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The Food and Liquid Energizer (FLE) Disc protects the natural healthy balance of foods and drinks. This imprinted holographic silica disc protects supplements, energetic formulas and essences. It rebalances any food or liquid you consume and protects your supplements from depleting EMF effects and other toxins.

Product Details

  • Size: 4″ x 1/4″ disc radiates a 6′ circular energy field, place foods or liquids within this area
  • Material: Imprinted holographic silica stone disc with cork backing


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Food Liquid Energizer

Clear and energize what you eat and drink

The Food Liquid Energizer (FLE) Disk consists of an infused silica stone and hologram which is permanently imprinted with proprietary frequencies that clear, reenergize and balance foods, substances and liquids.

The disk has a remarkable ability to provide the necessary vibrations needed to neutralize the effect of toxins and raise the vitality and nutritional value.

The energetic correction will go through materials such as metal, plastics and glass.




FLE Benefits:

  • Restores vitality to foods and liquids
  • Clears toxic residues
  • Raises the nutritional value
  • Improves digestion and energy after meals
  • Keeps foods fresh longer and enhances flavors
  • Enhances supplements

How foods and liquids are changed

When the vibratory level of the energy in food, liquids or supplements is heightened, a positive change in the energy structure of food or liquid occurs. Energetic disturbances are harmonized and life force is raised within minutes.

The level of vitality in a substance before “charging” will influence the degree to which the item can be enhanced. Charging healthy, vital foods will increase their value tremendously — the life force is enhanced and the toxic effect is lessened. Depleted foods do not absorb as much energy, but toxic patterns will be neutralized, and the life force raised to whatever degree is possible.

Use it in the kitchen for charging groceries, preparing meals or treating pet food. Can also be used to energize supplements. Place it in the refrigerator or pantry to keep foods fresh longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What has testing shown?

    Testing has shown that the Food Liquid Energizer effectively clears the negative energetic imprint of chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, heavy metals and electromagnetic radiation from food and liquids, restoring the original energetic pattern. Testing has also demonstrated that “charging” supplements with the Food Liquid Energizer strengthens their nutritional value.


  • I filter my water…will the Food Liquid Energizer help?Because water easily absorbs energy in the environment, you should charge it immediately before drinking. The Food Liquid Energizer energetically structures and reprograms water to restore its natural life force. This imprinted water is ideal for drinking, watering plants and pet nutrition.


  • If I buy organic food do I still need a Food Liquid Energizer?

    The level of vitality in a substance before “charging” influences the degree to which the item will maximally charge. Charging healthy, vital foods increases their energy value tremendously. Once the substance has been charged, it remains vitalized.


  • How do you use the Food Liquid Energizer?

    Simply place the FLE disc within 3′ of the food, liquids or supplements for a few minutes; they will be structured with a new vitality. The energetic correction will go through materials such as metal, plastics, glass and ceramics.


  • Why do I need to energize my food and liquids?

    A tremendous amount of food value is lost through modern processing. Through early harvesting, transporting, storage, cooking, pasteurization, freezing, canning and refining a large percentage of nutrition is lost in our food. Chemicals, pesticides, irradiation, preservative and metallic residues in our food and water supply are causing serious depletion in their enzyme, vitamin and mineral content, in addition to depleting the life force and vitality of these substances. The Food Liquid Energizer is designed to counteract and neutralize these toxins and to restore energy and life force to this food.


What Our Customers Have to Say

“…noticed the
I love the Food/Liquid Energizer. I place all my foods and vitamins on it and really notice the energizing effect!

A. Lombardo, Arizona

“…treated water
had been…
My friend and I used the Food/Liquid Energizer at dinner. We couldn’t believe the difference in the water that had been treated with the FLE versus the water that had not. The untreated water smelled so strongly of chlorine and tasted just as bad. The treated water had been totally transformed. There was no chlorine smell, the texture of the water was smooth, and it tasted great.

J. Carnes, Minnesota

I find my Energizer makes everything better, but what really blows me away is my improved digestion. This product just brings more harmony to the eating experience. I love it!

P. Cooper, Washington


Try the FLE RISK-FREE for 30 days

All SafeSpace products have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely happy with the product, return it within 30 days for a full refund.

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