need to solve our dogmas, which include economics, religions, and politics, which include many ideologies, and doctrines. We have some time to change, but, we are still stuck with religious ideas, and we need to accept, we are not alone in the universe, or universes. To let go of all the problems of the world, and work together, to have one collective race. We should start to advance in technologies, Science, and medicine. Let go of money and politics, and the world would become a haven for all. We have only one planet, and before we reach the stars, we need to heal the human race and look after animals, and forests, jungles, and oceans. Then we can advance to Type 1, and reach Mars. Anyhow, we need to understand, this will not be done overnight, or the next 50 years. If we try to work out a better way of logical thinking and start becoming spiritual beings, instead of primitive minds. We may have a chance to change. Therefore, once we become a civilization of which is one, then we become human, and humanity will come behind us. In the lessons of logic, we kill each other for the stupidest things, money, minerals, oils, and even water. Religious wars follow it like a lap dog. And those examples put us behind by 1000 years. Type 1, is far away, at this moment. This is the age of paranoia of mankind. We seem to go forward four steps, and then back ten steps. If we do not change, we will be passed, like many other civilizations of the universe, which vanished into time. Forgotten. Only relics left rotting in space, and on the barren world which was Earth.

    1. @xxdash There is absolutely no evidence of a civilisation that is more advanced than us. How can anyone come up with a system to rate what is not known? Kind of the same deal with the so called "Earth like planets". No body knows anything, is just a bunch of improvised BS. I love science but there is a lot of misleading and improvised BS. I wish these things were taken more seriously.

    2. @provishky Okay I get your point, civilisations may develop differently and use different energy amounts, but the Kardeshev Scale is relevant to the human civlisation. I do agree that it would be sorta dumb to rate other civilisations that use energy different to us on the Scale.

  13. Wrong. The big Universe exists to be explored and colonized by others that are thousands or millions of times faster, more intelligent and creative and move at a different speed. Most likely machines or cyborgs that can utilize such gigantic resources and space. Another error is to jump from Type II only controlling one star and solar system to Type III controlling millions/billions of stars in an entire galaxy. That seems too much of a stretch, so there should be other levels in between since the distances and time scales necessary for such a jump would be too gigantic. A galaxy is really big, really really big, in fact orders of magnitude bigger than 1 solar system

  14. This was a verry interesting video… great job, you got your point across!

  15. This is a nonsense video, the guy is talking as if he has meet with those civilizations "on such a scale" and thereby know of such existence, while nobody has truelly went or could go out of inner earth orbit lol ! Just for the smarter people keep the speculation about more simple known creature civilizations like angels, humanoids and aliens (aka djins, falsly demons) something.. Check link comment

  16. This video is obsolete. We are right now in secret a type 2 civilization maybe even a type 3 civilization right now in technology with the ships we have in the Secret Space Program. We have the technology to take E.T. home. We had it since the 1980's maybe even the 70's. But one thing for sure we have the technology.
    The only thing is that the people that are running planet Earth are still at .072
    In spiriual consciousness. But not all of us.

  17. With OUR MATERIAL body can't do many thing.BUT AS SOUL with knowledge can travel far beyond any human brain can imagine.First WITH our earth we must coexist not harvest its energy THATS stupidest thing to do.power your soul with knowledge WITH TRUE FAITH.

    1. We coexist by harvesting the Earth's energy and with the correct structure of materials, man could do anything.

  18. It could be away to stop global warming of there plant to cool as a sun block while also capturing the energy to power the planet.

  19. Type 4: Awwwn my galaxy's babies are all grown up! Time to harvest ? No Hoomans are still too young.

  20. The scale continues:
    Type 4: we would be able to harness all the energy in the universe.
    Type 5: we would theoretically then be able to harness all the energies in the multiverses
    😅Theoretical scientists know what am talking about

  21. Type 1: yay we are going to Mars by 2050
    Type 2: mom i am going to Mars with my friends I'll be back before dark
    Type 3: hey! Mom pass me the Mars

    Edit- thanks for all the likes.

    1. @If you are Filipino Subscribe to this channel NO CURVATURE NO GLOBE. FLAT EARTH!

    2. @TRU MAN I hope You are just trolling bro, if it is, then you are doing a great job at it 👍.
      if not, then that means someone like you is one of the reasons why we didn't progress as a species/civilization

    3. Well be extinct before we can even try to go to mars. Unless humanity changes tomorrow and reharmonizes with the planet. It's a good thing well never reach another planet to fuck up, take for granted, and completely destroy it and any other life that has no choice but to be brought down with us. A space shuttle full of humans landing on another planet Is exactly nasty little self replicating viruses looking to conquer and completely drain any planet or cell they can reach. This planet is amazing and continuously gives us everything we need to survive yet people are obsessed with material bullshit and fully draining any resources possible in the name of capitalism. Most of the time I'm ashamed to be a human being.

  22. What an utter load of horse sh*t 😂, rubbish dreamt up in the deluded minds of moronic academics.

    Where does divinity fit into these "Types" of civilisations?

    From type 1 onwards, it seems as though, man has become God 😂 having total dominion over the earth

    The way things are in the world right now (a true reflection of facts foretold in scripture), humanity has at most, may be another 100 or so years and then its bye bye human beings as people themselves will destroy the world

    1. Yea and im also guessing you think the world is flat and made 5000 years ago you complete dumbass

  23. I love how everyone in the comment section things that we are capable of reaching civilisation -1 if our governments corporate. 🤦 Even if we, by a miracle, reach type-1 in a few years, how do you think we'll get rid of all that generated power? Since, energy cannot be destroyed. We'll probably overheat our planet. Now, if we distribute that energy between different planets we inhabit…that's a story for another what if

  24. When we think of future, I only think quantum, not the linear progression of how we use energy at all but in a totally different and efficient way. I also think of evolvement of humans becoming quantum not just the technology.

  25. Why we think that type 3 civilization will only focus on power? They may be so civilized that they learn spiritual satisfaction and requires less power than us. Because, they are civilized and know to conserve power.

  26. Achievements n advancements well done n ground n sky eco or bio from beginning to present civilization the answer to all too n mass space a must n fly that's gravity n air n atmosphere n to airate no date is a ship that don't sink n renew no probs fossil or newable fuels n wat explodes is no danger but static or 🔥

    1. Humanity Is Going Through A Phase Of Technical Adolescence, Typical Of A Alien Civilization About To Integrate The Type I Kardashev Scale."

  27. Humanity? Stop appropriating to humanity what has been a primarily a result of people of european stock.

  28. Scientists don’t know the age of the universe, most bullshit thing I have ever heard

  29. Have u ever felt that we are a neglected science experiment by a Type IV Civ or higher and the teacher asked him or her or it where is the project. The student said it was left unattended at the place of residence.

  30. I think Type IV is a multi Galaxy and Type V is Universal . I think that Type III would use Anti matter as a regular source of energy.

  31. I wish I wash born where you can just repopulate with anyone you saw and wanted

  32. its annoyed me the fact that we know we dont have much time to discover universe with our limited lifetime 🙁

  33. When he said that we are in Type 0 advance civilization.
    Me: so we dicovered a formula to know that how advance we are but still we are type 0 advance civilization.

    1. G.G Tech basically we’re smart enough to mildly comprehend how stupid we are 😩

    2. Richard Ball btw were type 0.73 now
      That means in 2 years (Because this video is 2 years old) we got up by 0.01 i don’t know if that’s good

  34. if we were just a blink in the eye in the universe, shoudlnt there be civilizations that came before us

  35. How rediculous is this !!
    I learnt about Kardashev Scale a few days ago on "what if" channel.
    I googled it.
    Read about it on Wikipedia.
    And now YouTube suggested me this 2.5 years old video..
    NO !!

  36. We dont already manipulate the weather? Im pretty sure they do this in Dubai 127 times a year.

    1. Hence we are type 0. We will fully utilize Antarctica when we are type 1.

  37. All speculation. People need to embrace the unknown and revel in its mystery. Absolutes will only stress you into an early grave

  38. No tip three siv it impossible and it like dragon ball z we cant see the day

  39. This just shows how ignorant we humans are. Just because we live in a technology-driven world that doesn't mean this is the future. Remember we evolved from hunter-gatherers to agricultors, to the mechanical revolution of the 19th century to the electronic revolution of the 20s to the digital revolution of now. Following this trend, technology will become obsolete in the future.

    Why would you need technology when you have become God?.

  40. I believe earth is the most advanced, the rest of the planets in the universe have non existent Life . Earth, and it's people are one of a kind. Perfect.

  41. If we don’t even belong to type 1 how come did the scientist manage to propose these useless theory. And since he propose this theory I have not still still the so called type 1 civilization not to talk of type 3🤷🏽‍♂️😀 Useless assumption

  42. I'm sure that one day we'll built spaceships that will travel at the speed of light.
    may be by AD 2200 Mars will become second home to humans….

  43. So what would a type 4 or 5 civilization be? 4 being in control of a local group of galaxies? And 5 being super clusters or possibly the entirety of all we see? In other words the CMB?

  44. Carl Sagan: "Humanity is going through a phase of technological adolescence, typical of a civilization about to integrate the type 1 Kardashev scale."
    How can you make such a statement without having observed even one such phenomenon? A thing can only be 'typical' if there are a multitude of examples available for reference

  45. Type 4 = Universal, thus harnessing the power of dark matter and dark energy
    Type 5 = Multiversal, thus harnessing the power of the multiverse

    1. nicolas zanni And no other animal is so weak that they need cities or cars. And face it, there is no real reason to go to the moon.

    2. ​@Beans Boy oh there will be in the future
      yeah maybe we are weak, but if we are weak how is that we extinct entire species?

    3. ​@Beans Boyyes we are thats just our nature

      thats what happens when you are self aware and have consciousness. that's why no other animal is greedy because they don't have consciousness

  46. Hi There,you realise even stars have a life cycle,and nothing is eternal
    So I feel galaxys should have a life cycle too,even if the Race of type 3 civilization become immortal they will still have to move from 1galaxy to the other as greed for power knows no boundaries.I won't blame them for being greedy for advancement of their Civilization but it would be a Vegabond lifestyle isn't it.The only solution is to advance then would be to be able to create new Universes to satisfy every one's needs,and like a chain reaction it would go on till everything is swallowed by a Super Super Super Big Black Hole.Exhausting🤯🤯🤯.PS:If by scientific sources the happenings of Big Bang is believed to be true then It is only logical that the Universe should end in a Super Gigantic Black hole,if there are no other anomalies I think.Great Brain scratching vedio .Loved it.🙆

  47. We're type 0? Oh yea, we're still killing eachother for different color skin. 😥🤯 and resources

  48. Earth: We're going to mars!

    Type 3 Civ: Child looks at Solar System inside fishbowl

    "Mom! My pets are going to the fourth orb!"

    "That's nice dear. Can you fetch some antimatter?"


    1. @Dry Saliva not really a giant, in the case of type 3 they could actually simulate real solar systems in fish bowls. Just like the self-contained ecosystem in a jar which many people do on earth.

    2. This wouldn’t work though antimatter reacts when it comes in contact with matter

  49. We might be the most advanced but certainly not the most intelligent.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  50. Idk what to say anymore,we r still working to feed ourself,have no idea what’s there outside,still fighting for peace of land here in earth while there are so many planets there outside.

  51. Your theory is pretty accurate but I strongly recommend that you read "Alien Interview",by Lawrence R Spencer", you will be overawed by it's revelations.It would seem that a galactic power by the name of "THE DOMAIN", are already present.

  52. How can a sexually-reproducing species possibly speculate on ‘the most advanced civilisation in the Universe’?

  53. Space travel to travel in space Space the empty area between matter scale of matter mass. It is the scale of things that Seperates all matter. It might be the wrong way to look at things this perception of launching vehicles through the points of matter the masses of matter. Time & Radiation Distance & Speed Light and Gravity. Call it multiverse or astral planes or dimensions but to unlock the Beyond within the psychadelic power of your Soul has got to be the only way to access world's beyond own. Traveling without moving. No tin can trying to get from one side of the microwave oven to the other side just to find out your hair & teeth have fallen out…of your genetic code. Adios to sex organs Radiation doesn't F around Radiation gets down every thing that holds your cells together. The scientific community knows so little about the realm of LSD but it exists independent of any one's view on the subject. It is a very Dangerous thing to bend space and reality but Not if you have Soul. Ofcorse if you don't Believe it how can you expect to have it?

    Why Dune is a unique look into the Cosmos. The Spice and how space travel is carried out. Brilliant and forget the Worm and the ugly space benders the only thing that matches the universe in terms of Scale is perhaps imagination . No one really knows what imagination truly can be until you have become EXPERIENCED.
    Unless I'm wrong maybe flying through the radiation and cosmic dust pebbles rocks stones debris perhaps navigating metallic vessiles at faster than light speeds won't alter the human genetic code turning us into Bug eyed hairless albinos with no sex organs to Shake rattle n ROLL. People you are Alive and nothing could possibly be more amazing NEVER REPLACE SOMETHING UNLESS YOU CONTROL WHAT WILL REPLACE IT…….never gamble with more than you can afford to loose. Having said that TUNE IN TURN ON AND BEAM ME UP BABY SPACE SHAGGY IN DA HOUSE!

  54. there are thousands of earth-like habitable planets and then there are those where life is super advanced and much higher population than our earth's because they have been in the universe more than us. ETs are there and there is a probability that they will notice us or they already have.

  55. Why not completely control and dominate the entire universe on a intergalactic scale if we are the most advanced civilization in the entire observable universe?….I mean that's some starwars type shit am I right?

  56. Forget types of civilizations. There is no other known civilization besides wats on Earth.

  57. Will we be able to explore and go into black holes in type 3 civilisation? Or for type 2 to go to Mars in 30 days?

  58. We all ready control our weather. Just because the sheep don't inform themselves doesn't change reality

  59. type 1: global warming guys we must stop global warming
    type 2: global warming guys try to stop global warming but if you cant its fine
    type 3: global warming its fine we have other planets

  60. But water makes the black hole cover more of the bases of strongest points of universe repetition is dualed

  61. Type 1: soon we will colonize mars
    Type 2: soon we will colonize our neighboring solar system
    Type 3: we colonized our galaxy for fun, just to make it like star wars
    Type 4: infinity stones

  62. Type 1: iPhone 15
    Type 2: iPhone 100
    Type 3: iPhone 48301747
    Type 4: 314159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937

  63. Fantastic video. U r the best amongst competition on YouTube regarding similar sci-fi docs.

  64. 🗿 So, even the mighty THANOS would be a relatively low priority to a (Type 3) or 'Galactic Civilization,' EVEN WITH the 6- stone Infinity Gauntlet❗His (Finger Snap) would simply piss-off the citizens of a virtual 'God-like' civilization❗🤤

  65. We human keeps on fantasizing that there is an advance civilization out there. Stop this crap!!!

    1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how idiot are you to think that we are entirely alone in this huge massive infinite universe?

    2. @The Finicky Abhi im sire there are a number of other civilizations, however why do we always imagine they are more advanced? They may be thousands of hears behind us

    1. hated? lol that's so egoistic, we are so insignificant nobody would care about us

    2. @LOVE4everSher Nobody would be humans. Something would entail other beings. You are watched, you are visited, by others, and have been for a very long time.

  66. Type 4: able to harness energy across the universe
    Type 5: able to harness energy across multiple universes, dimensions, and/or quantum energy
    Type 6: anything beyond type 5

  67. According to this humans from halo are like a type 2 civilization in the 2500s and Warhammer 40k humans are like a type 3 since they are a galactic empire set in the 41st millennia

  68. The problem with this is that civilizations that are "advanced" are not interested in tribal matters. That is left to the animals. Animals belong to planets. Only beings of selflessness can become interstellar travellers. Star Wars is a made up story about how the conquerors made it to space. This will never happen because humanity stands in its own way of progress.

    1. One of the most intelligent comments I have found on YouTube. I also commented something similar, well done. You have reached a great understanding.

    2. Unfortunately I agree except that animal thing. Animals behaviour is such that their environment oscilates around natural harmony by means we call "primitive" whereas our behaviour clearly escalates environment to technologicsl and social tribe-like chaos by means we call "civilised".

      I like the jokes in the comments thought:)

  69. Type I: "Can't wait to go the Mars in the next new decades!"
    Type II: "Hey dear, Mars has a deal on a holiday we can book, want to go?"
    Type III: "Hey dear, I bought Mars for your birthday present, I also added in the Star as well to use for your portable nuclear fusion reactor to charge your holo-phone."
    Type VI: "Stop picking on your brother, you can play on your Galaxy later, let him have a turn." "But Mom, he destroyed my solar systems in my area, now I need to recreate them from scratch and make new civilisations, it's going to take ages…" "No it won't, only 5 millennia, that isn't long."

  70. hopefully the human race does not get much further to fuck up anything past our own planet

  71. Type 3 civilization comes to earth and meets the leader of the free world Donald Trump, I wonder where they would classify us?

  72. Could it be that scientist are all full of shit and nothing more there fiction writers they claim to know all yea rite it's all fking guesses

  73. But if from type 1 robots will be more capable than humans and doing everything else? Then, would it matter what type civilisation we are, if no longer would depend on us but, hypothetically on something like how fast robots make improvements? Really, u can't be sure 10 humans would be always better than advanced AI or AGI whatver we would call it? It is, really possible that in future super advanced 1 robot will become cheaper comparing to 1 human which need to teach and have hopes he will perform at his role successfully without dying, getting addicted and many other reasons.

  74. Human ask robot; what are human race? Robot: Humans are egoistic type 1 dying hybrids which always fails to agree on 1 thing as civilisation. For example try find Youtube video with over 1 million views with 0 dislikes 😀

  75. I know I will be scorned, but the most advanced civilization is that one similar from "Contact" the 1998 movie. I guess those beings are those who did good to earth and their neighbors.

    1. Meet Toxic i mean we can🤷🏽‍♂️ we just won't be able to see it in our current lives

  76. I am officially collecting funding for the building of a particle accelerator. Donate today!

    Dark matter constitutes 85% of total mass, but because dark matter has not yet been observed directly, if it exists, it must barely interact with ordinary baryonic matter and radiation, except through gravity.

  77. You have transferred some things into these scenarios. Motivation being the first. Human's have sets and sub sets of need/ belief/ want. Not to mention the fragile nature of our meat and bone bodies. It is not possible to guess speculate on these type of traits being manifest in another species. I think too much solidity, stock confidence is invested in the Kardashev scale.

  78. Unfortunately, lately I think we have going backwards and instead of being a .072 civilization, we have become a -072! When you have people supporting an ignorant president or people thinking the earth is flat, or the killing of animals for pleasure and many other stupid acts…well…I wouldn't be surprised if in the future we are back to live in caverns again…so dissapointed!!!

  79. We do have type 3 civilisation and my nde showed that. Level 3 is god level and we are all invited to expand our consciousness to join what we are all journeying to.

  80. Soooooo hate to be "that guy" but its 2019 and we still stuck in tribalism falling for divide and conquer techniques so i have to assume without a big big war where the majority of survivors are the smartest of the smart this isnt gonna happen for us haha!!

    1. Eugenics huh, for a guy shitting on tribalism you dont seem to know your history too well and we all know knowledge is power from Saturday cartoons!!

  81. If you only knew what's been going on for real for the last 70 80 years we've been exploring space in Star Trek what's a way to Open the Eyes of the smart people because that's what we've been doing. The secret space Force turned into the space force Trump tried to Open the Eyes of humanity. But we are slow race to change. And refuse to see the truth right in front of our faces. Carry on blessings in Christ Jesus name.

  82. How did I end up here. Wake up though, the universe is not ours. If we’re claiming to have the potential to reach type 3 then by design were limited. That’s because we are. We’re not given the power to do these kinds of nerdy stuff. We know little just yet, there’s more to us and earth. I’m sorry to break it to you, but the Bible has long given us bits of facts.

  83. Good subject & video & info on advanced technology. But there was no need for the background music at all. No background music please. Avoid background music in future videos recordings please.


    1. A government on this planet wouldn't be wise enough to work towards this sort of stuff. If they were smart enough, then yeah, I'd believe it. But they are all greedy dumbshit too busy jerking each other off. They wouldn't be smart enough to even hide this sort of technology 😂

  85. "Perhaps [in the future] we could influence the weather." Meaning of course we are not influencing climate now. A Denier! Oh horrors!

    1. D JG I think by influence he means complete control over temperature, winds, precipitation, etc

  86. If something/one could harness everything that should be in the void, maybe we could call them a neo-pangalactic civilisation. Think that's sounds pretty cool.
    Is it possible for anything to be a type 4? Universal civilisation?

    1. That'd be just a step away from godhood (Type V / multiversal civilization).
      Even if they exist, i doubt it'll be easy for us to find them

    2. @re3 Ohhhh! Omni-versal! Think I saw a documentary and it had it as a potential construct containing EVERYTHING, including all the potential multi-verses.

  87. You said that in a region of 2000 galaxies only 60 we're found. That is not a type 3 civ responsable, but a type 4.

  88. Ok I'm not a dragon Ball z fan or anything but once I saw a cat like creature who is god of destruction tapped his finger and an entire planet just cut into pieces, I mean now imagine type 3 civilization which can also do the same thing but instead of tapping finger into something it will tap on a button or something and boom a planet is torn apart into two pieces

  89. hmm.. i wonder if you still respond almost 3 years after the video got published, for absolutely no reason…

  90. I think a highly advance civilization wouldn't need resources, living completely in tune with their planet, and finding ways to travel through space using natural phenomena not yet discovered by man kind.

  91. By the logic of Kardashev civilisation scale, we can assume that there can by type 4 civilisation that can harness the energy at a universal scale or multiple galaxies.

    1. there is actually a different vid on youtube that explains type 4 and type 5. Type 4 – all of the universe. type 5 all of the multiverse and power from any point in time.

  92. Life doesn't require sentient intelligence only adaptive potential. We are alone. Countless billions of life species over 4 billion years on Earth says so.

  93. Eve & Adam came from Asia.And the advanced alien species,u met'em.silicon based Jinn.and we carbon based

    1. African /asia so don't say Asian or Africa alot has been done is a mystery which you can't understand with this level of civilization don't go far you might get it wrong

  94. Kraelc la cushus frinthkha lillinthika vakanaka Therooka Boudouka maja rourre kaha kanithas umbuthishshussukirra

  95. Technological evolution is ceratinly a part of growth of a species. More importantly is spiritual, mental, physical and emotional evolution. Without those, human beings will not be able to come together well enough to actually advance where it truly matters. If humans inhabited another planet currently, they would draw imaginary lines and start killing each other……again. When humanity takes responsibility for themselves, all other life and their planet designed for their existence, then maybe you can handle the true intelligence that lies in the Universe.

  96. If the globalist elite have anything to do with it we will be type -100 soon haha

  97. In the year 3560
    The supreme leader kim el su is auctioning off solar system 7 for 1 undecillion korean dollars

  98. Type 3 civilisation:we have conquered the galaxy!!


  99. 7 billion people, and we cant even figure out to shake hands and be friends. yea..

    1. Nah their probably not interested ? You probably walk by bugs everyday when you're out and about . Do you notice them ? Same thing.

  100. Humans are only alive because God is keeping us alive, we can do nothing on our own. but we let pride get in the way thinking that we have control over anything is a lie. God the creator of matter is the only one that's in control.

  101. Black hole: I am the most powerful and mysterious thing in the universe

    Type III: lmao nice battery

    1. Probably the best comment in the type 0 civilization. Who knows may be higher types have better humour sense 🤗😁

    2. I think if you're playing with black holes. You're probably type 5. Or else we wouldn't have a use in existing, cause we'd have already done it. Wait. Yeah. Probably type infinity

  102. Yeah they're so advanced that b4 we discover anymore energy we're gonna all b shrunk wit 5 G

  103. Emagine, we’ll never get to see anything besides the earth(which is boring af), the moon(at least you get to see the earth with your naked eye), and mars, I honestly hope so bad some alien comes and kills us or something cuz that’s way more fun that just sitting on earth

  104. Anybody that believes this tripe needs their head examined. God the Father created the Earth and the entire Universe about 6000 years ago. There is no evidence whatsoever of evolution, or the so called billions of years things have existed. I believe what the Word of God says, not the lies of evolutionists.

  105. Read some Sumerian mythology, especially antediluvian kings before the deluge. Namtar and Uttu may be type 2 while Anu and Enki are type 3.

  106. type 1 civilization does not have species believe the planet they live on are flat.

  107. Modern day science is petty. Man knows virtually nothing, and is rather low on the cosmic evolutionary scale. There are Aliens, and they know "everything" about us and are observing us whilst we are unaware. This is rather obvious, especially to mystics. At the very least ( without any dought at all) there are other beings which operate on other frequency realities that are aware of us and actively observe us, and even producing effects on us. However to those who have no experience or exposure to this side of life, this subject remains a mystery and still highly questioned. As opposed to those who are in direct knowing.

  108. If you've ever had contact this all changes. How they make power and the power they actually need are no where close to a star. Olso they keep thier populations small with possibly one city on an entire planet. They would have a population of only 600 thousand people in total of thier species. Species may not even be a good word as they genetically engineer themselves appropriate for thier jobs. They have a worker class and intelectual class and a royal class. Each apearing very different from the other class. Bob Lazar is correct on how power is produced using element 115. In short the decay of element 116 is antimatter so in short they use antimatter. The most advanced civilizations start to not even need thier bodies as much as they need thier souls only. The body is just a vessle they put on like we put on a suit.

  109. I think once human is able to harness the energy of stars they will be using mass to convert into energy and harness galactic energy will make path for worm holes

  110. At the rate going? AI is gonna mess things up be4 we even get to type 1 civilization.

  111. We are maybe under control of some type 3 civilisation, and hence governments have to keep it secret. Because humans will start to act like kids 9-year-old and al hell breaks loose. Oh yes, it takes 20+ scientists with PhD to discover a galaxy near Milky way after 25 years Hubble been around? So much for qualifications. Or to say oh shape of the universe is like a balloon? Fancy that. And we had the whole map of the universe done 15 years ago.

  112. A Type III civilization milking the entire Super Void. That's mind boggling…! 😀

  113. Hit like if you want the Civilization game to offer these levels as well! That would be cool!

  114. There's a total of 3.28×10^80 partciles in the entire known universe. It takes 1.46×10^29 to make a human body. With current population 7.5×10^9 at 1.11% annual grow rate, it takes 8,604 years for humans to consume all particles in the Universe. There's going to be no planets, no stars, no galaxies, not even black holes, just floating zombies …

  115. There's no such thing as type 3 if there was where are they maybe in the future but we be long gone dead

  116. These stuffs make me feel impatient to explore more and more about the universe

  117. Imagine what earth would be like if the government released all the technology they've been hiding. Free energy, engines that run on water, and whatever else we have no clue exists. All about money.

  118. Idk how they’re getting all these classifications when we haven’t even found other life forms yet

    1. @ItzTopstuff They're basing it on our general logic and knowledge of science, As well as possible outcomes, Basing those outcomes on our current situation. And on our general knowledge ( Basing it on logic and science ) , It is theoretically possible to 'easily' destroy planets, Control stars and customize a whole galaxy. It might be different for other lifeforms if there is one, But again, They're basing it on our knowledge. So long as they dont confirm it, It's not an assumption, And as long as it's not confirmed, It's not a fact either.

      I dunno man, But that sounds like Theories to me.

    2. @Pimp Savage I was talking to sage because he said that all those people that made those theroies believe in god and based off of what your comment said i used that because it sounded correct and asked him what theories have to do with religion.

    3. @ItzTopstuff He was probably referring to the OP's post how others get 'Classifications' with aliens even though we havent seen any of them yet, Similar to God. But that doesn't take away the fact that i have to get my eyes checked cuz i swear i saw my name tagged for a second. Well it's all good, It's my fault mate. lol

  119. Why would the most advance civilization need start for energy? Why not use dark energy all around us for energy? They are the most advance after all.

  120. Type 3: Who wants free planets
    Type 4: Who wants free galaxies
    Type 5: Who wants free universes

  121. We are not gonna become type 2 ever if CIA and American army keeps aliens, UFO, anti gravity, teleporation, free energy etc which were previously discovered by our great Nikola Tesla, T T Brown, John searl etc

  122. What if we are all concepts of aliens that they we're studying until these days 😆

  123. yah the voids could definitely be type 3 or higher civilization, it thrills me to even imagine those. they may even can intentionally make a star go supernova to get more energies instantly

  124. No one has a clue what was going on 200,000 years ago. Well, We have a clue. Nothing. There was no liveable earth and nothing living on it. Sheesh!

  125. Type III civilization?
    Forget it!
    War Prone America will start a thermonuclear war against Russia or China and end life on this planet well before humanity get any close to type I.

  126. What will be type of civilization that can harness the energy of dark matter? God Type.

  127. I feel like when we die we are being reincarnated into another civilized galaxy, thats why we see the tunnel light when near death experience occurs. Theres far much more out there that a humankind cannot interpret, real magic happens when we die.

  128. If we over think evolution to it's possible end, the most advanced civilization may be created our universe how we know it. Our descendants could be our own gods. A never ending circle.

  129. wait if theres a type one to 3 civlation what if there was
    a type 50 or 100 civlation or even 1000

    1. Truth Awakened So you linked a website with fairy tale conspiracies on it. That’s new. Ahahahahahahahaha you are pretty stupid aren’t you.

    1. Seema K Why would anyone want to convert to the religion of ignorant goat herders, prophets that marry young children and people who fly planes into buildings?
      Islam hasn’t even put a astronaut into space, sent nothing to the moon, still discriminates against women and believes in fairy tales. Islam is the dark of the cave.

  130. We’re going back to the Stone Age soon….we’re not even going to achieve Type 1 status. Kim Jong-un or Iran is going to do something really stupid.

  131. We would have been already a type 1 civilization 100 years ago if they wouldnt steal/hide all of NIkola Teslas inventions, but the government isnt interested in free unlimited energy for everyone, they prefer taxing and cashing in on people, so thats the reason we will always be a type 0 because of greed and money

  132. Smartest Animals on planet Earth r destroying Earth and making it hell

    Planning to be type two in 100-200 years🤣🤣… Be ashamed 😔

  133. Power corrupts.
    Humans rose in a blink of an eye due to the risk-reward drive of competition. We will disappear in the blink of an eye due to the degradation, complacency, power concentration & corruption of collectivism which has destroyed every human Socialist experiment.

  134. When we wil have all our energy from nuclear fusion we wil already have crosed level 2

    1. @Ben L. how can you know that its not true when you dont have any solid evidence, its just pure theoritical.

  135. All of these are just fantasies made facts by scientists. Cmon fools, just because science said so doesn’t mean its the truth. You can all argue with your maths and what not but I ain’t going to swallow all these bullshits down my throat without questioning everything.

  136. Well… I disagree with a few things ! 1st of all , as long as the world still depend on the mighty dollar's ? There will always gonna be control by the government's or the private sectors ! I don't see any advancements in that at all ! Who's is gonna paid for all that advancements ? There are close to a 100 million people now on crazy checks and food stamp in the US alone and the numbers are climbing everyday . People are lazy and stupid and ignorant and they refuse to be a team player . So there will always be a war and confrontation . …… 2nd , the world we live in now is dying every single day ! We be lucky to have use all the natural resources by another 100 years like fuel to power our cars , our quality of air will be so bad that we have to wear gas mask just like china now . It coming sooner than you think ! Our drinking water will be totally wipe out ! Its happening right now ….ask California's ! While the population's grow and there will be food shortage too ! …… I don't see that the world is gonna move forward at all except we will be DOOM from our own kaos and doings ! We are doom right as we speak ! We are already dead ! Bit just some people don't want to realized it is all ! We call that …….. DEAD MAN WALKING !