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Subterranean Cavern Civilizations

Subterranean Cavern Civilizations, Underground Cities, Hollow Earth Gods with Amnesia: Subterranean Worlds of Inner Earth ROBERT SEPEHR Total 0 Votes 0% 0%


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  1. I have seen a UFO so no doubt in my mind that they exist. It is the sort of thing you have to see for yourself to truly believe. If the Government admitted that aliens were real then that would bring The Church down & that is one of the main things the authorities have to control people. That is why, I think, they will never admit it.

  2. No ufo it's us we have reset history and kept technology back ,why you think no one knows who built pyramids reset it's coming again we just keep finding there lies 🛐

  3. Yet, there are scientists that claims laylines aren't a thing – they don't exist. What's their story? I want two sides of the story.

  4. I’ve got a photo of a Hugh ufo seen over west lothian I took the photo. I have no fear of visitors from beyond however I think but don’t know that these strangers will come from beyond the southern ice wall. For all we know the earth may go to infinity on a flat plain. I know one thing on a clear day I can see more than fifty miles from Innerwick to Dundee. Or from the camps fells to aethers seat and everything in between.

  5. They weren't very small humanoid creatures. They were alien children that stole their parent's spaceship in order to visit the world with billions of unintelligent humanoids.

  6. At least aliens have spaceship till they get free energy I want their government we can fly around the universe then

  7. 'Liars liars pants on fire' say I to the defensive Miniseries of Offense…. Pffft! ☜ 👾

  8. Yes of course the Deep State. Theres a lot more under that house including where the tunnels go.

  9. They have been with us for thousands of years, unfortunately the so called educated civilizations have become very stupid and they don't wish to speak to cows they will talk to people.

  10. Space-traveling or passing through dimensions, I for one don't know, but what I do know is that I've seen many strange and eerie lights and situations taking place in the skies. I live only mere minutes from the SETI satellite in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, and in a place with never-ending night sky and minimal light interference from the ground, I know that what I have seen with my own eyes weren't created by any commercial or military service in our plane of existence….✌👽

  11. Superman could move in, instead of the little new moon they found around our earth. Yes Superman lives right there,but havent place for a house on his"stone" as he calls the little natur satellitt he lives on,yeees he exist HALLLLELUUUUJAAAA FOR SUPERMAN 😅😂😂😁😁😲

  12. Literally just drove through Llandeilo 10 mins ago 😂
    Magic exists in West Wales
    Cymru am byth
    Yma o hyd
    Fe Godwn Ni Eto

  13. Taxpayers should never care about what is done to them with their money 😎

  14. As much as I hate Demon Rat Democrats. If Bernard or Creepy Joe would say they'll give us all the documents about UFO's and access to AREA 51. I would vote for them. Even though I know they'll sell out America to the Chinese.

  15. it's very obvious that Colonel Halt, and his men, were drinking…