Why is there something rather than nothing?

Why existence? Why is there something rather than nothing? Why are we even here at all.We know a lot about the “how” and the “What” of our existence, but we don’t know much about the “why” of our existence…yet it may be the most important question of all, maybe even the most important question in the Universe.

Why are we here? Most people in the world believe that God created the universe. Many religions explain the “why” of existence in some variation of the anthropic principle, that is, a universe made for the special existence of human beings, or of earth.

But, it is possible if not inevitable that we will find life elsewhere in the Universe, and these explanations will not be complete. So for the moment, let’s explore explanations that could be applied regardless of the existence of God.

SoLet’s first look at what we have – we have a Universe with sentient conscious beings – us – that are here asking this question. These beings have determined that the Universe seems to obey a certain set of laws using the principles of mathematics.

Laws like Newton’s law of gravity. Einstein’s laws of relativity. And Max Plank’s laws of quantum physics. We know this because our experiments have consistently shown this to be true.

So now we can ask the question, why are there these laws? Why not some other laws? Are these laws just arbitrary – meaning they exist only in this Universe. And a different set of laws could exist in an alternate universe.

Could other laws have existed if we had been in a different Universe? Why are there any laws at all? Why not no laws? And why should these laws be able to be expressed in mathematics – a language that we mere humans happen to comprehend?

To answer this, I am going to borrow shamelessly from Jim Holt’s Ted talk on why the universe exists. I encourage you to check it out.

The simplest form of existence would be nothing. What could be simpler than that? There would be no matter, no energy, no entropy, no time, no laws, no nothing.

You would not need much to describe it. It would be simple. And guess what, we wouldn’t be here to ask this question. So clearly the Universe is not nothing. It is definitely something, because I am here. You are here.

On the other end of the simplicity scale, would be the most complex universe imaginable. This could be a universe that doesn’t have a set of laws. It would be completely chaotic, unpredictable laws that we could not figure out, appearing not to follow anyset of rules that we could decipher.

In such a Universe, could life exist? Probably not. Life as we know it, needs some stability. It needs some basic properties that are consistent over time. Time needs to exist in it so that events can take place. It needs energy that can be used by living things to grow…and thrive…and reproduce.

Somewhere in between the simplicity of nothing, and complete chaos exists our universe. It is not particularly elegant or special. There are lots of big things we don’t understand such as dark energy, dark matter, gravity. Our mathematics, so far, can’t answer all our questions. There is suffering. There is disease. There is death.

This world is not a heaven — where there is no suffering for sentient beings. It is also not a world with all misery either. There are plenty of awe-inspiring things to be happy about. There is love. There is generosity. There is happiness too. So our universe is somewhere in between nothing and total chaos. Total bliss and complete misery.

And if we did happen to be in a Universe with total bliss or total misery – would we even want to live in it? Would we really have a purpose?

And if you consider that we probably would not exist in the extreme ends of the spectrum of all the possible universes we could live in, there are an infinite number of universes in between total simplicity and complete chaos, and in between total bliss and total misery.

It is possible that existence is inevitable, that “nothing” is not possible, or highly unlikely. And if that is the case, then the mediocre, non-special universe we live in should be expected.

And specifically it exists for us because we have the consciousness, the intelligence, the awareness and the privilege be here to ask the question of why are we here.

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  1. I like your channel, but what did you answer? This question can not even be answered by the creator of this Universe itself.

    1. Well, ok, it's a loaded question, but not for the reason that theocrats like to assume.

  2. Is a universe of complete chaos a possible universe? I don't think it is.

    Without some sort of order or structure nothing could be. Forces couldn't exist because one thing exerting a force on another thing implies some sort of relationship, a structure. Without forces there could be no atoms. Even electrons require order, charge, spin, energy, frequency all require some sort of structure or order to be. Complete chaos is not a possible universe.

    An empty universe without nothing also can not exists. How could it? The answer "it just is" doesn't work because "is" means to exists and that universe wouldn't exist. The only possible other answers, "it just isn't" would mean such a universe is not possible, QED.

    So something must exist and it if it exists there must be some way that it is. Thus "how does the universe exist?" is a reasonable question.

    "Why does the universe exist?" isn't a reasonable question because answers to that question either just lead to either another why question "why {insert answer to previous why question}? " or some brute fact that just is (no answer to the "why" question). Thus "why does the universe exists?" will never have an answer.

  3. I suspect we are part of the computer programme designed to find the answer.

  4. nothing is just a word devoid of meaning in physics, especially quantum physics. Get rid of it. It's an ancient notion taken from the creation myth.

    1. In a nutshell: If multiple universes have come and gone, then a universe like ours is bound to exist. Our universe is likely one of may that have existed. We happen to be here because this universe has the right conditions for our kind of life to exist.

  5. There is something because there was going to be something. PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON RETROCAUSALITY. NM I see you already did

  6. Our brains are not designed to make sense of everything. But, consider this. When we dream we make sense of situations that don’t make sense when we awake Clue?

  7. You dont even understand what the question why means. You fail to define it and therefore there can be no use in finding an answer.

  8. Sad, people are either so rich and diverted to consumerism, or so poor they are distracted by the challenge to find just enough food to survive, for these reasons people don't have the time or inclination to ask questions about anything, those who do ask questions are truly privileged

    1. oh shut it I am poor and ask the same question all the time, pondering isn't a fucking luxury.

    1. Not sure I would call a simulation slavery. The simulation could be left alone, and all sentient beings could be making choices of their free will. The simulation could simply play itself out using some set of initial physical laws, and everything else could be derived naturally with no interference.

  9. My theory is: Nothing cannot exist. (since being or doing anything, including existing, prevents it truly being "nothing" )

    If nothing cannot exist, then by there being "nothing" at the start of the universe, it is already in a state of contradiction and thus cannot possibly be truly "nothing" since it supposedly exists.

    That explains why there isn't nothing, but then what explains why is there so much that exists and not just a random, tiniest amount of something to prevent nothing from existing?

    Well in my opinion there's another, if not strange, philosophical answer – literal nothing is the exact same as literal everything.

    The reason this may offer an explanation for the cascade of activity and outcomes (indeed all outcomes) is since nothing is utterly impossible to exist, it "attempts" to retain this non-existence by something taking its proverbial "place" through existing (or perhaps inevitably is converted into something and loses its nothingness) i.e. wherever "something" isn't, nothing would surely be and so is no longer nothingness but a tangible entity in existence.

    This is implausible and so every single conceivable outcome will play out in order to not leave anywhere for "nothingness" to reside.

    After every single outcome occurs you would therefore have literally and genuinely "everything". Everything at all possible or conceivable. If this "everything" could do anything more or interact with anything else to demonstrate its existence it, likewise, would not yet truly be everything.

    And so Nothing and Everything are both the sum total of every single thing wherever, whatsoever and also cannot genuinely "exist" and so only other non-absolute "somethings" must exist and prevent the contradiction of there "being nothing" or "being everything"

    And so the universe is one gigantic cycle, if you like, always seeking new ways to fill the unstable void that nothingness inheritantly creates. (Also kinda explains why entropy always tends towards increasing nothingness as there are ever less outcomes left that have yet to happen to prevent the impending nothingness) The multiverse exists in its smaller pieces yet cannot be observed to exist in its entirety as this would, as I've mentioned, contradict it's very nature – nothing cannot do or be anything, everything likewise cannot do anything and cannot have anything extra to add to it so is, for all intents and purposes, the exact same as the "nothing" that the multiuniverse had no choice but to not be.

    (thank you for anyone who bothered to read that and let me know what you think, I wanted to make it far more concise but was afraid my points wouldn't show enough reasoning without a semi-essay style fleshing out of my admittedly absurd sounding answer…. although is there really any non-absurd answer for the beginning of everything?)

    P.S. I actually wrote this first on another of his videos on the origin of the universe

    1. I guess you could say darkness is like nothing as it doesn't require anything to exist but yet it exist as nothing. Even if it requires someone to see darkness, you could say darkness is as close to nothing as you can get, no matter, no energy just nothingness.

    2. You have to define amount as it is surely relative to another thing, our planet is big compared to us but tiny compared to the galaxy or even the universe

    3. @ZeusHelios but it still would have a defining feature – it's dark, and even if it wasn't the very fact that it exists at all makes it something, whatever that something is, which negates it truly being "nothing" as nothing can not be a thing at all. It is quite literally "no thing".

      But it's a great reply and I always appreciate people engaging me on this topic. You may well be right but this is the way I genuinely see it.

      As for scale, any means of measuring nothing would also give it a defined property to measure and so also negate its non-existence.

  10. Why is there something rather than nothing? Because something is the default state. If there were ever nothing at all there would be nothing now. You can't get something from absolutely nothing. Why do we exist? Due to the laws of physics. The nature of nature, or the nature of energy. Are there other universes? Probably not. It's a hypothesis until it can be proven, and so far it can't be. And if there are, we know nothing about them and anything we say about them is a guess and nothing more, like talking about gods. . This universe is inevitable, not special. It's not set up for us, we evolved from it. It facilitates us, but doesn't favour us. It's not fine tuned for us.

    1. You can See in the atmosphere at times of extreme cold. There are hydrocodones stacked one on top of the other, This proves many dimensions in one! Atmosphere, Just like you Having many brains in one Brain some more developed than Others. But your right . 0 from 0 Is Nothing so God Couldn't have created something that was already there! your pretty Good, I like you.

    2. You are wrong because if it werent tuned we woudnt exist. Not even life. Thats where you are wrong.

      Why is that the default state though? Why must there be consiouss beings? Why not just a universe in the darkness of space with no consiouss beings? You see. If there truly was nothing. Then that would prove god exists. Because its like you said. Something can not come from nothing.

      And i have the answer. And there is actually a nothing.

      And its been in front of every ones faces this whole time.

    3. @William FelixWhen you think about it, what are the odds of seeing a guy riding an Ostridge down your city side walk? Probably pretty low. But once you see it actually happen, the odds are 100 percent.

      The universe is the way it is. It was inevitable, obviously. Or we wouldn't be here to talk about it.

      It's a cause and effect universe where chaos creates order, and takes simplisity to complexity by way of simple rules followed over and over under differant conditions.

      And I never said there had to be consciousness, but it exists, and thus was inevitable due to cause and effect. But consciousness wasn't what was talking about when I said existance is the default state.

      Again, we agree you can't get something from nothing. So were there ever absolutely nothing at all, including a god, then nothing would exist now. That's just simple logic.

      The fact that things do exist makes existance the default state in one form or another.

      The question is, was it created by a god or not? You can't know and neither can anyone else. So personally I can't "believe" there is one, nor that there isn't.

      But I do know nature exists, and we know a lot about how it works. And so far there's no god required anymore if there ever was one. It's unbelievably creative by nature. IE: the nature of energy.

      Is it conscious? It doesn't seem to be and as yet there's no evidence that there is universal consciousness. So like god, it's an unanswerable guess, and therefore adds nothing to our actual knowledge bass.

  11. Sir I noticed that you talked about the creation the universe, but the creation is there to point us to the Creator behind the creation. If you want to know the whys I suggest you first start at the foot of the old rugged cross. There the Creator embraced all the world's suffering when He bore all of my sins and yours upon that cross. If you learn to know the who in Him you will find the whys. For me I find me in my walk with Jesus. I suggest that if you walk with Him you also will find the answer to the what and whys too.

  12. The primordial force is made up of darkness and light but as one energy a bit like the yin/yang symbol shows us, this primordial force originated everything it’s the almighty universal force and some people knows it as GOD which is the energy that is in every living thing (Gods creatures, us humans) you don’t have to believe everything as you all got ur own mind to think ⚡️🤡⚡️

  13. I think we're like a ball of yarn and the universe is the cat. It's having fun screwing with us. Making us think we actually have some purpose other than just being knocked around for fun.

  14. In the British TV Series Dr. Who, the Dr. and a scientist travelled backwards in their time machine to the time of the Big Bang and had with them what was needed to generate a Big Bang and start life in this (time travelling man created) new universe. Of course they returned to safety after they jettisoned their cargo to the proper coordinates.

  15. hol up, isn't there a saying like: nature abhors a vacuum ? so like , humans have hard time grasping,eternity,infinity and void. like physically that is, we can't imagine void to exist cos it's not possible

  16. First you assume that there is no God and try to put your own interpretation on the evidence. There is no scientific evidence for the multiverse theory, the idea of such theories are pulled out of thin air. If something always existed then it violates the second law of thermodynamics which is entropy of a closed system increases, we see increases in randomness all over the universe which makes us predict that the universe had an exact "beginning" from absolutely nothing. Why don't you consider God, it is the only logical and reliable explanation for such a complex question. Because you need both the laws of nature and God to create something and the laws of nature cannot even move a stone from it's place that's why it needs an agent to act upon. God is the agent who acts on this universe and makes all the laws of nature function able.

    1. Everything is Perfect .
      Nothing and Everything equal the Samething . Contemplate on it to see if it makes sense to you .
      That fact that you can identify a "nothing" or "void " makes it a something in this vastness of Everything .
      Your conscious mind is that advanced to comprehend such a concept . What to know How I know this ? God told me . Its like He Downloaded it into my conscious mind and being .

      I know people get pissed when you mention God in conversations like this but it's still the truth and even the concept of God is very relevant in conversations like this. People just get very emotional so pardon me if I offended but it's still the truth .

      Keep in mind to that science is still baffled by the conscious mind. Its's difficult for them to explain it if they can explain it at all . How can you explain something that you cannot measure ? That's a rhetorical question LOL
      Peace Bro ✌ God Bless

      This kind of surpasses Perceptions in points of views. okay I'm done talkin cuz I can talk for hours LOL

    2. @Felix thanks for giving your precious time to tell me this. Have a good time bro.

  17. Is zero nothing? Zero is not even conceivable unless zero is the lack of whatever could have been enumerated. So is zero the same as nothing?

    Nothing to me seems to be like the vanishing point on the horizon … You see nothing further, but that is due to weakness of vision rather any essentially true thing, because nothing is the absence of something, in this example vision and what vision can account for.

    It seems an evolutionary advantage to worry about doing without, but that doesn't make the most extreme poverty of existence any truer essentially.

    1. In deep sleep there are no objects we do not need or miss them then hence tbe pleasure dome of sleeping

  18. Pehaps we are deeply in devered to break any&all Laws just B-cuz it feeds in2 our curiosity in Humans…LoL

    1. @Arvin Ash …Thanks . I love videos like this . Because you responded to me Im going to subscribe …..and the fact that you have great content too .

  19. That's an invalid fishing question mr arvin. 'Nothing' dont exist save its something that can't be acknowledged to exist. Something conscious of its own essence must have a necessary existence without beginnings for us to ponder relatively.

  20. I believe, we are just a result of a specific condition, we can call it as right conditions for us. and laws have an inherent law that it needs to change hence we say no Law. Everything looks like moving in a circle.

  21. People, don’t panic! It’s just a game… remember, this life that we are so drown in it, stuck to it, with our all greeds and sins to keep it, is just one of the levels of this game, take it easy…

  22. We are here because we can and will be here until something decides other wise.

  23. Maybe the universe exists for us, as sentient creatures anyways, to learn how to foster a deep appreciation for our own lives and for the lives of others. Maybe that’s why there’s so many different ways that we can suffer and/or die. Duality. To appreciate the good that much more and evolve spiritually from wherever we were before coming to this plane of existence. To learn how to love and be loved.

  24. There is no meaning to life for there to be a meaning there would have to be a god. There is no god we are a freak of nature.

  25. it is information that is the guide for the creation. Transfer of information between atoms, molecules and every single Known tangible and intangible thing in the world that led to the evolution. The purpose of existence of universe or life is just to conduct evolution of information transferring process.
    "The day When all humans realize it we'll have conquered universes, achieved teleportation and become mere signals".

  26. I believe it was a creator. You said nothing about the question of why there is something rather then nothing. You just described universes

  27. If there truly was nothing. Then that would prove god exists because something from nothing. Well thats just impossible.

    Well guess what? There is a nothing. And that nothingness is where you were before you were consiouss. Before you were born. You werent here. The energy of your body. The matter the atoms. Yes. Those were here. But not your consioness. That means you were nowhere. Meaning you were nothingness. Something brought you into this universe.

  28. You asked if there is a universe with total bliss, would anyone want to live in it? Sign me up!

    Balance is what permits life to occur. Our universe is kinda balanced.

  29. “If you think the universe is made for you, then just go out into space.” 😭😂

    1. A lot of people would have to go to space by that logic. They would not survive. Amd that is the entire point of it. They should not survive.

  30. Hi Arvin – I am a Canadian Senior citizen and I love your video explorations, I also like the questions you ask and the way in which you answer them. Others on u tube r too complex and rambling – though brilliant. Thanks man I like your videos and the way u have of simplifying while nor over-simplifying! Keep them coming pls.

  31. Nature doesn't care, it is it's own thing and makes the rules whether we like them or not.

  32. I don’t think we’ll ever know the answer to this question, after all we’re just an insignificant microscopic blip in the grand scheme of the multiverse… hell this might just be a simulation.

  33. what you saying bruh…we came from the most simple thing and moving towards chaos….kinda relatable to kalyug.

    1. I am not suggesting we are moving towards chaos. Higher entropy does not mean chaos.

    2. yup….entropy is necessary…..but only if it follows certain laws…..

  34. Let’s smoke sometime….and just bullshit over some beer and tacos.

    1. He doesn't really answer the question, because ultimately, NOBODY REALLY KNOWS. And that's basically what the video is about.

  35. We actually don't exist, we are the incarnation of a logical equation in that if nothing existed, then that state of nothingness is inherently something so nothing could never be nothing hence there was and always will be something eternally. And life developed eventually because when something is eternal, any probability of an event happening, no matter how small, becomes inevitable.

  36. People:why do u exists universe?
    Universe:Because energy transfer itself into matter somehow and that's why I existed today lmao

  37. Hi Arvin ! / when I try to ponder the wonder of it all and come up dry I remind myself that “THE UNIVERSE IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO MAKE ITSELF UNDERSTOOD TO US” ha ha! (just sharing)

  38. I did biological studies about our physical bodies and the universe we live in, and I found that life itself is way connected to the biggest forces in our universe, an example all living species or any form of life relay on the transition between shrinking and expanding like exactly how the universe operates, that constant change in the smallest blanc of time is crucial to us to be alive. So the biggest question here is life and matter exist at the same time as the big bang?. Because we have the same physical mechanic.Thanks for the video.

  39. So maybe I'm confused. If there are multiple Universes – what do you call the thing or identity of whatever it is that contains all these other Universes? Cause way back when I was in school – I was taught that the word derived from from the Greeks – where by "Uni" meant "One." Please explain and let me know what the term is what would be used to define what all the other Universes are contained within – WHAT IS IT CALLED? It is hard enough to communicate with other people already – and when we communicate with our own fabricated meanings or redirect of established definitions – regardless of how wonderful it is to have imaginations gone wild – for the better understanding – just how far do we allow the imagination to invent an entire new language that breaks down the desired understanding for other folks?

    1. If there are multiple Universes – what do you call the thing or identity of whatever it is that contains all these other Universes?

      This is all very speculative, of course.
      IF there are multiple universes, then whatever contains all of them is typically known as the "Multiverse", or something similar.

    2. @Hilmar Zonneveld – In the Greek language – which is the origin of the word Universe – the "Uni" part of the word means "one" so Multiverse thus means Multiple versions of "one" or "one's" – makes no sense. Instead of inventing new words or new expressions of objectivity – why not for the purpose of logical conversation – let's stick to the terms and definitions provided. (This would not have made the grade on any term paper I ever turned in – and if these jokers got their PH.D. with an "original thought" – they did so on the evidence that even the people in charge of handing out PH.D.'s did so by abandoning the dictionary). There may be "multiple conditions," "states of matter" of "objects of or within objectivity" of the one and only Universe – those conditions are within the "ONE" and thus do not subdivide the monopoly that the word Universe stands in logical LABELING for the purpose of research and consistency in conversation. Science or scientist who comes up with such "multiverse" notions – as far as definitions are concerned as holding order and logic for a concise conversation on any topic should stick to the conventions of reasoning that our dictionary provides guidance – yet our dictionaries often give way to popular usage – which in no way improves conversation rather most often devalues logic. Then if such "Multiverse" stands as the new label – then soon the "states of matter" will also soon cave into the language to become "Multimatter." For now, the label "Multiverse" has crept into spell check thus acceptance acknowledged – however, "Multimatter" has not made it into the spell check yet – but give it time – no one not even scientists or college professors seem to respect the language anymore. For now when I hear these so-called Ph.D.'s use words like Multiverse or Universes dying and new ones being born (or whatever). I am going to ignore their ignorance and maintain – that the objects or objectivity within the Universe may be grouped with such great distance that perhaps ignorant folk see or "theorize" this condition as being more than one Universe – or that substance and objects all bump into one another after oh say trillions of years in relative time (to some measurement reflective to one or more objects in motion) to make a so-called "big bang" thus a "new" Universe is born – rather than the "renewal" or "change in condition," of the – same old – one and only – lowly – old "Universe." The Greek philosophers – tried their best to provide us with a path to logical reasoning and collective reasoning in the hope for meaningful conversation – however, modern universities seemed to have FAILED that objective – perhaps there is some standing evidence to – prove this point or "theory." Simply ask – Have they graduated anyone in economics that has yet formulated a stable economic system? Have they graduated anyone since Jonas Salk that cured any disease? Have they graduated anyone who has reduced war – NO – more wars than ever? Have they graduated anyone who developed consumer intuitive computers? NO those were all college dropouts. Have universities kept up in any meaningful way in technology? I could go on and on – my point IS: why trust anyone who invents words that kill theory and hypothesis. There is ONLY "ONE" "infinite" and that infinite has no end – otherwise it would not be called "infinite" – the Greeks long ago figured this out and gave it a good name for having conversations. Universe or Multiverse – SO how many of "everything" can you have? So instead of inventing these new words and concepts – why not simply state – we are a "part of" and thus "contained in" the "INFINITE." HOW can you have a Mutifinite? Here is a kind of comparison: How many laws can a government enact – before it can not police any of its laws effectively. Thus how many words can be added to the Dictionary before conversations become difficult to express any evidence. Sure new inventions sometimes warrant new words – but most new words were derived more evolutionary and existing meanings: Examples – Computations for Computer – Photosynthesis adapted to Photography – Objects of glass for objectives of a lens – given several pieces glass mechanically serving what only one lens of the human eye could perform and/or grouped differently to exceed the performance of the human eye. The Infinite – how soon will the Ph.D.s abandon logic and reform that word as well – thus do anything possible to reduce the threat of being out reasoned.

    3. @James Dickens
      In the Greek language… let's stick to the terms and definitions provided.
      I think your problem is that "Universe" is sometimes defined as "everything that exists".
      But see, there are alternative definitions of "Universe".
      Perhaps "Universe" originally DID mean "Everything that exists" – but it makes no sense to harp on what meaning a word or phrase had centuries ago, or even decades ago, when nowadays it is used in a different sense.
      The POINT is, there MAY other universes, realities, or however you choose to call them, that are BASICALLY unreachable for us.
      Other universes MAY have different fundamental physical constants, and thus may behave quite differently.
      Or our Universe MAY be the only one that ever existed and that ever will.
      We don't know one way or the other.
      IF there are other "universes" – in which case, obviously, "universe" NO LONGER means "everything that exists – then a "higher-level" entity would be called the "Multiverse". Sometimes also the "Cosmos".

  40. Simple: "Nothing" is a concept, and a concept is something, and "something" is also a concept, along with a "concept" itself. A concept is something, so therefore, there is something.

  41. we're just here to give female instagram users likes on their selfies to validate them while we get nothing in return.

  42. There is no ensemble of set of laws, that's a contradictory concept since the Universe is all what exists. The answer is, something is the same thing as nothing.

  43. "The Universe obeys mathematics" But what is mathematics? It is nothing but the logical study of relationships, not something in particular. "Laws (relationships) are able to be expressed in mathematics (study of relationships)" is an empty statement.

    1. Nope there would be no nothing, no something, no zero, no number other than zero, no reality as well as nothing other than what is reality even not anything that is not nothing outside of reality.

    2. FlyestOnDatube No Something = Nothing, No Nothing = Something (double negative = a positive). If you say both of these are true, then you subscribe to a logical contradiction.

  44. "Why?" is a childish question. Existence is, it is finite, enjoy it while it lasts.

  45. I looked inside my wallet today and thought, "Why is there nothing rather than something?"

  46. To me there is and there is not infinite universe…
    … if we never existed (there is no observers) there is no universe and if we are (there are observers) there is one universe for each observer…
    … so infinite and not

  47. The Idea of nothing and something is dualistic thinking. The nature of the universe is coalesced. Like the words I write on this page both something and nothing exist in harmony. Awareness arrises to give testimony of the coalesce. That is the nature of god.
    In science terms god exist to give testimony of posibilities. In layman's terms god exist as creativity.
    To be perfect one cannot be subjective. In other words a perfect conscious being cannot have a view. And in my opinion the perfect being would have to be the emotion of pure conscious love unhindered by judgement. Since god was the first being, gods perfection is based on self love. Similar to two mirrors made of love self reflecting infinitely (when viewed subjectively in memory) . I believe the term is bliss or nirvana which is derived from subjective views of this state.
    The expression of what god is has the duality of what god is not. God is not subjectivity, not pain, not suffering. God is perfection.
    So god does exist yet does not exist. This does not mean the personification of god does not exist to give testimony to what god is not. This near perfect subjective being is called the soul.
    It is the souls job to give testimony to god and what god is not. This testimony is done though god's creative expression of both nothing and something. If consciousness is the ability to change then god is not conscious as it is unchangeable fundamentally. However god can be imperfect and not be god. And in his imperfection it can express itself. This imperfection could well be a being near perfect like a Christ or Satan who have the ability to express what god is and is not while the soul forgets it's origin to give subjective testimony of godlessness.
    For god to be perfect god must be the embodiment of love and if god is not the embodiment of love he/she is not perfect and therefore is not god.
    For a soul to be perfect it must give up the self and become love.
    God is not conscious but is consciousness…the raw emotion of love unchanging.
    If god exists this must be its state. A perfect subjective being cannot exist as its paradoxical if love is perfection.
    And so both subject and object become one.
    If you are to dream yourself sitting in a chair. It's easy to think of god's nature as that chair.

  48. Arvin seriously now do you think that the logical deductions from perceiving a linear notion of time and space therefore divided in here and there, before and after will ever answer this question?

    1. I think we will answer this question at some point. It doesn't necessarily need to be a purely philosophical question.

  49. I've watched some PBS Space Time videos that cover the Anthropic Principle, which seems to challenge the idea that we are in a mediocre random universe. The anthropic principle says we will always observe a universe that is capable of producing and supporting observers, because that's what we're doing. The 19 or so "dials" of the universe (speed of light – strong and weak nuclear forces etc.) are seemingly arbitrarily set but if any of them were changed life couldnt exist. If the dials were tuned to be more "elegant" maybe we wouldn't exist!

    1. Yes, it could be that we would alway find ourselves in this fine tuned universe. However, it does not mean that life could not exist at all in universes where the fine tuning was slightly different. It would just be a different form of life. And given enough multiverses, we would indeed find ourselves in just this one. Take a look at my latest video called "What is reality" for a more detailed explanation, and let me know what you think.

    2. @Arvin Ash oh! that video covers my question exactly! I should have watched it first 🙂 Thanks for your response and I appreciate what you do!

  50. Maybe we, and everything we know and see, don't exist after all. Perhaps we are the Universe's dream.