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  • ~flower of life~ beneficial subtle-energy generator + AAEONIX Energy Balancing Kit - AEBK

    ~flower of life~ beneficial subtle-energy generator + AEBK Energy Balancing Kit

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  • Georesonator - Relief GeoPathic Earth Energy Stress

    GeoResonators – Toxic Earth Energy GeoPathic Stress Neutralization

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  • Food Liquid Subtle Energy Energizer

    Food & Liquid Energizer – Optimize Beneficial Subtle Energies in Foods & Drinks

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  • VitalPlex Personal EMF Protection Necklace

    "VitaPlex" Personal EMF Protection Pendant

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  • SafeSpace II - Personal EMF Protection

    "SafeSpace II" Personal EMF Protection Pendant

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  • Car Adapter EMF Protection

    Vehicle Adapter for EMF Protection

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  • Radiant Room EMF Protection Disc

    "Radiant Room" EMF Protection for Room

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  • EMF Protection Wall Plug

    EMF Protection Wall Adapter – Complete Home or Office Energy Balancing

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  • anti-gravity-ion-drive-floating

    ~ electrokinetic / electrogravitic ion thruster ~ “anti-gravity” or something else? ~ unusual science fair project kit

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  • safespace smart patch ~ neutralize harmful emf

    "Smart Patch" Holographic EMF Protection / Neutralization for – Cell Phones, Wearables, Laptops, Tablets, Etc.

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  • Sale! kid's girl's gps phone smartwatch

    KidSmart Watch GPS + Phone, Camera, Child Apps, Flashlight, SOS, Precise Location, SIM Card

    $79.95 $54.00
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  • Sale! kidsmaart gps phone kids smartwatch

    KidSmart Watch GPS + 2-Way Phone, Water Resistant, SOS, Alarm, Remote Photos, Voice Chat, Android & iOS

    $127.95 $77.00
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  • skull & crossbones … pirate flag towel … zMynd+elektronix

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  • Sale!

    Levitating Light Bulb Lamp Night Light – Anti-Gravity Device? Impressive Display of Science

    $160.00 $77.00
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  • Sale!

    Electro-Biohacking™ Influencing Gene Expression with Dielectric Fields

    $47.00 $37.00
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