Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami

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“Still Wasting Time With CDI’s, Peaking Caps And Magic Spark Plugs? Learn The Method I Invented That Has Been CalledThe Single Most Elegant Method In Automotive History And I’m Telling All!”

REVEALED: How I made that white ball of sunshine in the spark plug gap you see in the picture below with the SAME power that it takes to power a CDI!!!



Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami

“Still Wasting Time With CDI’s, Peaking Caps And Magic Spark Plugs? Learn The Method I Invented That Has Been CalledThe Single Most Elegant Method In Automotive History And I’m Telling All!”

REVEALED: How I made that white ball of sunshine in the spark plug gap you see in the picture below with theSAME power that it takes to power a CDI!!!

Aaron Murakami
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Aaron Murakami

Aaron Murakami is an internationally sought after author, researcher, and inventor. He is committed to the development and distribution of information and technologies that have been suppressed from the general public.

Downloadable Conference Series

2014 & 2015
Energy Science &
Technology Conference

From: Aaron Murakami, BSNH
Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017
RE: Ignition Secrets™

Plasma IgnitionWelcome and thanks for visiting.

I know you’ve “heard it all” when it comes to ignition enhancements that are supposed to increase power, mileage and decrease emissions.

You’ve seen special ignition modules, magical plugs, special wires and fancy distributor caps. They cost a fortune and promise you the moon.

Some actually give some increase in performance – that much is true but dollar for dollar, you’re spending a fortune for the privilege of telling your friends, “Well, it seems like it’s working.” That’s usually when they start laughing because you wasted so much money on a bunch of nonsense.

Ignition Secrets by Aaron MurakamiThat isn’t good enough for me. You deserve better and I want to give it to you. This package of information is complete with a detailed book and a full video presentation of my talk at the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference. There are also quite a few bonus videos and supporting documents as well.

Many ignition methods have come and gone over the years. Most are based on the same kind of principles but are just repackaged to look like something new and exciting. Here is something that most people have have actually never seen.




Here is a regular spark compared to the Murakami Ignition under full light.
It even beats Peaking Caps & CDI’s!!!

You’ve “seen it all” when it comes to ignition enhancements – until now!

As you can see, the standard Kettering Spark Ignition can be as low as 0.01% efficient in converting power to a spark at the gap, which runs almost every gasoline powered engine in the world.
Peaking Capacitors are MASSIVELY more efficient at converting the standard spark ignition power to a spark – upwards to 50% efficient! Notice that is 50% and NOT one-hundredths of one percent. That is quite a difference, but is all the hype justified?
Capacitive Discharge Ignition systems have a separate power supply and are the prime choice for serious results. The dense blue ball at the gap is substantially more powerful than the peaking cap but it is hard to tell from the picture.
MURAKAMI IGNITION method uses the SAMEamount of power as the CDI system but is so much brighter and more powerful that it is beyond words. It isn’t even a spark or an enhanced spark – it is in a category all by itself – it is a bright white ball of wonder!

This is not a photo trick. The lights were off and all four pictures were taken from the same angle, in the same darkness from the same distance. And by the way, the photo using my method is actually a very downscaled demo if you can believe that! It can get way brighter and much more incredible, to levels that the average person simply wouldn’t believe.

Now, there are other methods to get this crazy ball of sunshine at a spark plug gap in an ignition system but they all require multiple power supplies, a lot more electrical components and a bunch of complexities that just makes them very expensive to build and this is probably one of the main reasons they have never been mass produced by any company in history.

Plasma is the 4th state of matter and technically a regular spark is a plasma but this is a plasma ignition like you’ve never seen a plasma ignition!

Plus, why would the automotive companies want a plasma ignition that is so effective at burning virtually all the fuel that there are hardly any emissions? Do you realize that if the fuel burns too clean that there is hardly any carbon buildup?

Most car dealerships do NOT make most of their money selling cars – OVER 50% of their income is derived from long term MAINTENANCE and a lot of that maintenance is directly related to carbon buildup! And dealerships work on cars other than the ones they sell. Ever hear anyone say, “I have to take my car to the dealer.” What kind of fortune do they have to spend to have a car worked on at the dealer?

It isn’t a “conspiracy” to keep this plasma ignition system and other serious efficiency methods out of cars, it is a bottom line business decision as a matter of practical fact.

The older generation “white ball” plasma ignition systems with all its complexities were originally developed by and for NASA, major Ivy League Universities, amongst other high level acedemia in the world of plasma ignition science. The principles have been around for decades but were mostly out of reach so the average person could never benefit from them.

My invention completely eliminated all the redundant components, complexities and over-engineering that is an absolute trademark of scientists and engineers that learned what they know from the textbooks and have alphabet soup behind their names.

I’m not saying they’re not competent in their fields, sometimes they get results, but I think they have cluttered their minds with wrong theories and so much unnecessary jargon that many of them are incapable of seeing things for what they are. Meaning – they can’t see the forest for the trees.

The reason I was able to invent the simple method only a few days after I learned of the non-energy efficient method was because I actually knew what the energy was and how it was operating in the circuit – according to my model of the universe that is – and yes, I actually do have a model that I follow and it has yet to lead me wrong, as crazy as it sounds.

I’ve read the patents, the published articles and other literature on this science but their explanations are not properly explaining what this ignition method actually is, in my opinion.

You see – I’ve been involved in open source research and development with all kinds of energy technologies for some time now. I’ve been privileged to have known some of the greatest minds in the field and through osmosis have picked up a few things here and there.

Open source means I did openly share my method once before and you’re free to spend the countless hours it will take you to learn it by pouring through thousands of discussions figuring out what to do.

If you do, you’ll then be spending countless hours and dollars building power supplies to power the ignition coil, charging capacitors, tracking down parts, blowing components, figuring out which ones to buy next, shocking yourself, what kind of materials are best for the spark plug and you name it.

How much is your time worth?

I did that myself and it is really a fun experience but until now, nobody was doing it the REALLY simple and smart way that I recommended very early on. But YOU CAN right off the bat when you start devouring the Ignition Secrets book and video package in the next few minutes. I point it out so you cannot miss it!

That REALLY simple and smart method is not only about the simplified circuit method I invented, that is the main part of it, but it is ALSO about making wise use of various components and if you happen to be a car buff, you may have one or more of these laying around already!

How much experience do you need?

If you are fairly handy with auto mechanics and know the basics of ignition systems and ultra simple electronics, then you’ll do fine. But I do have to tell you that if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can hurt yourself. ONLY do it if you’re qualified or know someone that can do it for you. Even if someone isn’t qualified to do it themself, they’d be crazy not to get this information into their hands!

Before you purchase this package – ask yourself – what do you expect from it? YOU CAN EXPECT TO LEARN HOW TO GET THAT BRIGHT WHITE BALL AT A SPARKPLUG GAP FOR THE SAME POWER THAT IT TAKES TO POWER A CDI! IT IS ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING – I guarantee you can never say that it didn’t meet your expectations!!!

If you have any other expectations above and beyond this, then you have unrealistic expectations. I never said you could run an engine on water even though this is the only ignition that actually explodes water on contact.

I never gave you gas mileage, power or emission reduction claims – I only said there are mileage, power and emission benefits, which there are.

I can’t put a % to it when I can’t control what car you put it on, if you do it right and countless other factors – basically, I’m just being honest with you – everyone will get different benefits and I can’t guarantee YOUR personal ability or results.

But by the way, it works on generators, lawn mowers and anything else that burns gasoline – even propane burning engines if they use any kind of spark ignition.

This plasma ignition method is so profound that someone ran a gasoline engine on diesel with it!!! It didn’t run perfect but that goes to show what this plasma ignition is capable of – for diesel to be able to ignite in a low compression environment enough to run a gasoline engine – think about that one!

So again, you’ll learn how to get that huge increase at the plug for the SAME power that it already takes to run a CDI, which isn’t that much at all!


This presentation is from the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference

The above presentation, book and supporting videos and documents are all about the theory, science and application of the Plasma Ignition system itself.

Many people have been able to successfully build bench models and even put it on their automobiles as long as they aren’t using wasted spark ignition systems.

The problem with wasted spark ignition systems is that half the plugs run on the opposite high voltage polarity as the other. That makes it more difficult to install the plasma on these cars.

This presentation shows what the wasted spark ignition system is all about and how I personally overcame this issue on my own 1998 Subaru Legacy GT with a boxer engine. It has a 4 spark plug wasted spark coil pack. But when you watch what I did, it applies to almost all wasted spark ignition systems since it is almost always the same concept.

Whether you have 4, 6 or 8 cylinder wasted spark ignition sytems on your car, you can use this information to make it work! This is one of the most important presentations on this subject for the practical application of the plasma ignition system on most modern-day vehicles.

Someone got 43% increase in gas mileage in an old VW bug from a similar variation of this ignition method with a little water vapor injection.

I can also tell you that someone ran a jet engine with my exact method and was able to turn the propane down so much that the jet kept running with less than 1 P.S.I. of propane so that the fuel pressure gauge needle was actually touching the ZERO line! Normally you can shut off the ignition to a jet because the fuel burns as soon as it enters the combustion chamber from the heat but if you leave this kind of ignition on, you get a lot more benefit!

I can also tell you that using this exact plasma ignition method, a lawnmower with the main jet completely closed ran on FUMES from the idle jet with full power without it bogging down. The exhaust temperature even dropped dramatically!

There are countless other examples of how people have benefited from the bright white ball plasma ignition.


I am an automotive engineer and I have learned many things I have not learned in school with your ebook! I do research on fuel savings and old patents.
I have won a lot of time thanks to you!

Henri, Paris France

Thank you for Ignition Secrets, I have consumed all materials AND bonuses within hours of immediate download and am already building my own equipment. I have already received incomparable value and insight.

Pat Balemi, New Zealand

Dear Non-Funded Researchers,The circuit fundamentals discussed in this document appear to be very similar to the foundation physics observed in the Free-energy Technology as developed by E.V.Gray. It seems that the concept of providing a DC pulsed arc with a certain amount of low voltage – high current supplied after the initial arc has been struck is critical to the production of a non-classical process that seems to produce some small quantity of anomalous particles. If the arc is so designed that the plasma can be stretched during formation, as shown in Aaron’s photo with the spark plug ground electrode being bent away from the center electrode, then the effect is even greater.

While these principles are simple the number of variables are complex. While a whole lot is unknown about what these anomalous particles are they do appear to induce a magnetic field 1000 times greater than classical electron flow. The “Free-Energy” has to be harvested from inductors/transformers located downstream from the plasma arc process.

It appears that the greatest degree of energy harvest is achieved when the anomalous magnetic flux is collected in the form of torque or repulsion (COP’s up to 275), as in the Gray Engines and Mass Driver designs. An excess of classical energy (COP’s up to 4.0)can be harvested through transformer action, be so far this has been much less productive.

The information provided by Aaron is an inexpensive means to explore non-classical processes in a garage scientist setting.

Mark McKay, PE
E.V. Gray Historian

I concur wholeheartedly with Peter Lindemann that the information Aaron is presenting in “Ignition Secrets” represents a remarkable new understanding of how electricity works and it needs to be in the hands of researchers and experimenters all over the world now. This is, IMO, the “cold electricity” that Tesla talked about and now Aaron has found an easy way to apply it to improve engine performance. I think Joe Cell researchers in particular will find that Aaron’s videos give them a very clear visual understanding of what they are calling “torsion fields” in action and by following the instructions Aaron gives they should find it easy to replicate the effect for themselves.

Daniel Moeck, Oregon

A very helpful and detailed package.

Régis Latour, France

I have to say these energy system concepts couldn’t have come soon enough, especially the conceptual breakdown of how it works. You have enhanced my free energy knowledge so much with that one idea – the technical offshoots are only limited by imagination. The world needs so badly energy from water technology – we need to clean our planet and remove and process the pollutants with this power amplification technology.

Edward Clough, Australia

I want to say first of all, is that I am an enthusiast for many types of alternative solutions to our energy situation and as many people are, I am searching for a solution… I want to thank you for combining some of the secrets that are out there. I have just started to review the info, some of which I have seen before, but like you say, it is all in one area now.

Brian Gabourie, Ontario, Canada

Why is it “secret” if it is in the public domain? Well, seeing that almost everyone in the world cannot even buy a plasma ignition system that uses this method at the local auto dealership, speedshop, JC Whitney catalog and you name it – it appears that the mainstream conventional industry WANTS to keep it a secret from you.

Secret is a subjective word. It is secret to some and not secret to others. Basically, if anyone happens to be one of these so-called “skeptics” and think that technically it is not a secret since I said I shared it before and they know this ahead of time, then they shouldn’t buy my package – it’s that simple!

It is for people that have an appreciation for rare and mostly unknown information that actually works and blows most other things away. And in that sense and definition, I present to you Ignition Secrets.

By the way, my invention has been granted a U.S. Patent but I’m giving you permission to use it for personal use! Many THOUSANDS of dollars have been spent on the patent but you get the full know-how and permission to use it for personal use for a drop in the bucket!


Review of the common ignition methods with videos just to show you what all the “experts” are claiming are the big deal in ignition technologies.
Disclosure of THE plamsa ignition method you need to know about that has been kept off the market for 40 years or more for some strange reason! Actually, for years it was a very complex and NON-EFFICIENT way to get this ignition effect but I will show you my energy efficient method.
How to have this mini SUN show up in the gap of an off the shelf spark plug. Wear your sunglasses and hearing protection – if you think I’m kidding, just wait! You’ll wonder how you ever bought into the conventional rubbish for all these years!
How to create this elegant and powerfully profound plasma ignition burst for the SAME power that you’d use for a common CDI – yet the size of the blast is up to HUNDREDS of times BIGGER – that’s right – for the SAME power! How do you get it that much bigger for the same power??? I’ll show you EXACTLY how!
All common ignition methods will have their spark diminish under a lot of air and compression, of course. HOWEVER, with what I’ll reveal to you, this marvelous little ball of sun GROWS when you give it MORE air, MORE compression and if you happen to add some water vapor, it just gets crazier than you can believe!
You can get these results without the need for hyped up ignition coils! In some cases a performance coil is useful but this works with cheap ones as well!
You can use off the shelf plugs that cost a few bucks each instead of paying up to $25 per plug for a bunch of hyped up nonsense.
You’re taught that 14.7 parts air to 1 part fuel is the perfect air fuel mixture and that you can’t run lean without damaging an engine. Learn why this is nothing but a JOKE and that you can actually get even MORE power with a leaner mixture – IF you have the right way to release the energy with intelligent ignition methods AND the special KEY to defeat something the automakers have used to sabotage all your fuel savings results – basically, you have to know what you’re doing and the so-called experts have been pulling the wool over your eyes for many years!
All this and more…


Review of the basic ignition systems and highlighting what exactly the wasted spark ignition system is and how it works.
A few proposed solutions to overcoming the problem with applying the plasma ignition system to wasted spark ignition systems.
A presentation on EXACTLYwhat I did to overcome this on my own vehicle, which applies to almost every wasted spark ignition car on the road today.




This is a one hour talk given at the 2014 Energy Science and Technology Conference going into the history and details of this plasma ignition system including scientific references validating the benefits.

Also includes a PDF of the powerpoint for the presentation at the conference.



Learn the various ignition systems, including diagrams, schematics and other explanations that reveal everything. This book goes hand in hand with my entire video package. This book is short but the value of what you are able to learn is worth MANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!



Videos focusing on the various ignition systems. Includes a video walk through on the genesis of the Murakami Ignition method. Showing an incredibly simple desktop replication of my method in case you want to study this effect on the bench. You’ll see a higher speed switching method with an SCR switch being demonstrated plus a video of a lawnmower running with this method on fumes from an idle jet. You’ll also learn about something which is key to energy efficiency on any electronic fuel injection car that the entire industry has kept from you!



Some PDF’s of published research on the plasma ignition type systems.






1 HOUR 7 MINUTES showing EXACTLY how to overcome the problem with putting the plasma ignition on wasted spark ignition systems.

Also includes a PDF of the powerpoint for the presentation at the conference.



Hydrogen Exploding From Tap Water.

This Is NOT From Electrolysis!

These are screen shots from videos that I took from my own personal experiments on my workbench – I just sprayed a mist of tap water from my kitchen sink at the gap.

Ground strap in normal position

Ground strap in vertical position
to open up the gap really big.


Many people are promoting ways to run an engine on water using all kinds of water cell boosters, and you name it but one of the missing keys the entire time is that they never told you about this ignition method that actually releases the hydrogen energy from water moisture on contact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine the results you could get if you applied this plasma ignition method at the same time you are using a hydrogen booster or even simple water injection???

AND – under MORE compression with more air put onto this kind of effect, IT SWELLS UP LIKE A RAGING MONSTER instead of shrinking up trying not to get extinguished like a spark ignition system, peaking cap system or even a CDI!

Look how that water mist explodes and launches from the spark plug like a torpedo from the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that is generated!!!



Ignition Secrets Video Presentation
Ignition Secrets Book
Ignition Secrets Bonus Videos
Ignition Secrets
Supporting Documents



Ignition Secrets Wasted Spark Systems Presentation





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