… levvitate … magnetic levitation planter – high-quality ceramics – levitating planter rotates and floats

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… levitation majickk? ….

Conventional science but impressive display… magnetic levitation floats “air bonsai” levitating planter in mid-air while plant pot gently rotates.

Fun conversation starter & idea stimulator …

Very high-quality ceramic materials. You will be satisfied…



“Air Bonsai”: Beautiful, Elegant & Intriguing…
Levitating Planter Pot Uses “Magnetic Levitation” To Float Above Custom Base

High-tech, Japanese designed, magnetically levitating planter pot.

Your choice of ceramic levitating plant pot floats in “Zen-like” fashion above specially designed ceramic base.

Floating planter pot rotates freely 360 degrees above base in “thin air”.

Mind-expanding, peaceful, and gorgeous…

“Enlightened Decor” for your bedroom, kitchen, living area, entry-way, office… your decide!

Unique gift for yourself or loved one.

NOTE: Plant is NOT included.
Add your choice of plant in the floating planter pot once it arrives.

levitating planters

Air Bonsai Levitating Planter Features:

1. Maximum Levitating weight: 400g

2. Floating Distance: 5-25mm

3. AC Power Adaptor: Output DC 12V, 2000mA

4. Air bonsai includes three parts: pot, base and power adapter, see below picture for better understanding (your base and pot will be specific to your order).

magnetic levitation base
How To Levitate Your Planter Pot

How To Operate:

1: Connect power, put the base on flat surface.

2: With two hands, hold the pot toward the center of the base. Slowly move the pot down towards the base.

3: When you feel magnetic force pull or push the pot, adjust the position properly to the center of the base.

4: When you feel the force disappear, keep the pot stable for 3-5 seconds. Then slowly let go until the pot levitates on it’s own!

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