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  1. Scott, after many years of following and believing you even when adversely challenged, this video is my “last straw”. I can’t take supporting you in the obvious bs vids. Can’t defend you anymore. Unsubscribing after a few years. I hope you choose subjects with more integrity in the future. If you do I will 100% support you. Stop this crap!

  2. Scott, I thk it's a brief examination to see who's flying very low above their underwater base station is all imo.

  3. Destroying ALL of your credibility Scott. Please STOP as you have so many examples of credibility on subject matter. Looking foolish now.

  4. Amazing find this airplane like you said frozen in time, amazing work! I wonder what ever happened to the people in the plane were they like captured them? Did they portal them to another planet? Or just let them go?

    1. My IMPRESSION ms, is that the plane & its crew was harmlessly & unkowingly some how scanned by the crew of the otherworlder vehical or perhaps the vehical itself was a form of otherworlder AI tech in of itself, that might had been perhaps naturally curious to come over & examine the low flying terrestrial aircraft & crew as it flew low over their underwater base station locale. And automatically doing so out of possible security threat ID reasons perhaps.??? But take in mind that I'm only SPECULATING to you here about this okay, but don't be surprised in these socially troubled times on earth for them nowadays to be hella cautious & concerned about growing autocracy & kleptocracy, that's spreading like a pandemic dis-ease on present time era earth Uc. ☝️👾

  5. Scott this was a good catch you put this together great phill is one of my hero's

  6. I have so many years following Your site not commenting to catch up for so… this film is another gem. So amazingly beautiful. Can You write some spacepoetry for us, for… times to come?Telling about our thoughts and fears and
    wonders… even if poleshift occurs, if humans leave for new beginnings, new beings… there are important stories to tell.
    (I will do my best). Yes… The tradepart of the possible reason for this airplane and unknown object
    sounds reasonable… cruel but in line with the price often paid when it comes to highvalue exchange of information and other resources. Ruth Montgomery has written some interesting books… when it comes to ET:s contribution to our science via wellknown researchers becoming both witnesses and channelers for important knowledge, medicin, technics, spiritual insights etc etc etc… If someone told me some years ago I would come here at almost a daily basis I would not believe them. And If someone told me as a Young girl I would witness different forms of ET:s Ufos, Aliens, and many magical events I would have been a happier person, more eager to grow up and become a part of this society. But things happens for a reason and inspite of not asking for all this I am very, very thankful. This is part of my life now. Thank You. M

  7. Suns reflection? Could it possibly be drug runners? or I heard of fisherman using bright lights to lure the fish into their nets.
    It looks like by some of the comments that people are getting tired of you thinking everything is a ufo or has something to do with aliens. I say, isn't that what your here for?
    And as for Philip Schneider, may he rest in peace. He tried to tell the truth to the world but the MIB got to him first.

  8. How long do aliens have to study humans? I think that theory has been shot down.

  9. That is a crashed plane and please stop using google earth as evidence as it is not proof of anything. Listen to Larry Gibson as you are making yourself look like a right plum. You've got some good content but shit like this is just silly. Don't take this the wrong way its just constructive criticism.

  10. It's hard to tell just what is going on with this photo. I would want to know if any planes in that area have been, or will, be reported as missing.

  11. You're a f'n moron. "Abducting" an aircraft? SERIOUSLY STFU.

    1. I follow this channel, but I didn't see it in my channels, also is the bell (for information new videos) always deactivated. Shadow banning from YouTube???

  12. Dude you are starting to sound like 3rd Phase of the Moon. They see Aliens and UFO's everywhere! Think before you click upload! You've got some good stuff! Don't blow it!

  13. Haters will always hate S.C.Dub. your the man love the content, seems like people don't undestand when you say , What do you see? come to your own conclusions, make up your own mind. I love the Haters!

  14. Salut Scott,il semblerait que notre ADN soit très particulier au point d'intéresser les extra-terrestres,raison pour laquelle il y a des abductions!!!

  15. Hi Scott it looks like the aliens are higher up than the plane and you can make out two white aliens with heads inside a see through space craft looking down on the plane ? 🎥👍

  16. So.. If we see the edges of the airplane, why we only see shadows in blue and pink of the "ufo"? Maybe because it's not 3rd dimensions? I don't know. sorry.. my English is in progress.

  17. 1. Dislike!!!!! The author is mad!!!!
    2. The plane is flying over the sea or ocean! The SUN is reflected in the water!!!! So coincidentally )))))

  18. This is why YouTube has become entertainment. The suns reflection on the water and now we have UFO abducting an airplane. The digital optics on the satellite is interpreting the reflection. The color is a refraction of sunlight caused by the water breaking down the light into its basis colors. That is why we see rainbows through light reflected through water droplets suspended in the air after a rainstorm. This is why any serious UFO investigation will never be taken serious when posted on site like this. I want to believe but only in facts and truth.

  19. I'll send someone there in the next few days, it is more likely its a ground beckon used in navigation in Fiji and Australia very common. In regards to drug drops they are more likely to use ex Soviet submarines.

  20. Looks as if the plane is underwater, sunken plane? No guess about the ufo object, could be a uso and sunken plane? Idk 😐

  21. a lot of things are unclear – for example, the shadow from below proves that the sun is at the Zenith and we also see the reflection of the sun in front of the plane , I even saw this in the movies . sincerely your alien from zone 51 )

  22. I typed in the coordinates and it's not even the same place.

  23. Buddy this isn't a ufo abduction Jesus christ Hahahahahaha. I believe in aliens and ufos but come on…it's crap like this that makes the whole idea of aliens a complete joke. You literally have zero proof that this is a ufo abduction. Please don't state this is 100% proof…you're embarrassing yourself and everyone who believes in the phenomena