Will Sadhguru Do Everything for His Devotee?

Sadhguru answer a seeker’s question on whether a devotee should leave his or her life in the Guru’s hands or whether one should take responsibility for it?

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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  1. He just utters absolute truth… Whenever he speaks…. Sucha great guru…. We have to be blessed to jus hear him……

    1. Became like him, just weeping about someone will not garentee you liberation,

  2. i dont need any grace from anyone.. m ok and totally fine right now and every moment in my life😌😌

  3. Sadhguru would be the messenger of god if he lived three, four thousand years ago 😂😂

  4. Yeah I definitely went mad after pouring myself into Shiva's lap. I experience my reality as Devi's song.

  5. Honestly man the way my life functions now is nothing short of miraculous. It's like blues clues, up and from the collective unconscious to superconsciousness. No greater feeling than giving people back what they tried to give to me. Not in a revengeful sense but in a purely karmic sense.

  6. I've been to the Tennessee center. It's a very powerful place. In regards to the volunteers I think Sadhguru shall have a sit down with them because they're not nearly as compassionate as me. They should recruit my girlfriend and I.

  7. sadhguru didn't you say you will take of your devotees after 80 years after your death ,hyprocrital and two sided once again

    1. Matthew Bradley he is taking care and will take care so you are able to really take care of yourself!! Not feeling good but making you being good is important for him!! Sorry if I make you offended anywhere in my reply 🙏Namaskaram

  8. Yes sadhguru even many volunteers are saying this that sadhguru will take care of u😁
    I don't know why this philosophy has come even after so many times telling that u are responsible for everything that u do🙏

  9. I want to open my third eye ….will you help me ??
    I am trying lastly from five years

  10. No…I can not either…I can only do the best me…for others to experience…and be their best self…not dependent….

  11. If you accept sadhguru as your guru then he will work through u since there is not division between guru and the self

  12. Please sadhguru discussion about Surya grahan and amavasya in one day 26, December. Is that day spirituality powerful? Is that right time to mahayoga?

  13. What ever he said actually it is need in our life .So people should be awareness about it.peple have to realize .

  14. Lol I wrote" Namaste from Mauritius ❤" then I watched video ,what a coincidence 😁🤣 my country was point out.

  15. Tank you very much Sadhguru, y agreed, devoted need to believe inside not outside, the images destroy your inner believe, someone said love your friends like you , wee have just one life en one dead , en before enjoy, en help , love to each other en working the soils for a good food making joyful to everyone, jokes en leafing is a part of love like children, wee hare all the children before you came adult now don't forget your inner guru because is leafing or I came sadness! Tank you very much Sadhguru merci beaucoup joie , santé, bonheur et aimez-vous !

  16. We are blessed to have you Sadhguru. Your wisdom makes me question myself, to look at myself, to look within myself and to make better changes for myself. You have given me a new understanding to devotion. Much love from NZ 💖

  17. After listening to Sadhguru I realise that I just cannot be a devotee (in this life at least!). There are a few shortfalls in my life, but they are very intense, and unless I feel satiated about them, there is no chance I can become a devotee. I believe there is Rebirth and a possibility of improvement in the future and this belief has come from listening to Sadhguru's other talks and his past history besides other readings elsewhere of my own, together wirh my own observations that tiny infants are born with certain proclivities and tendencies, and other recorded instances of very young children recounting their past lives etc.

    Well, this life, I confess, I'm looking forward for a few good deals because I've had a RAW DEAL all through! Only when I'm somewhat satiated will I develop the sincere thankfulness to become a devotee, although there are many moments and instances when I DO become thankful, but it doesn't seem to pervade all through. The thankfulness decays over time like induced electromagnetism in a conductor. So, there you are! I better have a few good deals if God wants me to be a devotee!!

    1. You are a visionary. 😂 it may be other way round that he implanted Modi 😉

  18. If you think you are part of everything surrounding you you will receive grace

  19. Sadhguru is such a wonderful soul. I took his Inner Engineering and Loved it! In fact, it inspired me to start my own channel Asha Meditation. I'm lucky to be alive at the same time that this great guru is teaching. He is getting everyone excited about their inner life which is SO important.

  20. No, he will enable you to do things for yourself. Plus he doesn’t have devotees because he does not fall for making devotees. He wish to touch lot of lifes.

  21. For Dec holidays I was planing to come to Coimbatore for a week and join inner engineering session but could not get seats in session conducted by Sadhguru. Looking forward to plan another trip soon.

  22. Namaskaram
    Can someone please guide me to the music at the beginning of the video. The flute music.
    Thank you

  23. We are grateful that such a mystic walk among us, guide millions on social media, otherwise we all would have been in darkness

  24. You belong to the market place '
    You don't belong to this life . <3 awtts

  25. You belong to the market place '
    You don't belong to this life . <3 awtts

  26. Oh please shut up with this drama, instead of leading people to science he is filling garbage into people minds, useless guy

  27. I could not hold my tears … I never used to well up in my life … but after Sadhguru came my way I am in tears many a moment … and it frees me from limitations so so much …

  28. I like his attitude towards this. Teach a man to fish so that he may fish for himself, and teach others to fish.

  29. One thing he will definitely do is kick the brains out of you! So you stop being a bullshit

  30. So true .He is standing out only thing we hv to open d gate n let him enter means fulfillment 🙏🙏🙏

  31. When you DIE you will become completely devoted to that undertaking. (No "Pun" intended). Do you devote yourself completely to everything you do in "Life"? To get the most out of "Life" you must give your all! My "Sidekick" Sadhguru will gladly show you how. -Bill Howes, "~MysticOne~" and humble CHOSEN ONE.