Unusual Earth and Space Discoveries of 2019 – 2 Hour Compilation

Hello and welcome! I had a bit of a family emergency and have to leave for 3 days, so I made a few more of these videos that were a compilation of biggest discoveries of 2019. Be back soon!
PS it’s a good king of an emergency, not a bad kind.

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  1. First view and first comment! Getting my first telescope this summer! Keep up the great work man

  2. hello wonderful Anton. i hope everything is going great with the "good family emergency" and that everything is going as planed. 🙂 <3

  3. Anton didn't you say you were going to have a pause to visit yer dad? Instead you have, if anything, increased the rate of your uploads!!:)
    Have you visited yer dad? Because believe me that's much more important than all these astronomical events…

  4. Is it the Directon of how observe other stars and solar Systems farther out in Galaxy are more like ours. Or maybe other solar system that broke of from a main Nebula

    1. Hello nova, the answer to your question is you can see the light going from the Star in the middle and if you look at the smaller objects orbiting and lighting up they look like big orbs this is how we know their Planets and using a little common sense too. God Bless You Always.

  5. How can it be in real time if it's light-years away. . And in double star Systems. A hot Jupiter or third star say a brown Dwarf would stabilize the orbit of an earth size planet. . Double star systems may have larger habitable zones the ln single star Systems

  6. Family comes first. I hope the occasion is joyful; or at least productive. I miss your daily insights, though.

  7. Hello all, alright Anton, a fantastic video I have subscribed to your channel, thank you…God Bless You All.

  8. @
    Anton Petrov hey man im a big fan love these compilations but could you please include the individual video names either in the video of in the description with a timestamp? its just that sometimes you say "as you can see in the video title" but we cant so it would be really nice if you could please do this ,thank u !

  9. OF ALL THE 100s OF THINGS!! I've learned over the past 3+ yrs of Antons videos , I'm sad that I won't get to see what they find in the ocean under the ice on one of Jupiters Moons ! Id really like to know if there is life there !! But I'm not Crying !

  10. You are basically a math teacher acting like Carl Sagan when nothing original or enlightening is shared. Then you beg for money while planet and society burns and you couldn't care less.

  11. what ever elements they find in moon its better at coutrys who are under nasa dosent let peoples rush in moon because some day some one gonna use something what blow moon up & destroy earth and what ever elements there is nasa would start put those in use to save human race peoples need to stop use betrol-diesel cars and start using free energy in sun and we need peoples who have high iq to solve proplems because it might bee at earth its all ready dieing when peoples have solution to travel in space and fast & also we need to have ship where is one section what spins fast to make gravity so humans bone & hearth & blood vessels do not atrophy or something like that

  12. I heard Space Engine was free, but today when i looked on steam it was £15. Anyone know if it is free anywhere?

  13. So Venus and Mercury can't keep their orbits clear, therefor they are not planets. OR . . . . we could drop that stupid stipulation from the definition of a planet, and class Pluto and Charon to be planets.

  14. I know this guy that's a flat earther , have you ever tried to explain to them that the earth is not flat and if so were you able to change their mind ?

  15. You are so much fun to watch. Exploring space with fantastic facts and told in a interesting way that truly is brilliant. The visuals are consistently very good too and I wanna say thanks for the effort hope you doing well. You teach the whole world about the biggest and most important topic the whole universe, galaxies and solar system. We (I speak for the whole world) love it, want more and need you to do it. Keep going most wonderful Anton in the known universe 💫

  16. Hi Anton, thanks for the wonderful content, there is a new platform for content creators, LBRY maybe try it out 👍

  17. Hello Anton🙂 This channel is my favorite of all space science channels, because you are so exceptionally clever in explaining and demonstrating things to us ordinary people.

  18. When one considers the latest modeling of "What-ever-it-is" you've become concerned about and wish to study, such as Global con…., err, warming, then there's a term you really need to familiarize yourself with. The term is GIGO, which, simply stated, stands for "Garbage In, Garbage Out".
    Now, "GIGO" isn't, necessarily, "Derogatory in nature" NO, the term merely points out this absolute FACT "If you introduce errors, any errors at all, NO MATTER THEIR MAGNITUDE, GREAT OR SMALL, in the initial conditions you wanted to start your Planet Modeling from, then all of your computers data returns will be, not "Might Be" but "WILL BE" totally corrupted and totally in error, hence the term, "Garbage Out"!!!!
    (BTW Anton, there's another term, actually an Old Saying, you need to know and It goes like this "Half the truth is as good as a lie" and your half truth became a lie when you showed everyone your list of global warming substances. The substance you left off of your list isn't merrily "Just another gas" it's the NO. One global warming stuff and that stuff is Water Vapor) Oh, another thing young man, it's not any gas at all, it's the SUN, that warms the Earth.
    In my mind there's only one surprise when I consider "Planet Modeling" and the "Theory" of "Global Warming" and that's "Just how totally surprised everyone "Pretends to be" when the latest model totally and convincingly agrees with all of the preconceived notions foisted by The Global Warming apostates.
    One last item, Anton. When the Russian folk decided that they had had quite enough with the result of the very evil development of a Georgian plutocracy (Within Russia no less) when in actuality it was only a Stalinist dictatorship. Around Europe what do you suppose happened to all of those communist parties that existed in Europe from the Med to the Arctic circle? That is correct, they all went Green and I saw this myself in Italy ("Vota Communista") when Italians went from 3 or 4 communist groups to none but the Greenies went from 1 party to several

    1. @Jiminy Lummox The idea of ulterior motive and GIGO are beyond the reach of you imagination?

    2. @Jiminy Lummox I'm so sorry Jiminy (Lummox, is it?) but I've neglected to keep abreast with the newer English being spoken today. Ebonics, I suppose, is merely the evolution of the English language, much as the language in Hamlet isn't often understood by English speakers of today, but never the less, I didn't understand what it was you're trying to tell me. "No, YOU imagination" has left me a bit confused.
      Jiminy, I love good, thoughtful and well stated debates! I'd rather a good debate than most other activities (Not any activity where a woman's involved is required though LOL =) but I try diligently not to involve myself with argument, and NO, argument is not a "GOOD" debate, it's a debate won by he who shouts the loudest or crudest.
      I hope you'll take a second to consider what it is I'm trying to tell you. I'm an older man and have much I could teach the younger folk of today.
      "And how old are you Mr. Jack?"
      "How about I give you a clue?"
      "I predate convenience stores hehehehe"

    3. @Cajon Jackie What if woman involved no but why is ebonics in the FBI database constantly trying to? I only like enjoying debates if no women are involved because as everyone knows females are does have lowest IQs and only can be thinking of makeup and evolved ebonics (do you honestly see why your comment is only made up only by maybe when you can try to find?) Anyway, I'll give you a clue to Jack's true age (I'm old and young people does can maybe learn from my elite level writing)

      I pre-date your mom and dad conceiving you.

      P.S. You have dementia

  19. If Mars had liquid water than there should be pressure for that liquid

  20. Good to revisit a huge part of my childhood, congrats on 400k Anton. I remember 10k and now you're at half a million! Keep on doing you and I hope the family emergency goes as planned! <3

  21. Yo!
    I watch but don’t comment, driving, Wonderful Person, yourself. I’m going for a war against Feminism in a South Carolina Court, Man!!!! YaHoo!!!!!!!
    Actually, I might have discovered many ways to destroy their foundations based upon All Women get to lie in court, like police officers, and Prosecutors, Actually.
    Can Equality in er the Law permit a “Girl Wins Rule?”
    Megyn Kelly thinks so.
    No one has informed this Me Too, Look at Me T$A Blonde over here in America. I gotta snuff out the Feminist Belief system. No, you don’t get to Win in Court, because you lie well, Ladies. Hahahaha. I have found 4 ways to Sue you Me Too wenches. I have a new habit of False Accusation Cases. Everyone gets to pay for a numb blonde calling the police to my home, because she was Stupid, and didn’t understand any word that I spoke.
    It got me some Judges.
    I’m on a War with these halfwits!
    I always win.

    1. So you're going to court for sexual harassment?
      And this is your legal strategy? To tell the judge that 'Girls always lie tho'

      Have fun in prison.

    2. Jiminy Lummox

      I didn’t ask.
      I stated that stuff.
      It’s more about cleaning the clocks of the heads of schools and facilities of the Militant type. There might be Sixty feminists in a nursing home. Take out all of them at once. File a Writ.

  22. Well, except that no man made CO2 is on Saturn. The sun does that to a bigger atmosphere, than the atmosphere on earth.

    CO2 doesn’t hold heat at night or for any decade on Saturn.
    Ergo Procto
    Look at your hourly temp app on your phones.
    Dr. Duane A. Gruber

  23. Well, except that no man made CO2 is on Saturn. The sun does that to a bigger atmosphere, than the atmosphere on earth.

    CO2 doesn’t hold heat at night or for any decade on Saturn.
    Ergo Procto
    Look at your hourly temp app on your phones.
    Dr. Duane A. Gruber

  24. If Jupiter is the reason we have so much water . How you explain Planets with more water then Earth I other solar Systems

  25. Global warming is used to tax the poor for the riches excess.

    Why tax polluting corporations when it's so much more fun to take the last pennies from the destitute.

  26. Hey Anton
    Can you create something like a discord server where we can all share our thoughts and debate some spacey topics ? Hope u ll read this comment 👍

  27. Mars had life later then your's or others hypotheses. Jupiter may have been the victim of a type of high intensity beam of radiation light wave length, which penetrated to it's core and brought about the sudden changes Perhaps from a collapsing star. And Mars was an innocent bystander who was just to close for them not to be effected. In fact a chain reaction could have brought about most of these events including earths own changes in the past. A galaxy wide dominoes affect. Which would explain a number of oddities which otherwise seem like random events. The paradigm would fit in a scientific model.

  28. You were very gentle with human caused climate change deniers , Its practically only economists and vested interests that hold that view and even then not honestly . Anyone else is an ill informed tool.