Why Globalism Matters – ROBERT SEPEHR

For many years, the world has hummed a sweet, optimistic tune, about the benefits of globalization, with the mainstream media constantly touting the advantages of an increasingly inter-connected world, with little appreciation for its uneven benefits. https://atlanteangardens.blogspot.com/2019/11/why-globalism-matters-robert-sepehr.html

Robert Sepehr is an anthropologist and author




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  1. "mom why is that man walking through the bushes?"

    "He's an anthropologist, my sweet child"

  2. The bolshevik version of globalism is to destroy Europeans and eventually all of western civilization.

    1. @Jay Perez you can easily read about the bolsheviks, so please explain what here is disinformation?

    1. Yes…the Enemy of our enemy should be our friend…we should love Russia…but Islam [ and Israel Bolshivics ] does not.

    2. @Rose C Putin is a knight of Malta just like trump is…they are very good at pretending to hate each other. The matrix is so deeply established that all we can do is have faith in ourselves…stop worshiping false idols and gods.

    3. @Rose C İf you worship your enemy s friend then you are destoryd and nothing learn from the past.

    4. The Kremlin still push alot of the propaganda. The oligarchy rules the country.

    1. thank you, I could not for the life of me remember! at first I was like "hotel california??? no that's not it…"

    2. @GLEVUM REX Hearing that reminded me of Igor Presnyakov's acoustic rendition. You should look it up.

  3. 0:22 – It now occurs to me that these mandatory fences around bodies of water including our own backyard pools in some areas were put in place as another fear tactic. If you put an infant in water the infant will swim. This I know So if you never instill the fear anyone at any age will do the same O:)
    … I mean, think about it … "Help! Ive fallen in water! The Water Is Going To Kill Me! Im Drowning!"…. Not if you enjoy the new experience … unless your a witch, in which case you will sink. So, fear not or you will sink like a witch

    1. 2:07 – DO NOT WEAR WORDS ON SHIRTS! By Doing This You Allow Them To Put Words In Your Mouth! Stop It Now!

    2. It also now occurs to me that we need more How To Make videos on youtube since boycotting china is proving difficult since most everything is made cheaply there …and Now is the time to perfect your God Given talents and skills…. cant say this enough, as the playing field is level on all levels atm O:) Do Your Thing

  4. Ah… The money connection. Small wonder that They hide free energy. They want to retain the ability that money provides to create a global controlmind (government). I work to globally free Us from globalization. Humbly, I request that You investigate My work, which I offer here on the tubes. Love always!

  5. Globalism consists of evil plan to enslave the masses by lying, tricking and stealing by a group of bonafide deep state snakes who hide like cowards.

    1. dude .. if u live in Denver, have a job, paying taxes .. have a license from the state to do anything, including license to allow u to fart in public .. u are already a slave ..

  6. Someday I feel sure I'm going to be sitting outside somewhere, when a really tall guy with a dog and a cameraman following behind will randomly pass by, and I'll immediately know it's Robert Sepehr.

    1. Robert sets up the cameras himself before the shot, like Les Stroud. He is a badass.

  7. Globalism = No respect for Cultural Diversity. When you force people of different beliefs to live together, the result is chaos and death.

    The 13 Families emerged from Egypt. They are the Pharoahs of old.

    1. Shieena Living Waters what 13 families? Could you give me something to read up on?

    2. @Ermin Uzunic They are the ones destoryd the ancient egypt and the atlantis they are corrupt power hunger pharoahs from egypt

    3. Ermin Uzunic just search engine 13 bloodline families it's that easy

    1. reversal of everything since the civil war and act of 1871 is essential to restore order of people over corporations and banksters. when taxes are against businesses and people control government we will be empowered and they will be slaves…as it should be.
      that's what truly happened, they changed you from agrarian 80% rural society to an industrial slave who was responsible for the taxes. now agenda 21 makes private lands impossible for the plebs.

    2. @duckvenom it is why Lincoln was killed and why Andrew Johnson was impeached

    3. @greyhaze ind Fun thing. As soon as you want free movement of money or promote crypto currency then globalism is bad and you are basically a Nazi. Just look at the reaction to bitcoin before they realized that they could not control it. They sent court orders to people talking about bitcoin to stop. And once they discovered that they can't stop it they started talking crap about it 24/7 in mainstream media.

  8. Robert please do a episode on the good and bad of amateur archeology. The right and wrong of Pay to Dig Sites.

  9. I've been telling people of this for years..I even include Kennedy into the group which sounds strange to most… Kennedy and Hussein..what's their connection? Currency and it's control.

    1. yes this exactly SILVER CERTIFICATES he was going to crush the cia and end the fed HELL YES!!

    2. @gii SB The group of brave people trying to break out of the globalist world bankster cabal's control.

  10. 13 families 13 tribes. This is not just a financial/political plan this is a messianic, spiritual, magical, satanic cabal

  11. Off topic, but…….What was the best bench you ever sat upon, where was it, what design? TYSM

  12. Nothing else matters… love that song. Your weather looks beautiful. Thank you for the video and have a great week! (Video makes me sad though. I don't like how the world is going.)

    1. Sticking your head in the sand won't make it better. In fact, it will get much worse unless we all work together.

    1. Sometimes buildings collapse at free fall speed into their footprint because a fire next door to it had jet fuel which occasionally burns hot enough to melt steel. It's not too hard to believe if you take your fluoride tablets and watch msnbc

    2. Meanwhile Ghislaine Maxwell is walking the dog somewhere in Brazil so it is said.

    3. What is epstine distracting us from makes me more fearful on a level. Or such a sacrifice, years of practicing what he did, made his sacrifice more powerful than usual?

    4. Brazil is a big hide out. Anderson Cooper has a hide out there. Keep an eye out.

  13. I known of this for a long time and I'm glad you bringing this up. thanks!! Robert

  14. I wander who’s going to work and do all the high tech jobs when Europe will be no more?

    1. Joyce Joy Just Europe is gone? We would still have California, India, China, Japan and few more places known for “high tech jobs”.

    2. @Pwn3540 Except maybe Japan, none of those places would last without Europeans. Even the Japanese most likely won't last very long.

    3. @Calvin Turner The assault is in full play in Japan. Watch a couple hours of NHK and you'll story after story about the push for multiculturalism in Japan. I watch a lot of NHK as I don't have cable, only have over-the-air broadcast channels. Course, it's being sold as a cure for the ills of their demographics. Sad. BTW – the original Japanese were a white race. That's why you'll see a lot of very Caucasian looking Japanese people – some look more caucasian than oriental. A lot of Japanese men have very heavy facial hair, too. Something you won't see in your garden variety oriental/asian (read: chinese, korean, etc.).

  15. The end goal? A One World Communist Government where people only serve to finance the elite and their military which will be used against the people. No more free speech, no more freedom of religion. Diversity around the World is a beautiful thing, forcing diverse cultures into one nation really isn't. It results in chaos, which is exactly what they want so that they can offer the solution for order which will be a One World Government. Ordo ab chao.

    1. @TheFinnmacool Bravo ! Yes your right ! Keep writing beautiful things like this ! Because what we write down becomes Fact ! I know I study metaphysical everything 2 books written b4 they happened > Hijack Ca & Titanic ; ) Write a Beautiful Story for the Whole World God Bless The USA & its beautiful ppl ! its in the Sophia book keep praying a Jesus Christ said to pray for 100,000 a day to wake up ! I pray for a million a day : ) and Be at Peace Jesus Christ said their magic wont work anymore ! Keep writing and praying ! GOD Bless the World !

    2. The wealthy will have their consciousness uploaded into bio computers and the rest will die from polluted food genetics created by monsanto/bayer

    3. The end goal also consists of white genocide, Aryans can't be controlled like Africans, Asians and Mexicans. We create, we have and we experience Gnosis like no other race.

    4. The end goal is in place already. We live it every day. Low IQ, and or propagandized mobs fall for the bullshit.

    5. @Peter Carmody we're not at the end yet, the end will be worse, unless we stop it, and we will

  16. The hateful globalist media peddles their propaganda and lies. We are Cassadra's echo chamber, it seems, most of the time.

  17. You should have a DVD series. I would buy all your work. You keep making more and one day maybe people will teach future generations your work like I will one day teach my children your work.

  18. I hope you are getting a Bitchute channel ready. Like creating a new currency Facts are not cared for here on ThemTube.

  19. One of your best video ever !!!…Because of this video I became a Patreon supporter.

    1. I’m not too familiar yet with Patreon,but have an account and am learning . Does Patreon censor?

    2. @Jess hi Jess ,patreon is where to send money to support Robert so he can continue to make videos and therefore bring us this much wanted information

    3. @Jess yeah it's basically a way to support people. If the creator actually uses it as intended. They will upload videos that they don't release on channel or give you the opportunity to watch it first, and other perks that should be listed and are usually based on your level of support but everyone does it differently it's kinda up to the creator. I haven't checked out his patreon. I will try and look at it and maybe be able to give you more information? Hopefully that made sense and was helpful. Peace And the censoring question is questionable they have deplatforned at least 2 accounts I know of but both channels pushed the limits not that is any excuse in my opinion. This is my understanding, I could very well be not exactly right.

    4. Phil Johnson Yes. Me too. I’ve decided to support Robert’s content. Who else is talking about this?!

  20. Hello Robert💙💙 Thank you for brightening my weekend with another very informative video..you always have exceptional content.. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. I miss Buffy🐕. I always look forward to seeing your videos..💙💙

  21. They are literally thinking that this is going to be successful. They are literally fighting like crazy to make this happen. If anyone recalls the insanity of Mandela's funeral. let me remind you. Remember the fake sign language guy? Remember the scripted esoteric coded language eulogy that Mandela's children gave during the funeral. This should be on YouTube.

    1. @Tamara French
      'Fake' interpreter at Nelson Mandela memorial

      Sign Language Interpreter Translates Mandela Memorial Impostor's Signs

      Mandela's memorial: the interpreter who wasn't .

      Thelma on incorrect use of sign language by the interpreter at Madiba's memorial

    2. Fr33masonry. They think they fool us with the numerology, symbols, and handshakes.

  22. When money circulates there is prosperity when it is horded there is recession… that is the problem with gold – the rich will hoard it. thats why Sparta issued base iron slugs for currency. Paper is fine . It just needs a date on it; that every time it changes hands it would be re-dated to keep it from expiring.

    1. But history also tells out that governments that can print money into existence will. They will then proceed to print it OUT of existence and THAT has a running record of 100% so far. It's not gold that is the problem but men's ambitions.

    2. The problem is creating currency out of thin air. Currency has to be a medium to enable the nation to make transactions. It should be limited to the financial capacity of the nation and be adapted accordingly if this changes.

    3. or we could get rid of which ever Amendment to the Constitution that allowed the Federal Reserve. The Constitution gave Congress the power to coin money. no one else. and they said to coin money, not to print notes.
      I wonder what the American economy would be like if we actually for once in our history ran the government like the Constitution said to?

    4. @greyhaze ind Constitution is already dêãd. Free speech is gone. There's only one solution.

    1. Unfortunately most people will forget after only just a few minutes… …as soon as their face book notification goes off…

    1. And this is what the Boers fought against, first Anglo-Boer War (1880-1881), second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902)…

    2. Yes, as an American I care about the people being attacked there. Keep getting the word out.

    3. Spoorsnyer : every white South African should automatically be given the right to return to their place of origin, not be left to the slaughter

    1. Cringe Nazi I do love this guy, he has been made a villain by those who oppose.

    2. @Sister Shiksa what up sista! Where you been hiding? Nice to see you around! Peace

  23. I hope that this video doesn't have any dire consequences for this channel. This is probably the greatest secret that is being kept from the general public. It's all about power and money and the limits that they will go to in order to protect their status as the real rulers of this world. But then I think you know as well as I do that there is always one man on top and when you finally get there you find out that it is the Devil himself and all the the so-called puppets that he uses to run this world are nothing more than pawns in his end goal of trying to take over as God here on Earth. He may rule now but time is running short and the information is not as unobtainable as people may think. Of course you do have to think.

    1. That's right. It's not only the greatest secret, but also the most important topic. Props to Robert for risking his channel to cover it.

    2. If you have been following…..
      Robert has been disclosing.
      For those with eyes to see and ears to hear.
      Also—- it is very, very wise to be reading the comment section.

    3. @Jeff Not the greatest secret. What is true human wealth?
      What is true sovereignty?

    4. @carefulcarpenter That's why I make sure to never miss a video. He is getting to the nitty gritty pretty soon.

    5. TBull Cajunbreadmaker Gosh I know! I can’t believe this truth teller has not been shut down.

  24. Trust in who we are , and nothing else matters. Never care for what they say, never care for games they play and nothing else matters.☀

    1. When conditioned by Globalist institutions AND entertainment industry from the cradle on up, then there is no knowing our true nature, as our perception has been tainted! People identify with exterior things and responses of emotional nature, and think that is "who" they are! Knowing the true Self is a far deeper undertaking and requires the undoing of the ego! The ship of Globalism has left the shores long time ago, and it isn't sailing into the sunset! The great cleansing of earth is at our doorstep, the state of human affairs between humans is perversion, corruption and the rest! This habitual way of being will not change, as we know how hard and slow habits are to change!!
      It matters little if one doesn't care about anything they do, if you are directly confronted and you react to it, that very nature is still part of you, and THAT is what needs to be transformed! The masses do not know about this or are not interested and that's why the ship must stay its course! It WILL not be a "rude" awakening, but a nasty one!!! Then we will find out what we're really made of, and I'm afraid many will go insane, because a society who has created a life of conveniences have never had the training ground to bear difficulties=easy pray!!

    2. @vortex162 I totally understand what you're saying and I too say it because in my own life it had to collapse Into a thousand pieces before it was stripped away and I saw the truth about myself, three times that's happened and each time the layers fell away. I say it everyday, we will only change when the world is thrown into darkness, it is there, they will see themselves, their egos will dissolve.Programming starts in the womb and whatever we are programmed with creates layer upon layer, we are now tuned into frequencies and symbolic images through media and advertising and technologies along with school, parents, peers, environments. It isn't until you face death or have everything taken away including your dignity and pride ( Dark Knight of the soul ) do you see the wood through the trees and yes its devastating, this is the place where people decide to leave our earth but its also the place where you become your true authentic self and your soul wants to help the world. I nearly took my.own life once, I was saved by grace who.intervened and collapsed it all.into waves.The spiritual community can pray for love and peace as much as they want it will only come when man faces his own shadows, I believe in love and peace so I create it in my own life but I stand up to injustice because I'm driven to do so by my heart and soul. I ask people everyday what would you do if someone was coming to kill your family? Would they take the passive approach? I know that parts of themselves would rise to the surface they were totally unaware of and they'd become the person they fear the most and things no longer have meaning. I don't believe in violence,I was born into it and my whole life I've despised it but I know if it all collapsed ( society) and the dog eat dog mentality took over , who I would have to become to protect myself and my family. They may throw us into chaos or lead us into blindly but through the chaos great awakenings happen and great feats of courage and strength people never knew they had rises and through the fog they see what truly matters. I may come on here and people think I'm crazy but only because they haven't walked in my shoes. The puppet masters control our themes,they've locked us all into themes they keep intact through their brainwashing when we are on this planet to break those old themes once and for all. They hijacked our symbolic minds , the language of our hearts and souls and tuned us all into their symbology. Why do do you think they practise magic then tell us its nonsense? Why do they hide all the sacred knowledge? They practise astrology and rituals but tell us its nonsense, I am telling g you its very real, imagine if the masses did mass rituals with the intention to bring the elite down. Chaos is coming , riots in the streets, we need a leader or maybes we all must become leaders and light up the shadows with truth combined. Black, white, this, that, its all bullshit, we are all.people no matter what our tribe or vibe we are all.human beings and together we can change the world for the better so the little ones can live in peace. ❤☀🗽⭐

  25. Propertarian constitution is the fix. End usury banking and enforce reciprocity.

  26. Please continue to document your movements via video and consider live streaming the capture when you are in public quiet places with few witnesses. This information is very important and I shared to facebook but I worry about you. I consider you a friend for your many gifts of knowledge (even though embracing these truths has caused me some discomfort among my friends and family) and have for you the fondest wishes of health, wealth and happiness.

    Buffy will smell you were at the park without her, you know. They smell in ‘technicolor’. Better take a treat home with you!

  27. Why to bring in the new world order, in the midst of chaos and divide and rule, they planned it all

  28. where's your sweet dog? Love where you live. Thanks for taking on this topic!
    Why no one else speaks out is despicable!! So sad!
    Thanks Robert. You're terrific!

    1. thebegining100 riot. Stop work, come together as natives and share our reserves while we oust out our corrupt overlords and paedophiles.

    2. ​@Robert R I already have nothing to lose, and I'm getting sick of how quickly the world is going to hell. I'm not starving but I don't even wanna live in a world that will get much worse than it is now. It sucks feeling like we can't do anything, and anyone acting alone to try to fight this just gets called a terrorist in the MSM, so that option isn't great. I guess I'm just waiting for some trigger event to happen so I can join in with everyone else.

  29. I get a notification . It the one I have been waiting for the whole weekend. 0.07 in and the music Robert your man of good taste. This goes to all your work. Ps I live in South Africa. I am from fresian decent.

  30. For those of us that understand 🗣 the significance of this, thank you Robert

  31. What they did to Gadaffi was so bad – Cameron and that french twat owed him money also

    1. Sarközy is not French, he is half Hungarian from his father, and Greek-Jewish from his mother side.

    2. Gadaffi said if he were to be removed Europe would turn black. He was right.

    3. 0x07aVRE 5132

      Ffs It’s amazing how just a bit, a taint is a enough to poison.

  32. They plan things to coincide with astrological alignments. Some riots are wanted, what are they achieving? It would take for the majority to stand up

    1. I was about to post this. The laws of the universe dictate that the globalist trend will reverse from the least expected source. It is the virtue of de. Do not fear. A hero will come. The king will return.

  33. Globalism is like preventing your body from isolating and healing a disease by giving the disease full access to the entire body from the start. National borders give us a chance to identify bad policy or culture in other nations and then keep it from arriving in our own country. Globalism circumvents the will of the people and gives total power to a few corporations.

  34. Gaddafi, one of the most misunderstood , villainized leaders of our time. Way outside the box was he, definitely a threat to the agenda.

    1. arlene hueholt – he had built incredible water systems to ensure everyone had fresh clean water and the US destroyed them,after he was dead. The US (NWO cabal) is not about helping “the countries people” by getting the “evil dictators” out. It is about getting control of the resources and making the country dependent on UD aid so they can control the money too. Leverage.
      If you see through the impeachment BS, the information about the dealings with Ukraine is very revealing as to how the US interacts with and controls other countries.

    2. @Free Thought Domain even the U.S. is controlled by the Money Masters. IMF, Federal Reserve. The U.S. does their bidding like a big , steroid using , muscle bond enforcer.

    3. arlene hueholt “one of the most misunderstood, vandalized leaders of our time” was/is Hitler.

  35. I've been waiting for someone to ask and attempt to answer this question. Probably one of the most relevant and important questions of our day.

  36. Thank you for jogging me out of the brainwashing. I was thinking of late, that a WWO was the way forward.

  37. Thank you Robert for all the great work.
    Your videos by far the are the best, raw facts and no BS.
    Keep up the amazing work.

  38. WOW, Robert Sepehr.!!
    I've been impressed with your work for years now but this puts you on an even higher pedestal.!
    Excellent work. Thank you.!
    <3 😉
    Just say NO to NWO globalism.!!

  39. The cabal just keeps working towards the ultimate goal of global domination. They don’t care what side wins. They finance both sides involved . They, the cabal, foment wars as often as possible just to have the means by which to manipulate affairs of the state.Europe is doomed. The immigration was the the death blow. It simply hasn’t taken full effect yet.

    1. james williams Don’t know who or what they’ll hear it from, other than a lone voice crying in the wilderness, such as Robert here.

  40. "Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith YAHWEH, and touch not the unclean [thing]; and I will receive you,"

    ~ 2 Corinthians 6 : 17

  41. Another outstanding video, thank you Robert! I wish I knew for sure about Trump! Is Trump a good guy draining the swamp from behind the curtain or is he just another order follower? What do you think Robert?

    1. Draining the swamp lmao. I can't believe people fell for that sh1t. Anyone who opposes the plan meets the same fate as Ghaddaffi and Kennedy.

  42. Nationalism is the way to go.
    You're village is a brick in the support structure of the world. Take pride in your brick and the structure will remain forever.

    Let the Africans dig their own ditch and refuse aid once they collapse. Save the Boer and fuck the rest.

  43. Good time to all – dear Mr. Sepher. We have looked at this video 2 times. What fantastic + depositing of information. We will see what will happen to 5 banking system of five country. Mr. Robert god speed your work. And let's your sheen of knowledge to be on US all

  44. Who will be the leader, rallying the natives to take back their homelands? When will the repartiations begin?

    1. who will be the leader? we don't need a leader. Be the change you want to see, don't wait for it.

  45. Spot on… and what Iran is going through right now, with their banks and gasoline prices, I think it's a part of this same agenda, globalization… the banksters have wanted to get their hooks into Persian territory for a while. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a (de)stabilizing intervention in the region in the near future.

  46. In terms that a Green Bay Packer fan would understand—- "Robert is a Bad, Bad, man!" 🌿🐡

  47. I am a South African viewer and subscriber. Thank you for showing the truth about my country. We are voiceless over here. Thank you Robert for being our voice ❤️

    1. @Destian Light If I understand correctly they have strict gun laws and it is very hard to get proper permits. Many of Americans are blind to why we are so lucky to be able to own protection.
      @Z P so sad for what is happening to your beautiful country. It is your country as the blacks there are not indigenous to SA but invaders. Right?

    2. I wish I could help you my white brother. I am deeply ashamed that American whites, and Europeans have not helped you. I will bring this to the attention of everyone who will listen.

  48. Robert thanx for touching this subject, can you do more on globalism, cabal and Soros. Also it's ties with UN and China

  49. Those in charge/running a Globalist government would always thrive, as it is very easy to when you have total control over basically every aspect of the world combined. But for those not in control over it, those living under it, what will you do the very first time things start to turn sour? Migrate elsewhere? Where would you go if it’s a GLOBAL government? Revolt? I don’t see how it could be possibly anything but extremely difficult at the very least to organize a rebellion throughout the whole world.

  50. Great as ever shared in the hope People wil see or hear or feel with there ❤ and soul we have been lied on there is so much hidden from us . Hope for peace love grace and honor and justice and truth. blessings to you brave man thank you for all the great work you do ⭐🙏💖

  51. you are a bold, brave man, Robert. i have loved your work these past few years and rarely comment but felt a strong nod to so in response your video today. thank you so much for what you do. i can't contribute monetarily atm, but i tell my friends of your amazing channel whenever the opportunity arises. keep on keeping on 🙂



  53. It’s not Global versus local
    it’s both
    Just as you need to be healthy before you can help your family
    before you can help your community
    If everyone performed ethically in their local environment
    Then the planet would be perfect on a global level
    get it

  54. Creating videos that exposes globalism is extremely brave, because they are constantly attacking those that understand what is going on.

    1. Most channels that speak out on them will be axed in 1 week. I hope people are prepared for what's coming on. Going to b1tchute won't change anything, they control that too.

  55. The U N is just another way of saying NWO of they knew what the out come was going to be

  56. I'm originally from South Africa as well, of German and Dutch descent. I haven't forgotten our people there. Thank you for speaking the truth Robert.

    1. @Michael Petrovich The k1łl1ngz from iñvādêr Bâñtūs started decades ago.

  57. Say hello to my grandbaby number 8, Mathew Kalen, born at 11.08, moved into a new home 11.11, at door number 111 🚼⭐🌟🌠

  58. Down with the Tower of Basel! Global banking cabal and legalese keeping us enslaved since Babylon…

    1. Freudian slip? Funny you typed BaSel: Bank of International (Jesuit) Settlements sits there!!

  59. We are screwed. Enjoy America while it lasts. We live in the last era of freedom. Most people cant change a tire, much less change anything else.

  60. Most excellent video. Probably five years back when I heard Putin addressing the gold issues (even good v evil), it all became clear to me what had gone on with Libya (and other situations). Putin's display of humanity then, and many times since, his position on globalism and his nationalistic pride told me that we have more in common than we have been 'led' to believe. thank you Robert:D I also enjoyed the interview very much

  61. Yes! Since the Empire wrought havoc with 'The Boer War' and concentration camps, it seems these industrious hardworking people have been earmarked for genocide. As usual, in the name of 'liberation' and 'independence' the extreme end of communist dystopian logic has prevailed and the world's media remains mute in the West as SA is a foretaste of what's developing elsewhere. Maniacal Murderer Mandela stands proudly facing off the SA Embassy as some throwback to a bronze age. They import feral killers to run riot on the whites much as the same factions flooded the South with Northern black slaves in the atrocities of the civil war, seeding interracial strife ever since. "Where da food, b'woss'? they wonder as another farm is laid to waste ….

  62. The corporate mainstream media are a gangster mafia controlled by the people who enslave us. The FED and the central banks are our oppressive enemy

  63. Well done mate. I've been looking into this for a while. Although I have learned nothing new, my trust in your work confirm my findings

  64. Muy util para entender la REALIDAD. Gracias. Su herramienta mas efectiva para controlar la riqueza generada por el trabajo real es el dinero de papel.

  65. Karen Hudes speaks about the World's Gold and how each town will be responsible to direct money/ commerce in their fashion. The Treaty of Versailles Bonds are now available to us after a 50 year statue of limitations is over. The compound interest on these bonds alone bankrupt the banks and give the world's countries the financial backing to rejuvenate the monetary system in each existing city/town/community. She has been attacked by scaluare (spelling?) weaponry and also has been imprisoned while trying to get this information out to the public. As a lawyer who believes that lawyer profession has been extremely compromised, she speaks of the 100th money effect to a critical mass that will turn our e-commerce system on it's ear!

  66. Not to worry. All this is merely symptomatic of our being a maladapted species. The sad thing is that we're taking so many other species down with us.

    1. The populists, or general population, has not really much control of this situation. You can’t really blame the average man for being “unfit for survival”. This is your morality?

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    Stay prayerful with us Americans, friends and comrades. Do not fear and love one another.

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    I have been a dedicated follower of your channel and your work for a while now. Today I wish to urge you to look into the Brave browser and it's Basic Attention Token. It is a browser geared towards privacy with a built-in crypto based token that acts as a means of donation (or tipping) to registered creators of content (free to register). To put it short, it may be the last, and/or best, option we have of subverting the youtube, google, facebook, etc. totalitarian regime of ad revenue distribution to the creators. Check it out! I don't normally shill things on the internet, but i truly believe in this project and would love to be able to leave you a donation.

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