Unusual Features Revealed by Most Detailed Map of Titan

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Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a newly created map of Saturn’s moon Titan that reveals interesting features.
Study: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41550-019-0917-6

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  1. Would you please stop calling RTGs "essentially a nuclear reactor"? If you must add information after saying RTG, how about saying something like "This converts the natural radioactive decay heat from a little plutonium directly into electricity".

    There is no nuclear chain reaction going on in an RTG. Thus it is not essentially a nuclear reactor. It does not have the scary failure mode of a meltdown that a nuclear reactor has, which is why it's important to not conflate the two in public information dissemination.

  2. Liquid water was also confirmed on Mars and on the moon Europa (and I believe also on the moon Encelledis – not sure of the spelling).

  3. I hope to buy a shirt from you after Christmas if they are still available. Thank you sir.

  4. Can we map Uranus? Probe it? Go there? Glorious…Titan's surface looks like Reese's PB Cups…

  5. Always wondered if Titan had something to do with the the planet that was destroyed and is the asteroid belt. Since the rotation is opposite of all the other moons!

  6. You mention that river valleys and "rain" features are common on Earth but you illustrated that comment with a U-shaped glacial valley. River valleys tend to be V-shaped if they're erosional or broad and flat if the river is meandering

    1. … excellent point, Tony. I think Anton excludes key-informstion, intentionally, to drive a classical narrative. Cassini did find valleys that were not consistent with long-term erosion from rain. The majority appear to have been machined in a much different manner. Again… these key-facts are maddeningly withheld from conversation…

    2. @Banyuaigo I can't comment about exclusion, I just thought it reflected a layman's understanding of erosion and geomorphology or "Titanmorphology" if you will. Once we can really study Titan no doubt we'll be surprised by the processes involved

  7. IF TITAN HAS "SMOG " Doesn't that mean there is Un-Intelligent life on it just like the type in LA Traffic ??

  8. Go visit there? It looks like the clay desert of Australian – except frozen.

    1. dude, there is literally no water, he said liquid and liquid can be basically anything, that liquid on titan is frozen methane

    1. nuclear weapons is a pretty outdated weapon, russians and the us now harvest antimatter that is "quite" more effective

    2. I'm hoping he was talking about a nuclear power source for a probe, @spaghetti yummy. Weren't you, Jeffrey?

  9. that was a pretty hard landing for a moon with really low gravity…….

    1. Gravity? You mean the bending of a conceptual medium that has no basis in reality?

  10. Thanks Anton for a very interesting video. I never would have imagined a moon having so much variation. We can call it a mini E (earth). Anyway sorry for the lame joke. I really love watching your channel. Your friend, Kim

  11. "extraterrestrial planet" sounds very odd to me, like every and each planet except of earth is extraterrestrial, lmao

    1. @lebanem carl you simply didn't get it, did you? like each planet is extraterrestrial by default so there is no need to say extraterrestrial planet because it makes an impression earth has more planets than one or like the earth was composed from more than one planet

      hope you get it now

  12. Who would actually press dislike on Anton's videos… and why? I really wonder…

    1. Sadly, there are a number of anti-science trolls that deliberately follow him in order to argue [on every single post] that all of science is a lie. 🙄

      You get your Luddites, your maths-phobics, your flat-earthers, your "young earth" idjits that think the whole kit and kaboodle are only about 6 thousand years old, your moon-landing deniers… and that's just a few versions. They're all idjits (they're not even good enough to have the term idiot spelled correctly… that's why I call them idjits).

      If you run across one in the comments, it's not worth it to even argue with them.

    2. @Mary Ann Bittle ooh, that's disheartening to hear, indeed…

      I have delved into many educational channels in many topics and it's so rare to find a channel like this actually…
      One that just limits itself to explain and divulge scientific papers…

      I really appreciate Anton's work…

      Thank you for your answer Mary Ann and I take heed of your advice…

      By the way, do you happen to have any other good channel suggestions in any scientifical, phylosophical or even political topics?

  13. I propose building the probe out of titanium. If we find any aliens chilling there it'll be a good joke to break the ice.
    The first interplanetary meme

  14. Imagine your philosophical approach to the universe when you are born to a moon.

    I think you would skip the idea that you are the centre of the universe given the giant world you orbit and the sun that planet orbits would give you a unique outlook on your position in the solar system.

    1. No such thing as planets or orbits. You've been fooled by CGI and pseudoscience.

  15. Almost 400,000 Subs 😁👍 Thank you for all the work you have been putting out on your channel 🙏

  16. I wonder how the climate of Titan will alter as the Sun gets hotter. When will the time come when this moon is too warm for its low gravity to hold it's atmosphere?

  17. Hi it sound good, but I think they should go to the moons of Jupiter and the three of the moons of Saturn. Iapetus and Enchiladas, titan. They should go to Neptune and three of it moons and Uranus and it's moons and back to Pluto and three of it's moons. This will cost a lot of money but in the long run it be super good for every one.

    1. Well, yes, to both, since the word means water in one of the NA languages, and both the place and the lake were named that using that same word, from the same language.

    1. Why? There's not much sunshine there. There's not much gravity there. It's cold.

    2. Well it’s probably the closest we’ll ever get to another earth

  18. I really think it's too cold for life. It would still be neat to visit though.

  19. I would say Enceladus is just as good of a candidate for the first discovery of 'ET' life as Titan is, but it's exciting nonetheless!

  20. Hey Anton, have you made a video on the huge black hole that shouldn't be possible yet?

  21. I really like the bit of music you play at the start, but it's gotten too quiet!