Top 10 Weird News: New Year Edition (1/3) – Edge of Wonder Live #38

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    1. Edge of Wonder Blessings and Prayers for all affected by the Fires. Hoping all is well. Gratitude for bringing the light in. Blessings to the Animals

    2. #3 I don't care for the pope but in his defense I would have smacked that lady's hand too. I also think it was appropriate because it proves he is not God he is just a man. Somehow I see God's hand in all of this. LOL unintended pun! Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?!

  1. Here's a thought…MSM should stop putting actors on the news because they have an opinion. They are paid actors used by MSM to push their agenda. Let them start their own channels if they feel strongly …not coerced or bribed. The news is not information but propaganda.

  2. Jizzlaine's father was buried with full military honors in Tel Aviv for his lifetime of work as a Mossad agent. Jizzlaine has enough dirt on the elites and politicians to bring about complete destruction of the Republic!!

  3. Jizzlaine peddles in the currency of jizz; she collected vials of it to send back to the DNA bank in Tel Aviv! This way, the Cabal also has both video as well as physical evidence on the elites they control.

  4. Massive rallies in Iran.Trump has succeeded in uniting them across religious political lines.Iraq Parliament just voted 170 votes at emergency session to remove US troops.WinWin 2Q2Q

  5. Ghislaine Maxwell is in S. America, she knows everything, she needs to be kept safe so she can tell all!

  6. Happy New Year Ben & Rob! Thank you for all the hard work and great shows you did in 2019!

  7. @Ben time stamp 17:00 in Its true where Americans have been suppressed of information via education. Crap the majority of the US know nothing of Canada your fricken Neighbour. Also if you look for education Canada in the world is between 3rd -9th, while the states have dropped to 18th to 23rd? Depending on which site on the net.

  8. Will the Democrats be sending a delegation to this guy's funeral they lost one of their good friends.

  9. Hey Guys, Happy Happy! How bout offering some of your TV content (episodes) for 1 or 2 $, instead of monthly subscription, for those of us who could afford that over a subscription?

  10. I literally just looked for the Michelle Obama swinging thing before watching this to send to my friend because we was talking about it earlier today and he’s never heard of it , literally before I started watching this , there is a video of it but of some one talking about it but it shows a bit of it

  11. How old are Ren and Bob?? Are we really laughing about rolling boogars?? Sheesh. Seriously though. How old are they? Late 20's or 30's. Either way. Love the content of articles. Some of the comments are a bit below expectations. Just sayin. Maybe I'm not the correct age group for targeted audience?

  12. Thanks guys! Rose McGowan is a MKULTRA MIND CONTROL SLAVE. Useful IDIOTS is right, yet she is a VICTIM.

  13. Love the show…open mind to nearly anything is a good approach.

    First: There is a fact that is not understood which is undeniable upon analysis. It is Known but rarely fully comprehended how all-encompassing it truly IS and WHY!

    Palantir (brief summary): Imagine you are an intelligence analyst and you have an AI and/or a neural net searching for every conceivable correlation between thousand of data sets. Mind is BLOWN with the possibilities. Anything you can imagine becomes real when predicting human behavior. (Google "voodoo" dolls…look it up…)

    Second: When you add entities together, such as Google and Palantir, then you understand why people refer to Q as a Team. Q is definitely not a LARP and in fact is indicative of an Intelligence far greater than any Person could convey in real time. I would argue that this is an intelligence operation the likes of which the world has never even conceived. If you don't see this then you do not grasp how convoluted the correlations between a myriad if data sets become as soon as you begin researching this. No single person could achieve this super-analysis without a think-tank and/or AI.

    Fourth: Salvatore Pais, which you have briefly mentioned, is a HUGE revelation. Yes there may be some misinformation here but you MUST research these patent applications (both those that were granted and those pending) and if any of the top three are true then our world has found the next innovation which will make ALL other previous inventions seem like chimpanzees poking into their feces with a stick.

  14. Hi Guys! Thanks for talking about history. It shows that perhaps your age group could start talking to your Grandparents and the older people. We early Baby Boomers may be able to enlighten you about many of the things that have been kept from you. We have become so isolated and shut down that we don't tell you what we remember from the 60's when we were all set up and the news got changed. The early 70's had a lot of truth let out before it got shut down again in the late 70's. Try having discussions with older people and try looking up news and books on the Vietnam war and what was really going on. Feminism was corrupted too. This was when the war on the family started and divorce rate increased. We were programmed just like you have been. Its all a part of their plan.

  15. Yes please,be safe and be super aware of bad energy in Australia. especially everyone knows you are gonna go

  16. In their religion (satanist )they have to tell you what they're going to do (talking about Kevin Spacey ).And it's left up to you to figure it out and if you don't it's on you not them.

  17. The fires are not just a fake fence event. "They" are throttling disclosure! As well it is a retaliation against the alliance Down Under. You must all have a good and thorough MEDITATION to counter the effects of kaballers dirty tricks. We must think only of water rising from the surrounding ocean and falling back to earth over Ausrtailia feel cool moist air

  18. Rose McGowan was married to Marilyn Manson who was the high priest in a church of Satan so no surprise there.

  19. Iraq/Iran/ where ever gaddafi was from – they had hospitals/schools – they had everything. Those countries had oil – they were wealthy if not way better off than america.

  20. – Robert David Steele is the only person so far to actually put out a number on how many babies and children are being sacrificed (8 million per year). He is a former intelligence officer and US Marine Officer. He has a public Intelligence website. Please interview this man asap!!!

  21. How about an Interview with Larry Nichols who used to work for the Clintons. He is revealing what he knows and he knows the Clintons are watching him. Check out his website and contact him for an interview!!!

  22. God bless you guys! Have a safe trip, and do have a lot of fun with everyone at Disclosure Down under!

  23. Maxwell Igan is an Australian author. Picking his brain on topics like Australia's Bush fires, Epstein, nwo etc… I guarentee you'll be glad you did

  24. 396 k,…. what you tit says…i see you in my feed…. then i see you @ and etc. it isn't an accident…….some good work.

  25. Ben i love ya but anybody who knows a little bit of history or cares to know anything about the Middle East or especially iran knows hat before the 1979 Islamic revolution they were a very very prosperous country that had a lot of freedom and democracy and they were great and a great Ally

  26. This is how everyone knows CG is a fruad.
    If you were a real insider then youd be well aware that the ppl that are filthy rich and the ones you call the deep state. They are the Aliens.
    Put it together.

    They never left us and they never used humans to own humans.


  27. AU is under attack by the Elite with Wild bush fires thru out AU. Is direct energy weapon using against AU like what happen in CA last year.