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“Method Developed For Running An Engine On Water Fuel For A Few Hundred Miliwatts And No Electrolysis!”

REVEALED: Out of the box engineering runs engines on 95% water.



H2 Global - Walt Jenkins

“Method Developed For Running An Engine On Water Fuel For A Few Hundred Milliwatts And No Electrolysis!”

REVEALEDOut of the box engineering runs engines on 95% water. 

Walt Jenkins
Walt Jenkins

H2 Global


Walt Jenkins

Founder In-Motion Pictures Corporation, Gainesville, Florida. A full service motion picture and video production service with corporate clients across the U.S. and production facilities in Gainesville, Florida. Created and developed the worlds first virtual set systems for use in motion pictures and electronic imaging which allowed the use of computer generated sets integrated with live actors and synchronized 3d sets in integrated spatial relationships. Engineered and turn key installed several government and private TV production facilities for the State of Florida, agencies, Universities and owner-operated TV stations. 1997 Cyberstreme – A technical and creative media consulting and production firm based near Orlando, Fl. Designed, built and marketed original computer systems for editing motion pictures and video with nonlinear software based protocols which was new technology at the time. Engineered and installed a TV station in the Orlando area market and beta tested several advanced TV robotic camera systems which were the first to be used in a major TV market in an on air environment. 1998 – Evolved Cyberstreme Company into an online presence and expanded the business to include the convergence of online and media production technologies and integration with online computer technology. Moved Cyberstreme Company to Anna Maria, Florida. Developed a unique computer imaging system used in major construction projects with $50 million plus budgets. H2 Global was eventually formed to meet our growing need for clean energy solutions.

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H2 Global - Clean Fuel for a Clean Future by Walt JenkinsFrom: Aaron Murakami 
Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017
RE: H2 Global

Dear Friend,

Most water fuel researchers and developers are focused on methods to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water with electrolysis (running electrical current through the water).

However, there are other ways that are much more efficient and effective. With only hundreds of milliamps, Walt Jenkins can run an engine with 95% water.

He isn’t using electrolysis, but he was heavily involved with that years ago and he is actually the original developer of the popular dry cell that most experimenters are using.

Although this presentation is not a full disclosure, he does share some concepts regarding this method that point people in the right direction. Keep in mind that this is the first time he has given a presentation to the public.

His entire process is patented and is still a work in progress, but being able to get 500 mpg on a scooter is quite an accomplishment and you can see his dune buggy is also quite advanced. It is not an attempt to replicate Stan Meyer’s dune buggy, which is a completely different process, but rather to make it easy for anyone to see that there are no hidden fuel lines, etc…

Moray King considers Walt Jenkins to be the modern-day Stan Meyer and that is a very strong statement coming from a leading authority on water fuel technologies. Help us bring more awareness to the work of Walt Jenkins so we can have clean fuel for a clean future!


H2 Global

1 Hour 15 Minutes presentation by Walt Jenkins
38 page PDF of the PowerPoint presentation used at the conference.

This is the first time Walt Jenkins has discussed his technology with the public. 

H2 Global


1 hour 15 minute presentation by Walt Jenkins

38 page PDF of the PowerPoint presentation.

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H2 Global

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