The Secret to Understanding the Nature of Reality | Sacred Geometry

Geometry may be the secret to understanding the nature of our reality. Ancient religions knew of the power of geometry and it still remains one of the greatest Masonic secrets. This video explores how sacred geometry defines the flow of the fluid-like energy from the source field as it creates gravity and physical matter in this presentation.

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  1. so , according to this guy , i'm supposed to be omnipotent? or i am omnipotent? … so why can't i create 2 beautiful women , i'm trying right now but , nothing? it only works in my head.

    1. Check out the work of that Nassim Haramein.

      1st time I checked out his work I was pretty mindblown. He's a scientist, so his work comes from logic and test, rather than the ramblings of a madman.

      Check it out. Search him and you can see plenty of presentations etc, he's an entertaining dude.

    2. Like the man who replied had suggested, Nassim haramein does a great job explaining why. But let me try to elucidate.
      The reason you're not manifesting everything you think of is because we're all in a Morphogenic field. This means everyone's thoughts within this holographic-fractal Universe are all bouncing off one another at all times, and thus affect all other thoughts within the field.
      This is also why group meditations that focus on the same intention /thought have such profound results.
      This is known as the Maharishi effect (that is, individual consciousnness with a singular thought/intention has a profound effect on the collective consciousness). Somethibg like the square root of 1% of the population can affect the entire population.
      This means something like 72,000 people on earth meditating at the same time on a singular thought, actually can(and have) affected the entire global population.
      Hope this helps bro.

    3. @Kevin Snyder yeah , i heard of that , some monks created a living breathing man with their thoughts , very strange and wonderful things can happen in this universe it seems…we may be in a dream right now.

  2. Plasma boundaries are oscillating – Iterations from a Planck Unit to 0.9999…defining space/matter in geometry
    eg. crystal. We are Electro Cymatic, fractalised not pixelated – read the "Crop Circles" this way and find out.
    Sound is the Geometry of Space! Matter is oscillating energy in resonating space – Frequency and Vibration – OM

  3. I was the first i was the first.
    Jesus wilcock, i used to love your informative talks, but all you do now is toot your own ego.
    Kind of Glad UAMN TV publishes your Subscription based, pay- to-view lectures for free.
    Its not about being the first to share information, unless you are really THAT concerned avout your ego; its about getting this information out to the masses, AND FOR FREE.
    So thank you UAMN TV. You guys stealing his content and putting it out her for Free, is ironic. He seems to care more about "getting the credit for being the first" and making money, rather than letting the world see it for free.

  4. Geometry is just a reflection and manifestation of energy in matter.The atomic model is created on the basis of vibrations in perfect harmony between one basic energy with two vectors (-) and (+),which, under the influence of abrasion of two vectors, generate an electromagnetic field that generates atomic mass of energy,this mass is the basis for the chemical elements listed in the Mendeleev Matrix