This Discovery Challenged What Scientists Really Knew About Matter | Quasicrystals

The discovery of quasicrystals in 1986 challenged what scientists thought they knew about matter and redefined crystal science. Decades earlier, a select few scientists may have encountered them first, as they were investigating otherworldly technology. Explains the extraterrestrial science of quasicrystals and how our understanding of solid matter is constantly changing in this presentation.

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  1. Am aware of writing this to myself, otherwise I would say – "Told you so".

  2. I've had similar messages from benevolent beings that visited me over the course of 30 years. Exciting times as we gain more information every day now, that we are the creators of our own illusional reality, and that's why perception of the same reality can be so different because we all have blocks in different places within our energy field,.The biggest ones being fear, guilt, control, jealousy, and greed. Once cleared we don't have the need to be lead anymore because our trust within this clear mind knows where it needs to be to create the happiest of experiences.

  3. you need to go check out the underground cave gypsum crystals in south america